My Cell Phone Upgrade Ordeal

Broken Cell Phone

Well, it appears my shitty little v220 is starting to cough and wheeze and sputter and die. I’d really like to upgrade to a nice shiny HTC Touch, but I also don’t want to pay $500 for it.

So, I called Rogers to see what sort of upgrade options they could give me after hearing about people I know and people online getting such great deals when upgrading their phones.

No dice: the customer service guy was a bit of an asshole and said he could only give me the phone for $350. When I said I think I’ll just switch to Telus, he basically just said that’s fine. No attempt at retention at all. I broke off the call at that point.

The problem is that I’m not very good at complaining about things, so I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to bitch my way into a good deal.

I know Joe basically did this to get his upgrade, so does anyone have any pointers or anything? I’m not too broken up about it cause I could just cancel altogether and go with Bell or Telus, which both have really great deals on that phone in particular ($99 for new customers who sign for 3 years).

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  1. Don’t settle for new deals. Call them up and ask if they can spice up the deal. Tell them you are currently with rogers and rogers has offered the phone but you did not like the service and am still deciding to switch.

    Come to the darkside. It is your destiny.

  2. Just be aware. Telus does not have great data plans. But I am sure the same can be said about Rogers and the CDMA version of the touch is different. faster cpu, double the ram… but no wifi.

  3. You can always see what telus is willing to offer. They can give you a ticket number so the offer will be valid for a certain number of days; then go back to rogers and let them know what the compition is willing to do for you.

  4. Aha, that makes sense. That also makes the decision a bit tougher cause GSM is clearly better, but I’m not sure if I’ll be travelling abroad anytime soon. I almost prefer a factory unlocked GSM version of the phone, but that costs big bucks for sure.

  5. I’m beginning to think that I might not bother upgrading at all at this point and simply wait out my contract so I have alot more leverage towards the end of it.

    And besides, the iPhone might be out in Canada by then. 😉

    This whole hardware discrepancy is a bit of a turn off altogether.

  6. Hey, if you want to switch to Telus and don’t want to be sucked inf or a full 3 year contract you can take over mine! Only like $25 to transfer the account, then you can try and snag whatever phone you want, lol.

    Been looking to try and ditch Telus for a while, but can’t afford the $700 cancellation fee…

    I get horrible reception here in Montreal with Telus, so many dropped calls. But from what i hear Telus is good in Toronto. It’s an idea.

    Atleast that way you will only have about 2 years on the contract.

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