Just to keep you guys updated that this week is the culmination of all my work on renovations here in Montréal. It’s pretty much the largest portion. This is going to occupy a lot of my week starting wednesday and wrapping on sunday. It means I “may” not be available for D&D this thursday. It depends however on schedule.

Thursday = Delivery of Furniture
Friday = Installation
Saturday = More Installation
Sunday = Wiring and PC setup

So just a little heads up on the big week. God knows my bosses are watching this renovations as so far it’s been used as an example of what to do.

Car repairs of epic proportions!

Man what a day. Take my car in to have the brakes tuned and my basic service done only to then find myself looking at a $4k repair bill. Figures, i just get the car bought off for $7k two months ago and now my car is good for the scrap yard. I must have done something very wrong in my last life, cause karma is making me her bitch.

On the upside, customer service at Volkswagen Vaudreuil-Dorion is super-fantastic! They are telling me i am better off scraping the car entirely and either working a deal with them on a new car for the still decent trade in value of my car of $2500, or they will just cut me a check for that amount and send me on my merry way.

I just find it really shitty. I loved that car. When it was not sucking every last dime out of me it was a sweet and smooth ride. Jetta’s get my stamp of approval. If i can afford to get another one, i will. Sadly the hard fact of it all is that i will probably have to take the money and run, which leaves me carless…thats gonna hit me hard in a few days when it sinks in. I can’t stand not having the freedom to jump into my car at anytime and go cruisin’. Although with the price of gas these days this could be the jumpstart i need to investigate a hybrid in the future. Who knows.

The only bright side today, as i mentioned in the shoutbox, is that i finally got my copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is snazzy. Already i can tell that once i master the use of the tools and the like, i can turn even steaming piles of crap pics into decent enough shots. Just wait t’ill i have some great shots to work with, woo!

So despite catching loads of crap all day, i have decided to make crapinade…although i don’t think i’ll drink it. I figured i would be all pissed off and aggravated…and although the stomach acid is churning and i am not exactly grinning ear to ear, i am finding myself in a chipper mood and interested to see what tomorrow holds in store for me.

Now i need to go review possible car choices on the Volks dealership site just incase i do want to work out a deal for a new car. As unlikely as it is, figure i won’t say no until i have given it a chance to wow me.

I have %^$#ing had it…

I am losing my damned mind. Is it just me or is anyone else utterly pissed off and aggravated to no end with the total lack of courtesy and respect people show one another? You see it everywhere. I have been wondering why i have had no motivation to work since losing my job at futureshop. I think i may have it now. The world sucks because people suck. I can’t believe how much i hate people. I think right now if i had a gun i would have started shooting people by now. People treat each other like sh^t, then wonder why in return they get treated like sh^t. Drivers will risk life and limb, their own and others, driving like a retarded ape to shave off an amazing three seconds off a road trip or on the drive home from work. It is completely mind blowing.

The internet is filled with morons that think it is funny and okay to treat others like garbage simply because the internet is anonymous and every jackass can post and put out whatever they want. I think this mentality is one of the many factors that is leading to the social decay we all see in our day to day lives. People seem to have forgotten how to be decent and kind to others on the whole.  It really pisses me off…

Video games are supposed to be a fun recreational stress relief for people. Yet in online games like World of Warcraft or Team Fortress 2 the chat generally consists of name calling and harassment and much, much, much worse cyber bullying and scenarios where the only path never chosen is the higher path of being a polite and civilized human being. The last two days i have been playing in the pvp battlefields of WoW. Three times i have been harassed, insulted, and attacked for nothing other then playing the game as intended. What would happen if i complained or put in a ticket with a GM? absolutely %^$# all.  The very fresh in-game incidents aside, you see this kind of crap everywhere in real life also.

In many jobs you work hard, usually underpaid, only to then have some other jackass take credit for your hard work. Many people tend to look the other way if something unscrupulous is being done but it is in their favour.  People are selfish, self-serving, arrogant, ignorant, ego maniacal pricks that seem to not care who they hurt as long as they get ahead in life. It is making me sick. Getting me to the point i don’t even want to interact with people at all, aside from current friends and family. I can barely drive my car without seeing on average five people i would be willing to follow home and bludgeon to death with a tire iron if my conscience was not there to tell me it would be wrong. I sometimes feel like my grip on things is loosening every day…i am very afraid one day i will snap and hurt someone…and i am really beginning to not care…i %^$&ing hate this place.

Now with my luck some cyber watchdog will see this and report it to someone and cops will come knocking on my door. The world is such a nerfed, screwed up, ridiculous place. Sometimes i think it would do humanity wonders to have some catastrophe wipe out 3/4’s of the world and force us to start over…

I hope i feel better in the morning and that this is just some silly rant because i am tired and frustrated. But i kind of doubt it. I know this may seem like it is taking things to the extreme. I am merely generalizing on the overall governing social mindset. This mindset is based on the enjoyment of sin and being a slave to the all mighty dollar…no i am not going religious, but some of the founding beliefs of  most religions are ones that i think people should follow. It’s as the golden rule states “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” and not be surprised that when you treat someone like sh^t they will treat you the same way right back…

Meh…rant off…

Hang out yo

Wassup my home boys? How are things?

Been pretty busy as of late. For one house is officially purchased and we have a wonderfully huge mortgage to boot. But the house will be great. Unfortunately it requires lots of meetings. Meetings for architectural stuff, meetings with designer, meeting with electrician, etc, etc.

Also renovations at my job are in full swing. So have to manage all that is going on with the contractors. Which is quite a bit of work on top of the day to day activities I manage. But it pays off. I got a tiny little raise which I am not exactly singing about but there is a nice bonus coming soon apparently which will help make up for things. There may even be a promotion my way soon and if that happens means yet another raise coming so things may turn out.

Aside from that been running around for baby stuff since yes, that is coming pretty soon. You should probably be hearing from the godmother of our baby soon. She is organizing the baby shower. Obviously your guys are all invited. While usually just a ladies activity it would sure make a damn good excuse to all get together and have some good laughs for a weekend.

I have been playing LOTRO with my Dwarf, the recently released Book 12 update. Made things sooo much easier for my Guardian cost wise for repairs. I have also noticed some older areas which have some new monsters, npcs, etc. I am quite impressed with their updates. I did an elite quest last night to wrap up the Book 1: Chapter 1 quest. Was a really cool instance where I got to fight a Nasgul (sp?) I am aiming to get a house finally in game so I can store things as I am at a point where you get a lot of drops so fill up quite fast.

So yeah that is about it. But if people want to hang sometime this week that would be cool. Has been wayy too long lol So post availability and we will arrange something.

My Cell Phone Upgrade Ordeal

Broken Cell Phone

Well, it appears my shitty little v220 is starting to cough and wheeze and sputter and die. I’d really like to upgrade to a nice shiny HTC Touch, but I also don’t want to pay $500 for it.

So, I called Rogers to see what sort of upgrade options they could give me after hearing about people I know and people online getting such great deals when upgrading their phones.

No dice: the customer service guy was a bit of an asshole and said he could only give me the phone for $350. When I said I think I’ll just switch to Telus, he basically just said that’s fine. No attempt at retention at all. I broke off the call at that point.

The problem is that I’m not very good at complaining about things, so I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to bitch my way into a good deal.

I know Joe basically did this to get his upgrade, so does anyone have any pointers or anything? I’m not too broken up about it cause I could just cancel altogether and go with Bell or Telus, which both have really great deals on that phone in particular ($99 for new customers who sign for 3 years).