Attack in Black – Young Leaves

Here’s your Monday Music Video for this week, folks. Joe reminded me about this band, even though it ultimately wasn’t the band he was talking about. I saw the video last summer on the Wedge on Much music and made a note to get the album at some point, but never could and eventually forgot.

… so here’s the video!


The Trews – Hold Me In Your Arms

Alrighty folks, here’s your Monday Music Video. This is the first single from the new album by The Trews, which comes out on the 19th. Enjoy!

Update: Apparently YouTube doesn’t want this one embedded. The video hasn’t been removed, so just click the link and enjoy the rocky goodness.

Mogwai – Travel is Dangerous

Here’s your music video for the week, folks. It’s my latest addiction.

Mogwai is a Scottish band that does very emotive, textural music. Much like bands like the Faunts or Sigur Ros.

The song is called Travel is Dangerous and it’s probably one of their more normal music videos. Enjoy!


Maybe I’ll turn this thing into an actual weekly thing. Monday Music Video or something. 😉