Lucas Researching Concept for New Indiana Jones

Not only is he working on a new Indiana Jones concept, I like the little tidbit at the end: Shia LaBeouf is NOT going to be the main character. It’s still good old Harrison Ford. That’s reassuring to me.

“According to George Lucas, ‘The franchise really depends on me coming up with a good idea. And that series is very research-intensive. So we’re doing research now to see if we can’t come up with another object for him to chase … hopefully we’ll come up with something.’ Lucas ‘scoffed at the possibility of passing the famed fedora from Ford to Shia LaBeouf,’ instead stating, ‘if [Harrison Ford] wasn’t in it, you’d have to call it “Mutt Williams and the search for Elvis.”‘”

Via Slashdot

The Watchmen

Apparently this was a preview they played before the Dark Knight. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should check it out. Having read the graphic novel and loved it, I really can’t wait to see this as it looks like it’s going to be pretty faithful to the book.

Oh, and it comes out on my birthday, so that’s awesome too!

The Watchmen Trailer

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!

So apparently the first episode came out without me knowing about it. Got a heads up from an old friend of mine that it came out recently. So check out Doctor Horrible’s sing along blog! Act 1 here!

For the record, it is totally f^&ckin’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No amount of exclamation marks in the world can convey how awesome it is!


So i have been corrected once more! Act 2 is also out! Use this little link here to go to the main page where you can select act 1 and/or 2!

**For the record Dr. Horrible is only available to watch for free online until midnight Sunday July 20th, 2008. So watch it now or live with many, many regrets!!!

The Bling Gnome!!!


Saw this game at EB yesterday called Dungeon Runner’s, looked pretty entertaining but didn’t want to spend the $19 on it without reading a bit about it. Apparently it is totally free, you can even just download it for free and play. Only thing is if you don’t become a “premium” player you are not allowed to get really good items and stuff. Kinda weird.

I may try the free version see how it plays. I don’t remember hearing anything about this game, apparently it was a big hit when it came out last year. Has a small player base but scored high in reviews and such.

Anyways, thought people might get a kick out of this video. It’s to promote a new in game “Item” you get if you buy the retail version. Enjoy.

P.S. For some reason i couldn’t make the youtube video work like everyone else can on the site. Booooo!

Curt’s P.S.: That should do the trick.

Futurama: Bender’s Game DVD Preview


The second Futurama DVD hasn’t even stopped spinning in our drives and we’re already looking forward to the third one. It’s a much geekier affair than even Futurama fans are used to, as they’re delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Will this Ender’s Game Futurama movie be any good? We’re pretty sure it will, seeing as the Kirk and Spock heads are back, and that was probably one of the best episodes ever. – Gizmodo

Can’t wait!

This trailer is not 100% awesome or nothing, but i think the show will be. It’s by the guy that did Firefly, and it has the guy that played Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), it also has Doogie Howser! BOOYAH!

Not sure when the first episode is being released, but as far as i know it is all gonna be free over the internets. The name is Doctor Horrible’s Video Blog!.

Likes to be made of cheese filled win! Oh yeah!

The Truth comes out!!!

We all had our doubts about him, we all wondered maybe he was not from this world, We all knew the things he could do were to much for any man…now we know the truth! Kaynen (most likely originally known as Kainan) crashed on Faerun, an alien from the stars!

It has to be true, because they are making a  movie about it! Only to guide in those whowould not understand, or accept, the intricacies of the world of Faerun they have made the scene of his landings during the time of the vikings!

Read the movie synopsis and be amazed!!!