Well he isn’t here yet…mwahaha if you fell for the title as a sign. But he will be here tomorrow. So just and FYI that visiting hours for friends are from 7PM-8PM. Not sure even if baby will be born by then but I will let you all know via e-mail from my blackberry if you wanna swing by. But were there at the hospital for 2 days at least and then back home.


So how goes it folks? I have not had a whole heap of time as of late. As you all know I have been in charge of renovations here at the office. To say the least it has gone superbly well. Timing has gone off just right and I am still 30k under budget. But there are a lot of the finer details which need to get done not to mention the next section of the building. But it is on a much smaller scale. The biggest part is over. But I am tired though. Last week I did 34.5 hours of OT and this week I am halfway there already.

I got my kitchen table last week but still have not had time to totally install it. I managed to put one chair together before heading to bed.  But it works with keys to put it together.  So if by chance people are free tonight and no reno stuff pops up that we can maybe do D&D in person but I would need help getting this table together. I could use all the help I can right now so it would be appreciated.

As you also all know baby shower on the way. I am very happy I do not have to organize this but I kinda had to give a nudge though for things to get moving. But still Stephanie is going out of her way to make a special evening. While it is for both me and Marie, considering her bridesmaid screwed up a lot of the wedding stuff and bridal shower Marie deserves a good night.

So if people plan to stay over at my place for the weekend, let me know. And if people can come over tonight, help put up a table and get a game of D&D going let me know. Thank for being understanding with all the stuff going on.

Baby Shower

Ok guys so the baby shower is coming up soon. I wish I could have given bigger notices to people but it was not me organizing this. The baby shower will take place Saturday April 19th at 5pm at a place call Onyx.

So obviously you are all invited plus if you would like to bring someone (Angie, Deb) then they are invited as well. If you can fire off an e-mail to RSVP for the shower that would be great. She will be able to provide directions to get there.


Just to keep you guys updated that this week is the culmination of all my work on renovations here in Montréal. It’s pretty much the largest portion. This is going to occupy a lot of my week starting wednesday and wrapping on sunday. It means I “may” not be available for D&D this thursday. It depends however on schedule.

Thursday = Delivery of Furniture
Friday = Installation
Saturday = More Installation
Sunday = Wiring and PC setup

So just a little heads up on the big week. God knows my bosses are watching this renovations as so far it’s been used as an example of what to do.


I got it, I got it!!! I got’s me a copy of Warhammer Collectors Edition!!

Had to order it through the EA Store as EB Games here were saying they were not sure if they would get pre-orders. But I decided to pony up and ensure my legendary status.

Call of Cthulthu: 1920’s

Ok so there seems to be a lot of interest for Call of Cthulhu. That being said and the fact we will be mostly in person. I will be doing some scans and we will be playing Horror on the Orient Express. This puppy has been waiting for some use. So I will sort through it all and pull it together and keep people posted. So if EVERYONE who is possibly interested in this can please make a character by end of next week please send them in to me. Use Byakhee character generator. Feel free to send then to me. I think you can send me the Byakhee characters in which case I can print out.

– For those in attendance bring a binder for lots of handouts
– Everyone being focused on being in character, feel free to e-mail me your ideas if your not sure.


Unfortunately Marie is in need of a quiet home tonight as she had a project dropped on her and only has tonight and tomorrow night to accomplish this. Unfortunately my brother in law is still at home so I cannot move the net connection or Marie to another room till he moves out. All that to say I am forcefully unavailable tonight.

However I am free this weekend as Marie is in Montreal to classes. So there is that option. Though everyone can feel free to play online tonight through skype and hopefully Apr 1st we will have this sort of thing fixed up 😀


So yeah some of you may have heard Ravenloft in passing last night as Curtis was making a character for it. If people can do the same that would be great as I would like some time to go over them and see what I can come up with. There is something I would like though before people start writing up their Ravenloft backgrounds. That is your not from Ravenloft. You are a group of random strangers who were travelling on a boat many miles off the Sword Coast. I will fill in the blanks with a nice writeup but I want being on the demiplane of dread to be a NEW experience. We will be using Hereos of Horror and all rules found within. I am still going over it myself but all seems to check out. Option to house rule, etc can be taken if need be. So just to keep thing in point form for the text impaired

– Characters are from the Realms
– Heroes of Horror being used as the rules book
– Have backup characters in mind or done as well (No punches, you WILL all die at some point by myself or each other)

More D&D

Well the night was a success. People got their characters done and should hopefully be making it digital soon and sending it off to Curt. It went slow as we had only one set of core books. So just a note to the guys that you can bring your core books or any other useful books down. Much like the days of Curts basement, just put your name on it and take it or leave it at your pleasure.

So I did research on Mics and found 2 omni directional ones for the cheap. So going to purchase one. They are roughly $10 – $20. So I will buy one and ask people to contribute to the cost since it is for us all. I doubt it will be much of an issue but do not want to dish on everything.

Food I recommend people bring common snacks. Not a grocery list mind you but do not be shy to bring stuff for others to enjoy. I will find a place that will be specific for game night food. Saves Neil bringing a huge bag lol

So yeah I will test this omni mic (if I can find it today locally) with Curt just to make sure it is a go for that.

Aside from that I have plans if people are good for attendance and participation for this particular game for an alternate game (other night or same but w/rotation).


So I got to thinking at work when looking at 4th Edition books online and reading the reviews Curt had posted. It has come to my attention that what is the point? What is the point of playing if nobody is availabe, or when people are they putt around the internet half paying attention while the few who take it seriously only get so much enjoyment. Now we have all done this and I count myself no different. In fact my schedule has always been wonky. But then I got to thinking some more.

If I am taking a day a week to see people in person or spending a few hours every few days to play WoW then why the hell can I not take the time to play D&D. Just playing WoW I have been able to play with Curt, catch up, talk to Chris, do some questing together and having a good time. So why can we not do that with D&D? The idea pool is not dry as their are constant campaign suggestions.

Why go to GenCon even apart from the coolness factor?

When was indeed the last time that 2, 3 or 4+ of us got together and slayed a dragon. Not coming to you? Me neither

Well that is going to change folks. You may have noticed my responses in the 4th ed rule book thread. Cause personally I would play 20 hours of D&D rather then a game of WoW or AoC. So the gears continued to go.

Now personally if I was Curt I would be down that most games got a handful of characters in or none at all and not want to run much of anything. But I say we do the good man who takes his time to prepare all this stuff for us the time it takes to give him what he needs to make an awesome game.

So with that in mind I suggested we do a game where we are explorers investigating a cavern which we think is ruins of some sort. From there game goes on, no worrying about meeting, back to basics. Game would take place in Eberron as Realms is getting a 4th Ed overhaul. Thing in mind for the game

– Every thursday 7 – 11 (4 hours)
– We play with whoever is there though I would like if we could get a 75% attendance record. If you cannot make it and loose out on cool things (tough shit)

A concept I read about and would like to try is buying a $20 audio mic for omni directional recording for voices. This is so we can conferance from a single location to Curt over Skype. This means that we can group up together and play without being seperated so to speak. Because distractions, internet surfing, even playing video games has occurred and then people ask questions like what happened for the past 15 min while. So for others and Curt it can be insulting and annoying.

Also we can keep books in a single location, kinda get that frat house spirit of gaming again.

So far those I have contacted this afternoon and are down with said schedule are:
Neil, John, Curt (obviously), myself and even Clifford

Clifford is available only if we can do the conferance thing though since he is still sans internet.

Everyone is over tonight so characters shall be made!

Edit: Oh noes, the spellingz!!!

Warhammer Fantasy: The Painting

Well I commented in Curts 1st post that I would post pictures of the progress on this end. I have to say it has been pretty fun tossing our techniques back and forth and actually seeing results. I am so jealous of the primer spray Curt had but will so be buying one next time 😉

So here is the setup that I am currently working with. I pretty much kicked everyone from the kitchen table and confiscated it for the greater good that is miniature painting. I typically used my computer desk but me and Marie are sharing it right now for office space so that is a no go.

The Setup

Here are some pictures of my figures in various angles. There is quite a bit of detail, some of which I have no even got to yet like skulls hanging from their belts. But it give you an idea. I probably plan to drybrush some blood color on a few of the orcs blades, that should give them a more menacing (as if the severed head on the belt was not enough) look. I have 34 Orcs, 34 Empire soldiers, Cavalry, Wagons, Artillery and much more to paint so it is gonna take some time lol

I have learned a lot though in the past day about various brushes and what works well with what. Also coloring and inking are quite cool but difficult to implement at times. I would say the hardest part so far is painting the tiny studs in the armor as well as the leather ties on the back of their uniforms as it is such a tiny area. Go fine brush go!

And last but not least Warhammer Fantasy is endorsed by my cat Eigan. Cats are indeed wise

Cat Loves Warhammer

Hang out yo

Wassup my home boys? How are things?

Been pretty busy as of late. For one house is officially purchased and we have a wonderfully huge mortgage to boot. But the house will be great. Unfortunately it requires lots of meetings. Meetings for architectural stuff, meetings with designer, meeting with electrician, etc, etc.

Also renovations at my job are in full swing. So have to manage all that is going on with the contractors. Which is quite a bit of work on top of the day to day activities I manage. But it pays off. I got a tiny little raise which I am not exactly singing about but there is a nice bonus coming soon apparently which will help make up for things. There may even be a promotion my way soon and if that happens means yet another raise coming so things may turn out.

Aside from that been running around for baby stuff since yes, that is coming pretty soon. You should probably be hearing from the godmother of our baby soon. She is organizing the baby shower. Obviously your guys are all invited. While usually just a ladies activity it would sure make a damn good excuse to all get together and have some good laughs for a weekend.

I have been playing LOTRO with my Dwarf, the recently released Book 12 update. Made things sooo much easier for my Guardian cost wise for repairs. I have also noticed some older areas which have some new monsters, npcs, etc. I am quite impressed with their updates. I did an elite quest last night to wrap up the Book 1: Chapter 1 quest. Was a really cool instance where I got to fight a Nasgul (sp?) I am aiming to get a house finally in game so I can store things as I am at a point where you get a lot of drops so fill up quite fast.

So yeah that is about it. But if people want to hang sometime this week that would be cool. Has been wayy too long lol So post availability and we will arrange something.