Black Industries to stop making RPGs

Black Industries, the makers of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the just-released-but-already-sold-out Warhammer 40k RPG are going to stop making RPGs. This makes me a sad panda.

Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods out in September will be the final product to be released from Black Industries.

Kevin Rountree General Manager of BL Publishing said ‘As a result of the continued and impressive success of our core novels business, which we have built around 40K and Warhammer, we have decided to focus all of our efforts on growing this part of our business. Black Industries has seen fantastic success, most recently with Talisman and Dark Heresy. This change does not take away from that achievement rather it allows BL Publishing to focus on producing the best novels we can. This is a purely commercial decision and will enable us to carry on the huge growth that we have recently been experiencing with our novels’

For the time being Black Industries will continue to post articles in support of the products on their official website, which is a fantastic resource for scenarios and gaming tools for GM’s and players alike.


Wake on lan

If you’re like me, borderline insane, then you probably have already considered the vast potential of having the ability to turn on your computer remotely from wherever you are.

Ex. “Boy its cold out, I wish my apartment was nice and toasty for when I get home”, “Let me just fire up my overclocked am2 and make it so… number 1”

The possibilities are endless.

Lifehacker has provided a detailed “how to” for prep and execution of said WOL feature present if most if not all of today’s computers.

My Cell Phone Upgrade Ordeal

Broken Cell Phone

Well, it appears my shitty little v220 is starting to cough and wheeze and sputter and die. I’d really like to upgrade to a nice shiny HTC Touch, but I also don’t want to pay $500 for it.

So, I called Rogers to see what sort of upgrade options they could give me after hearing about people I know and people online getting such great deals when upgrading their phones.

No dice: the customer service guy was a bit of an asshole and said he could only give me the phone for $350. When I said I think I’ll just switch to Telus, he basically just said that’s fine. No attempt at retention at all. I broke off the call at that point.

The problem is that I’m not very good at complaining about things, so I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to bitch my way into a good deal.

I know Joe basically did this to get his upgrade, so does anyone have any pointers or anything? I’m not too broken up about it cause I could just cancel altogether and go with Bell or Telus, which both have really great deals on that phone in particular ($99 for new customers who sign for 3 years).

The Best Selling PC Games for December 2007

1. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Activision
2. World Of Warcraft – Blizzard
3. The Sims 2 Bon Voyage – Electronic Arts
4. World Of Warcraft: Battle Chest – Blizzard
5. World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade – Blizzard
6. The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff – Electronic Arts
7. Crysis – Crytek/EA
8. Half Life 2: Episode 2 The Orange Box – Valve/EA
9. The Sims 2 Deluxe – Electronic Arts
10. The Sims 2 Seasons – Electronic Arts
11. Sim City 5: Societies – Electronic Arts
12. 15000 Games – Viva Media
13. The Sim City 4 Deluxe – Electronic Arts
14. Nancy Drew: Legend Of The Crystal Skull – Her Interactive
15. Unreal Tournament 3 – Epic/Midway
16. Age Of Empires III: Asian Dynasties – Microsoft
17. The Sims 2 Pets – Electronic Arts
18. Diner Dash – PlayFirst
19. The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff – Electronic Arts
20. Age Of Empires III – Microsoft

Al Gore Caught Warming Globe To Increase Box Office Profits

Old news, but I couldn’t pass it up.
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Dozens of eyewitness reports indicated that former vice president Al Gore deliberately attempted to raise the earth’s temperature in order to boost box office receipts for An Inconvenient Truth, his documentary film about global warming that was released in May.

Al Gore

Star Wars: The Scheduling Strikes Back

I’m going to have to postpone the Star Wars campaign start another week as it conflicts with the Wintersleep concert Joe and I’ll be going to tomorrow night. It’s just as well as I’ve still not yet received any characters for the game, so this’ll give people a bit more time to submit. I think, if I’m not mistaken, that at last count the players consisted of Neil and John, right?

I’ll see about installing that event calendar plugin to assist with avoid conflicts like this in the future.

Sony Replacing the 80gb PS3?

There’s a rumour going around that Sony is going to drop the 80gb PS3 and release a 120gb… or 160gb… or whatever model to replace it. Details within this mystical link to another world! While I wasn’t really planning on getting a PS3 anytime soon, I might just have to wait even longer just in case they bundle it with a DualShock 3, as opposed to the non-rumbly controller they have now. Time will tell.



Well, I figured it was high time I actually got my site some dedicated server space and a domain. I also figured that at the same time, it would be nice to switch to an actual CMS, rather than my rarely-updated system that we’ve used for the past 5 years.

Being that it’s a new site with a new system, there are going to be some growing pains, I’m sure. Of immediate note is that there is no shoutbox. I’m looking to rectify this ASAP, but you’ll have to be patient. I want to find the absolute best fit for the site and our needs.

As for the look of the site, it might strike some as being kinda odd: red carpet with stucco? WTF? While it’s a decor I would never dare inflict upon my house or any house for that matter, it’s of special significance for alot of us who used to hang out in my basement many moons ago. It had musty old red carpeting, grey wood-grain baseboards and white-stucco walls. I based it on a theme I found on the WordPress site, and hopefully I won’t get bored of it too fast and you won’t either. 😉

Now, enough blathering on from me, I hope you all enjoy your new home.