Health, Safety and Hammers

Well school is pretty intense finally. We wrapped up our introductory course and got on to shop work. So now we will be starting to work with hand tools, power tools and more fun stuff. Apparently one of our projects will be to build our own puller for a gear or whatnot. Pretty nifty. We are also wrapping up our health and safety course tonight. It is not particularly interesting mind you however there are a few noteworthy bits. We will be taking a look at air conditioning this evening. We have to pass it so we can officially be able to work on them. We get a fancy license for it. Of course it only means you can do it at the garage.

We got our tool box also which has all the standard tools we will need. It gives a good idea of what I am missing. I have quite a bit already but there is still more needed and then there are more specialized tools. Thing is we basically need to buy everything for our toolboxs by the time we graduate as in any garage you need to bring your own tools.

Speaking of tools I went to grind clean my surface so I can weld the new floor in….when….my grinder started sparking and heating to the point of non touchable. So the grinder died. Not sure what caused it but maybe it overheated and shorted with this hot weather. I have no idea. At any rate I went and got another though this time lithium battery powered. It has an interchangeable battery that I can use on other select tools from mastercraft. So that is a cool feather. Though the battery was not included. So I went to the store. Wahoo…found the battery! Oh wait, they don’t come with a charger…Ok so had to do two canadian tire stores to get a battery and a charger. Really annoying but now I am equipped!

I am also pretty beat. Pretty much it’s run around all morning cleaning and preparing dinner and studying, then school, then when I come home some more studying and then bed. It’s a pretty hardcore schedule but I think it is very worthwhile.

The engine LIVES!!

The tiger is roaring again. Apparently all that needed to be adjusted was a screw on the carburator that allowed the car to idle. Not sure why is came loose but pretty happy it was a simple and cheap resolution to the problem. I took an exhaust pipe which had a hole into the garage as I wanted to test my MIG welder. I have the argon – carbon dioxide gas now which will provide a more steady weld bead. I was a bit discouraged at first as it was sputtering. I was worried about voltage, the gas, etc. Finally after adjusting the wire speed and temp settings I managed to find the right flow. So I patched the hole so will grind smooth tomorrow and voila. Will then do those elusive floors panels.

School is a bit slow but that is normal to start. It is still intimidating to a certain degree. New terms, new topics, exams, certs. Just need to take it easy and take it slow. But it’s still very cool.

Progress is progress

Well school has officially started. Began last monday. Was a bit nervous heading in kind of like that first day of school feeling we would get when younger. So far it’s just an introduction so not a whole lot interesting but hey at least it has started.

As for my work on the camaro things have progressed. As I mentioned I had a carburator fire and then a bunch of melted wires. So I went out and bought new battery wires. The negative wire was a bit of a pain as it was setup behind a large pin which was behind the alternator. The positive wire was a whole lot more of a pain in the butt. It was attached to the started which was on the bottom of the engine in a small nook. I had to take off the exhaust headers on one side to reach it.

Finally with all that done I verified the distributer plugs and make sure they were in the proper firing order. Thank the internets for that info. Finally it was go time. With everything all back installed I started the engine. At first I had a bit of trouble but finally as fluid made it’s way through the system it started fine…and then…stalled. It seem’s that I can start the engine and as long as the peddle is being pressed it will run but ease off and it stalls. After some researching it seem’s to point to the carburator. That would make sense due to that whole fire thing I had. I have some things to check on it to try and resolve the issue without forking over a bunch for a new one.

So we have some positive progress going on at least. Hopefully I can cheaply fix my idle issue.

When it rains…

Well fuck. Today was a very very off day. Started getting the car ready for the initial start up. All was looking good and I slid in the key. Cranked her up and the engine was having a hard time starting. While this is not an unfamiliar fact of older engines and long periods of non use it was still quite the annoyance. Finally on one turn as I though the engine was going to turn on…I had a caburator backfire which means my carburator caught fire. The fire cracked my fancy fuel line folder, some gas spilled and the fire spread. I managed to control everything and killed the fire however the damage was done. I had a vacuum hose toasted, some wiring got toasted and the battery cable which attached to the starter got toasted.

Suffice it to say I was and still am very upset on a few levels. I googled the situation as I was purely blaming me and telling myself I am horrible and a million other things but as I hear these things do occur to others of older vehicles as well. But still knowing it wasn’t a fault of my own still did not make me feel any better. You know when you just want to get thing done with but something always holds you back?

Well I went out and purchased new batter cables, new hose, new wiring covers and new fuel line filter. I managed to get most things installed so tomorrow will just be the new battery cables. Hopefully I will not discover other wiring toasted. In a sense it’s somewhat of a good thing that the wiring is being refreshed. On the downside is just expenses we don’t need right now.

All in all this is a lot of good experience headed my way. Not the way I wanted it obviously. The engine is a very intimidating beast when you get down to all the options. I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to how it all comes together. But yes my adventure continues.

Grumble Grumble Grumble

Ach! I’m telling you for those wanting to weld, jesus it is a pain. So I bought a mastercraft MIG / Flux welder. Comes with cheapy flux wire and you can use a standard outlet. I gave it a shot recently but realized that it was not as efficient for two reasons. One is because the recommend not using an extension and the voltage fluctuations can cause inconsistent welds. The other is that MIG is superior to flux but requires a specialized industrial gas which is a mix of Argon and CO2.

So I dug around and found one place that offers this for residential people like myself but it was in the ass end of nowhere in north Montreal. It also costed a lot as I had to buy the tank initially and from there I can refill it cheaply and it gets delivered to my door. Basically they bring you a new tank and take the empty one. Ok cool. Then I have to buy a regulator as we cannot let argon and CO2 run freely. Ok so buy a regulator. Now need a proper mig wire, so I get that. Finally I get home and start setting everything up but the tube for my welder is too small for the male end of the hose from the tank. So now I need an adaptor. Like arg!! LOL

It’s somewhat humerous because it’s just one thing after another. I call them learning lessons to keep my mood optimistic. Also I was prepping the enging for starting. My gear head neighbour came by and suggested some engine tune up tips. So hey why not. That went well but then when trying to start the car…FACEPALM…

I will pass on some words of advice which may seem obvious but sometimes we just do not thing of them. When you have a battery on a seasonal car it tends to lose it’s juice over a long period of non use. Normally what I should have done is purchased a trickle charger which recharges your battery and then keeps it charge without overcharging it for however long required. So now I must go and do this. Luckily my neighbour has one somewhere. He still isn’t done unpacking so I may have to pick one up. But still just one of those annoyances.

In all it’s just a case of learning what supplies are needed and learning some things along the way that should be done. I think it’s just the fact the floors are something I have been wanting to get off my list so it’s just hanging there annoyingly. Anyways, always check your tube sizes and get trickle chargers for your future vintage cars on their off season.

School at last

Well things are finally rolling along. Got school next monday which I am pretty excited about. The thing about sitting on your butt for two months is that yes it is kinda good but on the other hand you go a tad crazy. Going to the Metro is an exciting adventure. I went to visit the school a week ago as a mandatory thing and it was really interesting. Well interesting in the sense that I got to explore the facilities. It’s pretty well setup. For instance there is a room with engines on racks with batteries and small oil and gas tanks with a little keyoard. The teach will press random keys and it causes a problem which we will then have to diagnose.

While I am excited about the school an the topics it’s still a whole change in profession and somewhat intimidating since it’s all new material. But it will be fun at least. Finally some challenge.

I got a notice from the town to complete my car or remove it. Being that it is older then 7 years old and is not plated for the season yet the are doing a little hissy fit. So I have been working on the car about every day now. I have all the four wheel wells all completed. Patched up holes here and there. Tomorrow the floor will go in. I was going to do the floor about a week ago but ran into some technical issues. Welders are tricky beasts and they don’t like extension cords. Being on an extension causes voltage fluctuations and thus the unit does not operate as it should. But the cord is not long enough so I need to roll the car into the garage as much as possible and weld away in there.

I have also been digging away at finding out how to install my charcoal canister. Need my car to be as “environmentally” friendly as possible. I have some diagrams in my assembly line book however they were all pending blueprints for it’s installation back in the day. Funny enough I found how to install it via a Corvette message board.

So things are getting done and I am learning more and more. I would have liked to have done more cleaning from under the car and some nooks and crannies however I just do not have the tools at the time. I feel a bit annoyed that I can’t do all the things I want to do but what can you do. I can do more stuff as time goes on right. Once you get into all this stuff though you tend to let things carry you away so sometimes you have to kick yourself to focus on one thing at a time.

So when not doing that I finished our little stone patio here. Our table is installed and it’s about the same size as our kitchen table. So that’s pretty awesome. It feels good to finally sit outside and enjoy the weather every now and then. Unfortunately we still have no fence so it does not always feel so private but progress is progress right. And well we also did the lawn, havve a little hedge up on one side so yeah.

How is everyone doing?

What up?

Hey guys, hope all is well in your corners.

The car is slowly moving along. Trying to get it in the shop within the next week to redo the floor. Once that is done things will move along much quicker. Most trim have been totally repainted. I am more working on the seats right now which is turning out quite well. I managed to get some matching seat belts recently by purchasing brand new ones. Ouch, they were expensive. Probably paid more for those then my seats which is scary. However the used ones were no longer the color they should be and that is not counting the fact most of them were all damaged in some way. So in the end it was better to just pay it and be happy. I also managed to get a front dual oem speaker. Back in the day you have one speaker in the front under the dash grill and it was mono. So I found a stereo equivalent to go there. I just did not want to cut holes in my door panels again. The same went for the rear package tray. My current one is all torn up. So I decided to get a new package tray but with mesh. Basically you have tiny holes cut where the speaker goes. You then need special clamps for your rear speaker. That way it does not show and everything looks nice and clean.

The more I go over the car the more confusing it gets. Had a berlinetta engine, features like the power windows, etc but had Z28 door panels and dash gauges. I noticed the gauge part just this week as I was browsing ebay. I always knew there was another dash gauge type but was not more concerned with it at the time till I realized that was the berlinetta one which for 81 had the beginnings of digital layout. Your voltmeter, gas, temp, clock were digital while speedometer and tac were standard gauges. Not sure if I will go full resto with that but I am considering it. It’s more an afterthought for later. Not exactly the most important thing needed.

I got also some insulation for the carpet which is always good. Also something that is very cool is that I got original berlinetta hub caps. While I currently have 15 inch cragar rims, they are rusted and need some love. The hub caps are 14 inch so would need the appropriate tires and rims. So I figure I will do that but that will also wait since that is a big investment right there. Again, more important things to do.

So aside from that been working on the lawn. Like it or not I have to get it done. Had Cliff help me but we only got it partially done. We did a good stretch. It’s just a lot of weeding. I have friday off so will bang away at what I can that day. Order another truck of dirt and level it all out. Hopefully if all goes well I can get to planting grass. Will do my best. Once that’s done then it’s fence time. Been check out prices. It’s pretty expensive because of the post installation. About $200 per post to have it done by someone. So I will probably by the walls pre fabricated at rona and then do the posts myself and install.

Carl Car Blog

Well it’s been a little while since I last car chatted. Been working more on the interior of the car since ripping out most of the interior. I decided to do a bit of a color change to my original idea. I decided to do a more classic restoration rather then try to hip things up. I think I just looked at too many shows and decided to respect more the classic interior. That being said I decided to go with a tan interior. My chairs kind of prompted also the color change to this mind you. They arrived as an off white rather then the white I wanted. I was bordering on beige and I kind of liked it so was like maybe this would be more interesting.

So I decided to go tan so off I went and bought some paint and most of the trim is now done. I am working on the chairs right now. The front seats will be the tan with a black middle. The middle is made of suede so was to not paint on that as it’s not your typical factory nylon. So were getting there. Meanwhile I ordered a caramel carpet which looks great. I also got a new OEM shifter plate as mine was finished and now also working on the gauges. I spruced up the gauges a bit to use a white decal which has factory fonts with LED lights which will consume less power and offer a much needed brightness to the dash cluster. Previously in the dark even when the dash lights were on, it would be a murky yellow white light which really didn’t help illuminate much.

I have most of the electrical in the car labeled at this point. Some wiring I am still trying to figure out as I am not sure if it was a standard wiring kit that included clips for other options or am I missing something. So going through the schematics to figure all that out. Will get new fuses so were fresh and will need to get some new wiring so I can patch a few breaks.

As you can tell I move from area to area as I go with the weather. If it’s nice I work on the car outside and might do painting at the same time. Otherwise I work on what I can inside and go from there. Oh god I wish I had a large garage. It is really driving me crazy have a smaller garage. We thought of expanding it but we have the bathroom and washer/dryer area behind the other side of the wall so essentially we would have to expand and shift the whole rear of the house to accommodate the change. So not sure what we will do, things to think about for the future.

I got my ram induction kit last night for my engine. Hello turbo charging! It came really dirty so will need to clean it up. There is some rust which will need to get cleaned off on the interior and two other sections but otherwise it will look great. When I have it clean I will give it a good coat of paint and then try to figure out how the fuck to install it LOL I have a copy of the original GM factory construction manual which includes all options for the camaro but it’s still not always clear. But I am still very happy.

Speaking of rust I started using a biodegradable rust remover. I was skeptical when I bought it as most rust removers are chemical. But a bottle was $10 and I am somewhat environmentally conscious so decided to try it out. Why not right? Well it freaking works wonders. I decided to test it out on the side panel ash trays which had a tad of rust as well as my cigarette lighter which had substantial rust on it. I left it there for a good two days submersed and took it out last night to brand new looking parts. Was very pleased with it all. A bottle equals roughly a half liter and basically you use it till the liquid turns black. From there you can dump down a drain or even in a sewer and it’s all good. So I am very excited about this product.

I got my front floor pans but still waiting for the rear floor pans. Once those are in I can go and get it into the shop and get the ball rolling. I really want them in asap as I want to get this car on the road tearing it up in the summer. It’s been awesome weather so would like to be able to take advantage of it. Anyways I will take some more pictures and I am even going to do a video tour of the restoration so far.

Update 1: It seem’s the rear floor pans for some reason were stuck at custom for whatever reason, therefore I should receive them probably early next week as they were released finally.

Update 2: Started cleaning the air induction. Wow, talk about grime. Normally when you buy parts, the person tends to clean them up before shipping it out to you. Not the case here it seem. I would love it if I had a blasting kit as I could then sandblast it or even soda blast it clean. However money wise I cannot do that so scrubbing it with for wax / grease remover and even sanding sections down with a 220 grit. The idea is to clean it off as much ass possible so I can paint it. Oh and for a little info, the part is from an 84 pontiac firebird however it is compatible with my engine. I may need to buy a few extra parts but trying to overall figure it’s install out. Most of it is intuitive however how it links up with the cowl is a whole other story.

Car Blog: Moving Along

So it’s been awhile since I talked about the good old Camaro. Or maybe not lol I have no idea. With the winter I have been kind of sitting on things since there is not much I can do to it. I managed to find one of the warmer days a month ago to rip out the interior. I started from the back moving forward. Took out the seats, the panels and then moved on to the front seats.

The front seats I knew were an issue. For one that track was rusted like hell which is not good. Next the passenger seat shaked so a bolt was not holding the seat track right. This would be caused by the seat track on one side being rusted that it partially broke. Next the upholstery was fucked. The vinyl was in good shape but the material itself is not good having tears in it. And the foam was aged but still ok. Looking online I found that I could buy new upholstery for about $400 for the front and back seats. That is not bad but still quite a chunk of change as it doesn’t solve my seat track problem. New tracks go for about $70 a piece if your lucky and well if you want to replace the foam that is also an extra $120 a seat. So in all it was a bigger investment then I wanted to do. But I need to do something.

I managed to find some modern racer seats that somewhat have the similar shape and look as the old ones. They also came with new custom seat tracks. This sold me on them immediately. I would have a color I was going for (white + black) have both front seats and the seat tracks. Definitely a win. I figure I can look at maybe repairing the older seats and ebaying them off without the seat tracks obviously.

I then decided that the carpet bothered me. The guy previously installed his own carper. It did not end where it was supposed to in the front and on the drivers side it was not sealed correctly so it was sticking up. I also had a fear that there was something with the floor. I had already found a hole in the back which I can repair with some Bondo however I had an iching feeling there could be other holes. OMG!!

Rusted Rear Floor

Rusted Floor Front Drivers Side

I tore up the carper to find there were lovely huge rush stains. I looked to see another insulating carper totally rust covered. Lifting it up my fears were correct. All floor sections were totally and completely rusted. The individual had attempted to install a floor pan in two sections however he did not seem to use the appropriate floor pan nor did he weld the pans in. He seemed to have used a strong sealant. Yes it was just like caulking. I poked it with my screw driver and to my horror was able to begin penetrating into the goo. I started to laugh. If I learned anything about this project is that expect anything, prepare for the worst and you won’t be mad. So I got some giggles out of it but at the same time I worried about the set back. I am tight on budget at the moment having bough many replacement pieces so replacing my floor seemed an expensive ordeal, Not just because of the floor mind you but because the carpet also needed changing.

Thank the gods for the internet. I managed to find via ebay a store in Detroit that had new floor pans for me and for pretty cheap too and cheap shipping. Soooo I ordered that. Parts should arrive within a week or two and car will immediately get brought to the shop for welding. Unfortunately I do not have access nor the skill to do that work yet.

So that aside I began ripping the dash apart to see what other surprises lurked. So far all is good and I am inspecting the wiring. I discovered 2 wires uncovered and “live” which is baffling. Considering I need to run the security system and rewire to accomodate Ripping things down to the basics is a must. I also managed to get ahold of a GM factory manual for the car which has an exploded view of the car with just about every option available. It’s pretty cool and should help me figure things out.

The doors are about done. I am doing some touch ups as some of the tape I used was a tad to strong and pulled some bits off which was annoying. The car will look pretty fly with the white and black interior…I think. I might adjust when putting it all together. I could have gone totally original colored interior but I wanted something a bit more modern while still being classic.

I got a new power steering gearbox. It’s a pretty heavy piece of equipment. I was surprised as it’s rather small but that should solve the last of the car leaks. I also got a new tail light panel. This is essentially the floor of the trunk.It also supports the gas tank. Mine is rotted out mostly so very very important to have something supporting your gas tank. I also received a new car horn as well as a new interior mirror.

I have a few more odds and ends to pick up but I am pacing it out as much as possible. I am looking at a night time mechanics course similar to what my brother is taking. I have picked up some books recently on restoring cars and been enjoying it plus with what I have been doing physically to the car. So might pursue that when Marie is done her school. I am looking for another line of work to potentially fall back on down the road as an alternative career. Who knows

Well hello there!

Hello people of this site, it has been awhile. I hope all has been well and do apologize as I have not been particularly active on the web if not for Mafia Wars lol So here is the low down. About three months ago I began showing increasing symptoms of something I have had all my life called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now it’s not one of those things that is always readily apparent to understand. Essentially my mind makes up convuluted ideas and to prevent these things from happening I perform a ritual of sorts to elleviate the anxiety caused by this. Yeah sounds weird right. Try living with it.

It started when I was young and in elementary school. It was simply things like walking over the lines of sidewalks but escalated to making beds ten times in a row. It died down during the years and seemed to appear in my later teenage years. This time in the form of cleaning hands often as well as reading paragraphs multiple times. And lately it has been reading, moving things, checking things, etc. Just a lot more. I knew there was a problem. I was having odd emotions. Feeling guilty over things I should not, feeling bad about things that yeah I probably should have at the time but now in the future should not. So this new year it came to a point where I felt this coming at me. I could not place it. I thought it would all pass. It did before right? However it did not and things got progressively worse to the point where I would get suicidal thoughts. You know you have problems when…So I started seeing a psychologist. Now seeing a psychologist is alleviating in itself. It’s someone who is trained to listen objectively and they are trained professionals.

Going into it I thought I was just plain crazy. I had assumptions that I had OCD but I also tend to obsess over every ailment. Oh I see a link. Anyways I did not want to go in saying ok doc I have this, cure me. I explained my life situation with all the fun mannerisms I do and he just said you have OCD and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I was happy to hear it confirmed. The evidence was there just not something you feel qualified to diagnose with absolute certainty on your own. I know, I tried. Oh I checked out google and found OCD sites but the more I read the more I thought I had all these signs. It even felt amplified. So in all help was needed and the facts had to come out.

OCD is generally a genetic disorder (wish I had a plasmid to resolve that) where your brain does not produce enough saratonin so your brain gets it’s wires crossed so to speak. You can try via therapy to resolve the issues and control your obsessions or you may take medication which is typically prozac, elavil, paxil, whatnot which are commonly used in depressions. Oh and usually depressions result from OCD as well as a side thing. Which is exactly what happened this week.

For awhile now I have had trouble focusing on just about anything. I was rip roaring with the hub, with school ideas, wanting to expand the family, fix the car, etc. Believe it or not this all did not help me at all. I would wake up tired despite 8 hours sleep and just go through the motions. Feeling detached. This week I just broke. I had started thinking of things two years ago and just felt horrible about it. Despite that all was said and done I still had the feeling but I could not control it. I had trouble keeping still and just relaxing. I would sleep but it was not restful sleep. So I decided to go to the doctors. My psychologist god bless him is on a three week cruise. Fucker! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So the doctor provided me pills to sleep if need be as well as anti-depressants. It won’t kick in for awhile but it is a start. I also have to see a second psychologist as the clinic wants to absolutely confirm it but after me explaining everything to them well, it is pretty convincing.

Suffice it to say that is what has been keeping me hidden away. Lots of crying, lots of messed up emotions and some self exploration along the way. The best way I can describe it right now is that part of my brain tries to find anything in life that has bothered me or been hurtful and then keeps processing it in my mind. Sometimes it will just plain make shit up or keep running the event in my mind and try to analyze things to make it seem bad. Anything essentially to bother me. It is almost like a voice you have trouble tuning out. It’s very hard to deal with and understand let alone explain it to others.

I was very fortunate in the support so far. I first tried explaining the OCD to my parents about two weeks ago but they passed it off as being tired and I needed to rest. Guess thats the old fashioned way of doing things lol But when I talked to them this week after my break down and explained the process they seemed to be more ears because they visually saw the impact it was having. Everyday has been a struggle but it also shed light onto aspects of my life. My shopping tendencies, my obsession on the car, buying a house, buying a computer. When all these things or events came around it was never something I could do, I HAD to do it. I invested 100% of myself to these things. Some of it was just being selfish at times. That’s a sort of blessing of seeing aspects of your life over and over. You get to learn from all your mistakes and see what made you who you are.

I have had other things pop up which helped cause the depression. Some work issues like a person from HR who when I emailed in sick by accident replied to it thinking it was something else and saying that I was a retard and being a baby. That is just among many problems with my work but it made me realize I am just not happy there. And is IT what I really want to do. Problem is I have lots of ideas. The Hub store, I have an idea for a cafe restaurant, I am interested in human ressources studies (despite my bad experience lol) as well as mechanic since I have really enjoyed working on the camaro. But thats the crux of it all right now. Am I wanting to do a particular course or path or am I being led by an obsession / compulsion. It’s very hard to say and thats also what drives me batty.

Right now it’s taking the meds and eliminating the stressers and seeing how to better handle things to reduce the anxiety. Some days are ok but you realize at some point how much you beat yourself up on things around the house. It also makes you think sometimes you bite more then you can chew. In all OCD is a very real thing. It’s intriguing from a perspective to see how it works and scary when you experience it. But like my doctor said, it’s me VS it and the sooner I deal then I can beat it otherwise it will control me for life.

Rest assured I will be back online at some point in a better capacity then I am now. It’s just a matter of time. Oh and PAX is still on just in case any of you two started wondering. I need a vacation thought if I check the hotel door six times, guide me to the tv to distract me ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hey guys, how goes it? I’m not doing too bad all considering. Been a bit of a rough period of time. Been lots of activities, preparing for the holidays and then of course the recent passing of my grandmother. In all while the last is sad it’s also comes as positive as it was for the best overall due to her condition as well as allowing my mother to enjoy life. The funeral is tomorrow and burial saturday so had to work a bit extra to compensate for the time.

In other news I really enjoyed our friday night get together. It was a blast and Runebound was a very good game. Just haven’t had too much time to write the review up but it’s on the way with pictures to boot. Yay!! The Hub is going strong which I am happy about and to add a bit more excitement to the mix I am pleased to announce that Bioware is following our Twitter. While that may not seem that impressive it’s good exposure and just damn cool in my opinion.

On the side have been thinking about increasing our friday night get togethers. Seeing how feasible it is which thus far seem’s quite feasible. Looking forward to getting some at the table role playing going and potentially with Curt depending on his availability. I am brushing up on the Exalted stuff I had, preparing play aids and delving into adjusting Fantasy Grounds. So things are moving. I think it’s just something that NEEDS to be done.

So thats what’s going on over on my side. How are things going with everyone else?

What’s Going On?

How goes it guys? Hope things are well. Thing have been busy on my end as of late but otherwise hanging in there. Work has been actually between busy and boring. It fluctuates really depending the day or week. Some weeks there are nothing, other weeks are running around. Things are home are busy. Trying to keep things clean as we have been running around a lot during the past month. It’s incredible all the doctors appointsments, vaccinations, etc that pop up. Suffice it to say I have been dead tired, emotionally tired and in a slump. It’s not that it’s all bad mind you but just when all you do or see is work it’s hard to find the bright spots.

I’m sad to say that my grandmother who was bleeding internally has been given one week to live. I have been a bit upset about it but it only really hit me last night since I have been visiting with Lucas since my car is in the garage and no moving on to lifts from Marie or parents. Seeing someone slip away each day is unsettling. There is the option of a blood transfusion however if they cannot fix the bleeding then this will repeat itself and during the whole ordeal she may just loose the strength she needs.

So thats been also a downer. The Hub is doing great if people have been checking out. Lots of stories and even started some reviews on it. On the twitter side we have new followers and getting mentions but other news sites. So thats positive progress right. I’m looking forward to our friday get together. I am anxious to try out Descent. I found the quest guide and manual so reading through the manual. I hope it turns out to be an epic boardgame. I would like to get reviews done for them all to help buff up the hub and well, just have fun playing.

I might have a new PC on the way. Working on the details but should be able to get one “soon”. The car is spending a week and a half in the garage. They are going to remove all the rust from the bottom of the card while working on the bushings, shocks, etc. It’s a much needed job to be done and one step closers to getting the car to where it should be. I have been slowly painting interior pieces in the garage. It’s turning out well however I am using a white color so it takes lots of coats. You think warhammer would have taught me. I think the style ones brought into the car will look good. It will be sporty and stylish. It’s just hard to say with them not in there. However when the car comes back I will strip the interior moldings, seats, etc and get to work on fixing those up.

Looking at maybe another car for the winter but that’s up in the air. Just that convenience wise having one would be a real help with the baby. So yeah thats it from my end really. How about everyone else? Curt your married yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3

I decided to play this game in my backlog and already considering shelving it. The game itself is beautiful and the controls are very tight. HOWEVER….the load times are soooo bad and I mean sooooo bad. It at parts can take literally from dying to continuing 4-6 minutes. At first I thought it was a problem with the PS3 of mine however this seem’s to be a big complaint most people have. People want to love the game but the load times kill it. I might have to get the xbox version to actually enjoy it. Just that it’s a not very forgiving game. Very arcade like and nintendo hard.

Meet our new family member

Well everyone, meet our new dog. A lot of things have been going on in the past month. Our oldest cat Zoe died as you all know and we have had continued problem with Eigan and his urinating everywhere. For Eigan it’s been pretty much since Lucas’s birth and a grown jealousy despite all the attention you give him. Being that it’s not clean or healthy environment for Lucas we are giving him away to a home where he might fit better. It’s really sad however it’s for the right reasons so he can be happier and Lucas is in a cleaner environment without having to watch every step.

This all led up to us looking for a dog as I wanted one for a LONG time. But Marie was uncomfortable with larger dogs as she was somewhat traumatize when she was younger. So we aimed for medium to small dogs. So I went on the hunt! I found lots of animal via Kijiji. Many are quite expensive which is an immediate turn off and many are older. We wanted a pup so he can grown along with Lucas and Tazo and learn to be comfortable without being jealous.

So we found one who will be arriving this afternoon here to my work for me to take home. She is about two months old and is a Pomeranian. It will be cool to have a travel friendly animal. Sometimes when they are too big travelling with them can be cumbersome but nope. Will be nice. No name yet. The debate rages on for the name. Was thinking maybe to continue our Full Metal Panic naming going on. Since we already have Chidori and Souskei birds why not Tessa for the dog. Hmmmm….


A night with Magic

Marie and I recently ordered all the starter core sets for Magic 2010 however while waiting we were also getting impatient. So finally today Marie broke and said lets go to Bluenose and see what they have. I must say they have a lot of cool stuff. It’s a highly unorganized store ran by old fashioned hippies I believe but they do have some interesting items.

After much looking around I saw some cool items like the Spycraft card game (only the expansion however) and they seem to have a GI Joe game. Not sure if it is ass though. But they had a Magic area. Honestly to the person just jumping into it without assistance, it’s confusing as hell. However since we had all our stuff ordered we just wanted a quick fix. So luckily they had a $10 set which has some planes cards as well as 2 small packs of 15 cards. Basically a nice teaser to get your sets going.

Opening the box you have a giant fold out instruction manual which explains the game and the rules. Essentially you play a Planeswalker who summons creatures, cast spells & enchantments. To start you sort your cards by color. Think of these as your specialty. Each color has a particular purpose and style of play. For instance White are more on protection and Blue are controlling hour opponent. You then can pick one color or you can pick two colors and mix them. Normally in tournament play you can have a mixed deck as well but they are tougher to play. For the purpose of this starter they recommended using two colors.

So with that I selected White which was protection and Black which was more chaotic, dealing quick damage however their defense was low. Marie has selected Blue and Green. Green is nature based. The rules itself were quite simple really. You start by shuffling your cards and then taking seven cards as your initial hand. Every turn you refresh your planes cards (these allow you to summon creatures, cast spells, etc). Think of it more like mana ressources. You then cast spells, summon creatures if you can or you can place down a planes card which will then be used as permanent ressources. The more planes cards you have in play the more things you can do and the more incredible creatures you can summon. You can then attack. With black I was doing smaller damages but the were cheaper to summon or activate so I typically had the early upper hand. However it doesn’t mean you kick your opponents ass. They can choose to block if they have a summoned creature or spell / enchantment that can be put in play. Depending on your creatures power and toughness you can kill that creature or in some cases eliminate each other. After your initial attack and opponent defense you can then play any other spells, etc you want.

At first your referencing the rules a bit to figure the gist of it all. But roughly by the third game we were on our own and just playing. I was very surprised at the ease of play and unpredictability of some hands. In all were pretty much loving the game and at further expanding our sets. I highly recommend people give it a try as it’s not a huge initial investment and it’s quite enjoyable.

I also bought Marie a WoW card game starter set so she it makes it her own and generally get into it more when it’s your own thing. So we will soon be trying that. I just have to read the rules up again as it’s a bit less intuitive from what I remember.

So yeah thats about it. In other new though I beat Fable and almost finished Crackdown. Fable is pretty awesome, I like the quest cards you get. Crackdown was not an intuitive game to start really but fun none the less.

By Odin’s Beard

Well were back from Halifax. Was a good but long travel trip. The baby made a lot of the vacation hard since he was in a very fuss filled mood. Overall it was good and thats what counts. Even got a special preview visit of Cliff which was awesome. And ironically we gave him a tour of Halifax lol

Halifax got a lot of ideas going about career and the future. So I’m now actively looking at changing jobs. There is just no consistent future where I am right now. And I don’t really see IT as being my long term goal. This is why I am now working with Marie on opening an RPG / Game store like Levalet…just elsewhere. Now thats like woah but you know what, it was a dream then and it makes you happy. Thing is these days we compromise our dreams for wealth and the mundane.

So right now it’s flipping emails off to publishers and get the low down. We would setup an online store first as Marie needs to finish school and before a physical shop takes place we need to find a place somewhere (NOT QUEBEC!) that it will work well. Now I say not Quebec in huge caps because this place is just a drag. After Oshawa and Halifax and Newfoundland we have discovered quite easily that QC is the biggest collective group of assholes on this planet.

The idea in general is to have something for everyone game wise with a focus on RPG. Basically Levalet but lets make it better. Competitive Canadian prices and a reason to come back. So right now it’s the logistics of it all. Now were not sure about what name to put it under. I was thinking maybe the The RPG Hub but that would be more a group decision since it’s mainly aimed at being a blog and hotspot for reviews, Twitters, etc. Alternatively I was thinking of Rocket Wagon Games or Odin’s Beard lol I could see lot’s of fun stuff being had by all. Anyways, this is all in the works.

So guys, what is your ideal game store? What do other places don’t have that you would like to see?


Just finished reading through the metric fuck ton of comics. Just wow.

Detective comics with Batwoman is great. This is the first time the series has had another character let alone a female as the lead. The art style is fantastic and the story is starting to develop pretty well.

Red Robin is very good as well. Robin is no longer play it nice. He is emotionally hurt at the loss of Bruce and the fact that Dick has picked a new Robin without telling the old one. So he is crossing the line a bit which is good because you know he is justified in his emotions.

I read a bunch of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps books leading into the Blackest Night arc. Basically there are rings for the various colors in the spectrum with of course each having it’s own corps. Every color is a representation of emotion. Green is Will power, Pink is love, Yellow is Avarice, Red is Rage, etc. There has been a war of light with all the various factions in confrontation with each other and now the absence of light (black) has released rings to dead super heroes / villains. This is somewhat of an upcoming apocalypse. It plays on a lot of emotional levels as there has been lots of deaths recently from the past few story arcs like Infinite Crisis. Already two heroes were brutally murdered by people resurrected in a WTF moment. So it’s just plain wicked to see the action.

Infiinite Crisis is pretty good. Basically this event lead into another event called 52. It was mostly used as a ploy to clean up the DC universe and correct inconsistencies in stories and mythologies. It works at doing it and you see some events that really lead into things like Batman: Rest in Peace and Final Crisis. It is pretty intense at some points with heroes being slaughtered. Literally one hero of renown gets their head punched off, another an arm ripped off and other brutal endings. I like it now as the stepped things up a notch. No longer are heroes really protected and can never be harmed or died. B-list heroes are more useful. In fact the whole arc makes them more important and 52 makes them the leaders within the DC Universe. This shows that not everything revolves around Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

Captain America Reborn is also a cool title to check out. Basically Steve Rogers is coming back, not sure how yet but all you know is things are leading up to it as they try and explain his death and hints at how he can return. This is very well written.

So if any of you ever want to get or follow comics well here is some cool titles. If you have any questions on arcs or wants spoilers comment and I will.

Halifax part deux

Well here I am again folks. Been a few days now in the great Halifax region. Went to see the Alexander Keith brewery which was an awesome experience and a rum cake shop. Have some swag for you my peeps but that will be a surprise. But when I do return we must sample my single malt whiskey cake they make. All local too (including the whiskey). The tour was great. Obviously you learn about Alexander Keith and brewing in 1855 plus see the premises. It’s all thematic too so you get a guided tour by bar wenches that occasionally have a tavern tune. Of course we (me times two mwahaha) got to sample some fine ale brewed on the spot which was great.

We visited Peggy Cove. At first I was like meh, a light house but it’s very charming…and inspiring for Cthulhu. Inspiration is all around this place for the Cthulhu genre, from the graveyards, the gardens to the docks. But it was nice scenery from what we saw (very foggy day).

I went to vist a second hand game store called “The last game store”. It was like a microplay type place. Had a decent selection but it seems people keep the must have titles. Unlike microplay where you can walk away with a gem over here you just have b titles on the shelves. Though I must say they had an impressive coleco vision / atari section.

Next while the baby was asleep I visted Strange Adventures which is Canada’s Best Comic Store. It somewhat lives up to the accolades given to it. It’s under a sex shop and you almost think your breaking into someone’s basement. Well it is a basement…But at any rate it has a great selection of titles. I think Fantasia would have this place whipped on the sheer number of comics back in the day but the guy has a lot of swag. Like orginal Star Trek dolls, Night of the Living Dead dolls, original GI Joe action figures. Lots of manga, a little board game section and a very very tiny RPG section.

Again I am convinced that a larger place with more selection would be better and do very well. I guess kind of like Levalet. Offer if possible some cheaper prices on a few items and voila. It seem’s like a largely untapped market here and your right by the university too. Come on these people have to game!

So I bought a metric fuck ton of comics as I want to get back into things. I came in at a good time as a few titles are starting up again from scratch due to events. I got the new Batman series. For those who don’t know Batman died in Final Crisis by Darkseid. So Dick Grayson is now the new Batman, Tim Drake (Robin) has become Red Robin and went solo in an attempt to find Bruce Wayne. So yeah got Batman, Red Robin, Gotham City Sirens (Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy team up), Detective Comics (Batwoman series), Gothan City Central, The Flash: Rebirth (Barry Allen is back), Green Lantern: Blackest Night. Black rings now and old heroes in Zombie form do battle with the other colored lanterns. I even got a black ring collectable with it for free. Wahoo! So yeah this was all to jump start me in all these events. Batman & Robin is impressing me a lot and all the side Batman series are looking really awesome.

So yeah thats it for now. More looking around today and maybe a tour tomorrow.

PSP bricked

Well it seemed my PSP is bricked. Yup, it bit the dust. Basically it will not turn on anymore. I am not sure why it will not. Last I did was play Star Ocean: First Departure. I did some research and there are some ways to fix it. Basically you need to mod your battery then put a special program on your memory card and it will basically downgrade it. The bricking somehow happens when your system becomes corrupt. Apparently it’s a common problem with the system. Which = irritating. Looking online at their service department it is about $100 to repair it at the service centre out of warranty. I am hoping I kept my receipt as I am sure it’s under warranty. I mean I would almost be better at that point to just buy a new bundle. At which point I would probably get that new Rock Band PSP bundle. It’s just very annoying for this to happen.

Side Note: I managed to get Siren for the PS2. One hard to get game FOUND! I still cannot find the ever elusive Valkyria Chronicles.


Well here we are in Halifax doing what Halifax people do. Drinkng and eating….Ba-dum-ching! Just kidding but the trip was a long drive which I did most of daringly enough. The weather was good coming in but it seem’s we are to get a mega storm. We have 100% humidity around here. Luckily our air conditioning nulls the effects however out in the hallway, etc you can just feel it. So hoping it will get a tad better. It has a very Lovecraftian feel right now by the water.

I can’t say I am overly impressed with the location. Guess I was expecting more from Halifax. It’s…quaint. I think I was expecting more developed. Though I am just going by observations from our current area so it may be more developed elsewhere.

So on todays menu were visiting a haunted church, a rum cake store, their mega mall and maybe some other fun stuff.

R.I.P Zoe the cat

Well our cat Zoe died today in a rather tragic way. I was removing a matted hair clump from her back and when done she ran off however only about two feet. Lucas was nearby but she curled a bit and then began convulsions. I had placed her in her basket as Marie quickly researched what was going on. It was either an epileptic seizure or embolism. The seizure were not passing after ten minutes so we resigned to take her to the vet. However during this time while I was holding Zoe from convulsing everywhere, she died in my hands. To say the least Marie is very upset since it was her cat of 13 years (91 years old). I am scarred I think from the experience of having her die in my hands and then burying her where our new flower box will be. I plan to do something nice there and found it appropriate. However not a nice start to the day before heading out to Halifax.

Ask a Basterd

Found this today on Wired. Basically like Dear Abbey advice but it’s from Brad Pitt instead. Hillarious stuff.

If I Exaggerate My Salary on Online Dating Profile, Should I Fess Up?

Is it OK to look at pornography at work?

Can I Talk on the Phone While Taking a Whiz?

Am I a Jerk if I Dump Our Sucky Rock Band Bassist?

Edit 1: Found some more

Can I answer my cell during a movie if it seems urgent?

I want to post a picture of my wife’s butt on twitter รก la Ashton Kutcher. Do I need to ask her first, or can I snap, post, and hope she’ll be flattered?

Should I ask my World of Warcraft wife if she’s really a dude?

PAX East, here we come!

Well I think this is official as we have ever gotten on a road trip like this. But here is graphical evidence that we are indeed going. Now please note for everyone else interested, you can go to the PAX East site and do pre registration. You have the option of having your badges sent to you via FED Ex (which I did). I bought these now as I owed Curt from awhile back so rather then get lost in translation now it’s fucking booked! Oh yeah!


Car Blog Vol 2

After some mechanical inspection over the past two weeks we have a bit more on the history of this car. So it seem’s this car was indeed a full fledged Berlinetta and the guy was trying to convert it to a Z28. He started this half assed conversion by putting in a Z28 engine in there. While this is all good and well the radiator is meant to cool a Berlinetta car engine. So the Z28 has a tendency over hot days and long distances to heat up a bit too much.ย  That and the radiator is probably dying of natural causes lol Also he seem’s to have tried to put Z 28 logo on the interior door panel however the panels are damaged because he tried to do stupid stuff and not well done.ย  Our theory is the guy just got lost and did not know how to manage a restoration. Or just tried to do things without research. I’m not a pro or a mechanic but I know when something doesn’t look right.

So thats a bit frustrating but really it’s not end of the world.

So not much has exactly changed since the last report. I had a fuel line filter put it. It’s pretty neat looking. It’s a see through glass tube with chromed ends with a filter inside. You can see gas go through it and the sediment that builds up. (Note this is not useful while driving making it…not useful). It was a free piece they tossed in so hey why not. I also had the drivers side door repaired a bit. Basically the pin the the door latches onto was rusted around and probably would have fallen off. So they welded that and put a material that can be smoothed out later and be painted over. I plan to eventually have the body repainted but no biggy right now. On the long term list.

I have windsheild washer pump and tubes being installed today. Being going without it for a bit which is a pain at times. The motor for the fluid was burnt out so had to change it. My weatherstrip finally arrived today so need to pick that up. Wonder how big the overall kit is. Was stuck at customs fora bit which is what held the shipping up.

I purchased a Haydens book for the Camaro which has everything on taking apart the car and rebuilding it. Mechanics needed more info on the electrical as they would have had to map it out manually which isn’t always exactly easy. So with the schematics now the security system should be put in soon.

New Dash arrives this week. So should be picking that up most likely on sunday or late saturday if all goes well. That will be a nice addition. I have removed the wood grain decal on the console bezel. Now it’s all back to stainless. I am thinking of maybe saving the bezel. I think it can be done for the cheap. I saw some guides online on how to restores it. So might give that a shot.

I have of course the suspension being changed. This is now booked for next monday.

I have sun visors and the brackets on order as the sun is pretty brutal in the morning and well, I would like to see the road. Got the visor of the ebay so yay for cheap. I also have a catalytic converter and headers coming in as it will help with emissions (catalytic converter especially since I have none currently).ย  I may also be changing the radiator asap depending on anything else immediate coming up. What are the odds…

So all in all things are picking up and turning out

Car Blog Vol 1

As you all know I bought a 1981 Z28 Camaro. It was originally advertised as a Berlinetta which is more of a stylised interior model. However after some inspection I noticed a bunch of symbols on the interior which designated it as a Z28. Also the engine which is a V8 also fits the profile. I suppose the owner was not aware or just misclassified it on the classifieds section. Either way my gain. Upon visual inspection there was rust in the back. Gas tank was a concern since that had heavy rust and the remainder mostly on the back body. The floor under the drivers area was redone with modern plastic. Probably the floor rotted out and was replaced by this part. This is a normal repair for things like that so no big deal. Engine was redone witha spacer below the filter. This was apparently for look more then anything. Weatherstrip was also worn down just about everywhere and bushings looked finished.

Well it’s been a few weeks since I had the pretty old car but finally this week was the week I could drive it since I got my full license. Despite the problems visually the car rides well. However this was all stopped short when I discovered a nice little feature upon filling up my gas tank…there was a leak. Considering I bought the car for $4900 and there was obvious signs of rust it was just a matter of when something would happen. I discovered the leak when I left it at my parents place since my brother would take it to his mechanic school the following day. I was driving the Yaris back when uh-ohh. I noticed some small drips.ย  In the meantime I had a small bucket so the stone driveway at my parents wouldn’t be discolored.

Upon further inspection indeed about 3/4 of the way there was a rotted out part. Either way the gas tank had to be changed. So a new 21 Gallon tank has been put in place with new tank holder straps and rubber cushions. It sure made a difference. A huge chunk of rust is now gone. However after further inspection it seem’s any rubber that was on the car was all original, never changed and mostly disintegrated. This means that suspension / shocks all need a do over to be safe. Car is driveable but if I leave it unattended for too long I will just end up wearing it further and potentially causing more harm and putting stress on parts to the point of breakage.

So the parts are all being priced out by the school but it looks like all beginning of next week it will be in the shop to repair. Also my electrical is getting an overhaul as it needs to be mapped out so they can install my fancy new securirty system. I have a whole new weatherstrip kit from Texas coming in. I needed to find one that matched with my t-tops manufacturer. So that big part will also be done once it comes in. Also my windshield washer fluid will need tubes and probably new motor. Apparently the tubes are not there! Go figure.

So right now it seem’s like a fuck ton to do but it’s a lot of little things in the long run and thank god to the school and internetz I can get everything dirt cheap and no labor cost.ย  Essentially in mid june I should almost have a totally redone exterior mechanically. Interior I will tackle myself over time however I have a new dash which came with the car (was backordered) so will have them install that with all the other work. The interior itself is not end of the world. The console needs to be changed. The previous owner took out a little lower section and put a sporty oil and heat gage. Fugly is what I call it and will have that yanked out. I plan on installing new deluxe seat foam, new seat material, new inner door panels, new steering column, new wheel, new back panel, new trim. Basically everything though the back seats look in good shape but figure if I change the front, might as well change the set. Will be fun to dabble into what I can. I have an uber Camaro guide covering tearing down and rebuilding Camaro’s from 1970 – 1981 with schematics, electrical diagrams, etc. So will be cool.

Will try and post some pictures of the work in progress and keep updating.