D&D 4e Info

D&D Experience started yesterday (it’s a D&D-focused convention) and tons of information about D&D 4e is spewing forth. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve found most interesting:

So far I really like what I’m seeing. It looks like characters and monsters start with alot more HP and do alot more damage from the outset, but things don’t drastically change over the course of levelling up by the sounds of it, so it’s easier to maintain balance. I can’t wait to see what else people find out.

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 4

So, as I mentioned briefly in the shoutbox, I painted up all my Tyranids yesterday. Here’s how it all went down.

I got up, milled about for a bit, and then set up my painting area by 11:30am. I had a better idea of how I wanted thingsCurt’s 40k Adventure 026 arranged this time, so that helped. I looked over the Tyranid painting guide in the Battle for Macragge book. The ones in the book are painted up like those from Hive Fleet Behemoth. This means that their armour plates are blue and their skin is red. Not a fan of that combination, but I didn’t feel especially creative with the Tyranids, so I figured that was how I should proceed anyway.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 027Unfortunately, for the blue sections of the Tyranids, you’re supposed to use a turquoise colour. I have no turquoise. I figured it would be a simple enough matter to just mix up some paint and I’d be set. The fates conspired, however, and I couldn’t for the life of me get the colour I wanted. Worse yet, I was very nearly out of white at this point. So instead of doing it exactly like the book (which is even harder cause theCurt’s 40k Adventure 028 foundation paints I have are not the same colours as the regular citadel paints), I just decided to dry brush the armour with a light blue. This, thankfully, turned out pretty good and I was getting energized about the whole thing again. Because I was already working on the Tyranids and would need to reuse all their colours for their scenery things (spawn points, whatever), I figured I’d do them at the same time. And the spore mines while I was at it.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 029After all the dry brushing was done, I set out to start doing the red basecoat. This was a bit trickier than I’d imagined it would be. For starters, the red I have is a bit duller than how they should look, so it was a bit difficult to eyeball, and having thoroughly destroyed all my brushes with my apparently-savage painting the day before, I had some trouble working it between all the highly detailed bug bits on the models. There were alot of black primer areas showing through the Curt’s 40k Adventure 030paint, so I had to do another coat. I eventually got it to look reasonable, though I might want to do some detail touch up later on.

I then moved on to highlighting. At first, I tried simply mixing white with red, but the pinkish mixture didn’t look so great. So I tried with a yellowish tinted mixture (can’t remember what I mixed now), and at first it looked better, but once I finished I wasn’t sold on it either. So, I then tried a dimmer pink colour for the edges andCurt’s 40k Adventure 031 was pretty happy with that one. It doesn’t look AWESOME, but it looks decent enough, so I motored on. This is around when it became painfully clear that I need to really learn how to thin paints and apply more layers to achieve gradients. It’s all a learning experience and I’m glad I’m learning. The downside, of course, is that miniatures are expensive. đŸ˜‰

After that, I tackled doing the claws and teeth on the Genestealers. Only after I finished and looked at the book again did I realise that their claws are actually supposed to be a black/grey colour and not a bone colour. Oh well, I think it looks nice Curt’s 40k Adventure 032how it is. Artist license, right? I did the Termagants hooves and claws with the correct grey colour and it looked nice as well. I also did their guns in the same colour. In the book it looks kinda like their guns might actually be Boltgun Metal, but they’re supposed to be bio-engineered weapons, so I just made them a greyish colour. Somewhat of a half measure, if you will. As with the marines, the eyes and teeth were very hard to do. I had a decent time of it using a toothpick, but I imagine I might get better results with a pin. I’ll have to try that on my next mini-with-eyes.

Lastly, with the Oscars in the back ground and the hour getting late, I began basing all the minis. This was actually pretty fun. You “paint” some PVA glue on the base. This is basically woodworking glue. Then you just dip the mini in the sand andCurt’s 40k Adventure 033 move him around a bit. Dust off the excess stuff and let him dry. Once dry, just paint it black and then once that dries, dry-brush it brown. It came out looking really nice, but I haven’t added any grass yet, as I’m not 100% sure how to do just little tufts of grass poking out of the rocks. I also took this opportunity to cover up some blemishes on the models with a bit of “mud” from the base. It blends stuff really well and looks really cool when it’s done. I finished this all by 11:30pm, exhausted and with the worst back pain ever. But it was very fun.

I don’t know why, but the time really flies while I’m doing this. I hope I don’t get sick of it too soon. Now all that remains from the Battle for Macragge is to do the scenery and then it’s all done. I also bought a Space Marine Commander for after that stuff so I have the bare minimum for a regular force (2 troop units and 1 HQ unit). I don’t know if I’ll blog all this stuff though, it might get pretty boring to read. đŸ˜‰

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 3

So much Warhammer, so little time! I actually finished all this earlier, but was too tired to post it until now.

I got up today at 8:30am, ate breakfast, and got set up to paint by 9am. I couldn’t wait to get started onCurt’s 40k Adventure 017 my marines. At this point I was still a little worried about mixing my colours and whether or not I would use too much paint, or whatever else I might do wrong from the list of billions of things. I was determined, though, and got to it right away. I figured I’d use the instructions out of the Battle for Macragge book so I’d at least get somewhere to start from, even though I wasn’t going to be making ultramarines. So I started with dry brushing Boltgun Metal on their backpacks and their bolters. It was easy enough, and I wasn’t too worried about getting it in areas it wasn’t supposed to be as I’d be covering those later on.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 018After painting up the guns and backpacks, it was time to move onto the base coat of my custom brown. I knew from the Games Workshop website that I would need a 1:1 ratio of Cathan Brown and Codex Grey to get the shade I was looking for, but mixing it was another matter. I poured a little bit out of each tub onto a paper plate. What a mess! It sort of dribbles down the side of the tub making a huge hard-to-remove mess. I also think I poured out a bit more than I needed. Regardless, I tried mixing with this giant wooden toothpick I had, but that was a no go. It just sort of created these nifty swirls. So I tried mixing in a bit of water to help it mix. No, that just loosened it too much and made water swirls in addition. So I then mixed it around with this big brush I have. Still, the viscosity was kind of low, but I figured it was good enough and started painting away.

I painted up all the armour on the marines in one go. By the time I finished the last guy, the first one was dry, so I couldCurt’s 40k Adventure 019 start on the next step. Next I painted up their shoulder pads with a basecoat of Cathan brown so that when I painted them white later, it would look a little worn in the edges. After doing this, I looked over their armour and it looked a bit thin. I could see alot of the black primer, so I redid my paint mix. This time I mixed it in a tupperware container and didn’t add any water. I think the water bit was the most crucial. Leaving it out allowed the colour to flow a bit and get better coverage when it dried. Once I’d done the armor over, I mixed the paint again, only this time with white instead of grey to get a lighter shade. I used this to dry brush the highlights at the edges of the armour. I’m still kinda sucky at it, so it’s not pro quality or anything, but it started to really make the figures look complete so it was exciting all the same.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 020I then moved on to the shoulder pads. I painted them with a lighter beige sort of colour to get a gradient sort of effect for when I was going to dry brush them white. This didn’t work out so good, though. The problem being that my paints are foundation paints. You’re not supposed to layer them, so when I painted this beige over top, the colour underneath completely disappeared. It didn’t show at all. So I decided to immediately go back over them and just paint them solid white. It was a bit tough though cause the brush strokes were completely visible as I went over the shoulders. I had to add a bit more paint to get them to look clean. They’re not perfect, and they made the resin seam (that I forgot to shave off) really stand out, but they look snappy just the same. Curt’s 40k Adventure 021

I then trimmed the shoulders in gold and poked the brush between their arms to paint their chest eagles. This took some doing though, and I got a bit of paint on parts of the armour where I didn’t want it to be, but it really made the white shoulders look nice.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 022A couple of more passes of my custom brown to touch things up, some red for the eyes, more brown to touch up the mess, and some skin tones, and I was essentially done by 5pm. I still need to base them, and my back is really killing me, but it was great. The time just flew by really fast. Faster than most of my other hobbies. I can’t wait to paint up my Tyranids.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 023Curt’s 40k Adventure 024Curt’s 40k Adventure 025

Warhammer Fantasy: The Painting

Well I commented in Curts 1st post that I would post pictures of the progress on this end. I have to say it has been pretty fun tossing our techniques back and forth and actually seeing results. I am so jealous of the primer spray Curt had but will so be buying one next time đŸ˜‰

So here is the setup that I am currently working with. I pretty much kicked everyone from the kitchen table and confiscated it for the greater good that is miniature painting. I typically used my computer desk but me and Marie are sharing it right now for office space so that is a no go.

The Setup

Here are some pictures of my figures in various angles. There is quite a bit of detail, some of which I have no even got to yet like skulls hanging from their belts. But it give you an idea. I probably plan to drybrush some blood color on a few of the orcs blades, that should give them a more menacing (as if the severed head on the belt was not enough) look. I have 34 Orcs, 34 Empire soldiers, Cavalry, Wagons, Artillery and much more to paint so it is gonna take some time lol

I have learned a lot though in the past day about various brushes and what works well with what. Also coloring and inking are quite cool but difficult to implement at times. I would say the hardest part so far is painting the tiny studs in the armor as well as the leather ties on the back of their uniforms as it is such a tiny area. Go fine brush go!

And last but not least Warhammer Fantasy is endorsed by my cat Eigan. Cats are indeed wise

Cat Loves Warhammer

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 2

Curt’s 40k Adventure 005So, last night I spent some time assembling the Tyranids. The geneastealers were actually pretty easy to assemble. The Termagants, which you would think would be easy because there’s only two halves to each one, were not. This is because there were very slight variations between each one, particularly where their arm was, so that they would not easy fit with the wrong pieces. I only figured this out half way through forcing them together, but I eventually got it all sorted out. Even the ones that clearly wereCurt’s 40k Adventure 006 meant to fit together, didn’t really fit that great. I had to file the little peg down so it would fit in the matching hole. The other issue with gluing the Termagants is even when they were fitted up and glued together, their arms still didn’t quite reach their weapons. I didn’t want to spend the entire night holding their arms together, so I put glue between the joints and hoped for the best. I figured also that the basecoat might help unify it a bit better anyway. We’ll see how that works out later.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 007One thing that really stuck out was how they give you JUST enough bases, with one extra to spare. I thought that was quite odd. You’d think for how much you pay that they’d have the resources to give you at least a few more bases just in case you lose any. I didn’t lose any, thankfully.

After assembling everything and stretching my back (which had started to hurt something fierce from allCurt’s 40k Adventure 008 the leaning over everything and focusing on tiny little creatures), I took everything downstairs to be sprayed. I’d never really done any spray painting before, so my parents were nice enough to show me how it’s done. I felt kinda dorky painting my Warhammer 40k stuff with my parents but whatever. đŸ˜‰

Curt’s 40k Adventure 010To basecoat them we set up a cardboard wall and some newspaper for them to sit on. We put them on used drink trays so they could be rotated. At first I was a bit worried that I was going to end up with too much paint on them, but pretty much regardless of how I sprayed them, they all turned out with a nice even coat. I had to lay the termagants on their sides to spray them so I’d get all the detail on their sides/underbelly. I left them there for a good 15-20min before flipping them over and spraying them again. Then I left the whole lot of them to dry overnight.

There’s really not much more to say about part 2 than that, so here’s some more pictures. đŸ˜‰

Curt’s 40k Adventure 011Curt’s 40k Adventure 012Curt’s 40k Adventure 013Curt’s 40k Adventure 014Run Away!Curt’s 40k Adventure 015Curt’s 40k Adventure 016

I have %^$#ing had it…

I am losing my damned mind. Is it just me or is anyone else utterly pissed off and aggravated to no end with the total lack of courtesy and respect people show one another? You see it everywhere. I have been wondering why i have had no motivation to work since losing my job at futureshop. I think i may have it now. The world sucks because people suck. I can’t believe how much i hate people. I think right now if i had a gun i would have started shooting people by now. People treat each other like sh^t, then wonder why in return they get treated like sh^t. Drivers will risk life and limb, their own and others, driving like a retarded ape to shave off an amazing three seconds off a road trip or on the drive home from work. It is completely mind blowing.

The internet is filled with morons that think it is funny and okay to treat others like garbage simply because the internet is anonymous and every jackass can post and put out whatever they want. I think this mentality is one of the many factors that is leading to the social decay we all see in our day to day lives. People seem to have forgotten how to be decent and kind to others on the whole.  It really pisses me off…

Video games are supposed to be a fun recreational stress relief for people. Yet in online games like World of Warcraft or Team Fortress 2 the chat generally consists of name calling and harassment and much, much, much worse cyber bullying and scenarios where the only path never chosen is the higher path of being a polite and civilized human being. The last two days i have been playing in the pvp battlefields of WoW. Three times i have been harassed, insulted, and attacked for nothing other then playing the game as intended. What would happen if i complained or put in a ticket with a GM? absolutely %^$# all.  The very fresh in-game incidents aside, you see this kind of crap everywhere in real life also.

In many jobs you work hard, usually underpaid, only to then have some other jackass take credit for your hard work. Many people tend to look the other way if something unscrupulous is being done but it is in their favour.  People are selfish, self-serving, arrogant, ignorant, ego maniacal pricks that seem to not care who they hurt as long as they get ahead in life. It is making me sick. Getting me to the point i don’t even want to interact with people at all, aside from current friends and family. I can barely drive my car without seeing on average five people i would be willing to follow home and bludgeon to death with a tire iron if my conscience was not there to tell me it would be wrong. I sometimes feel like my grip on things is loosening every day…i am very afraid one day i will snap and hurt someone…and i am really beginning to not care…i %^$&ing hate this place.

Now with my luck some cyber watchdog will see this and report it to someone and cops will come knocking on my door. The world is such a nerfed, screwed up, ridiculous place. Sometimes i think it would do humanity wonders to have some catastrophe wipe out 3/4’s of the world and force us to start over…

I hope i feel better in the morning and that this is just some silly rant because i am tired and frustrated. But i kind of doubt it. I know this may seem like it is taking things to the extreme. I am merely generalizing on the overall governing social mindset. This mindset is based on the enjoyment of sin and being a slave to the all mighty dollar…no i am not going religious, but some of the founding beliefs of  most religions are ones that i think people should follow. It’s as the golden rule states “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” and not be surprised that when you treat someone like sh^t they will treat you the same way right back…

Meh…rant off…

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 1

So, with the cancellation of Star Wars tonight and the fear of incurring back pain by spending any more time on the computer, I decided to take a crack at getting started on putting together all the fiddly bits from the Battle of Macragge box I bought the other day.

I also decided it might be fun to blog about the whole experience, beginning to end. Hopefully it’ll be fun. If not, then hopefully there’ll be pretty pictures along the way. Failing even that, then at least there’s other neat stuff on the intertubes. đŸ˜‰

First things first. As I briefly covered in my comment earlier, I went to Heroes World in Markham at lunch time the other day and looked over the 40k stuff. I’ve always been interested in getting Warhammer, but never got into it for various reasons. Now, though, my interest was greatly rekindled by reading a bit of Dark Heresy, the 40k RPG. So, I went into the store with the intention of finally getting some miniatures. I was looking to get the Battle of Macragge Hobby Set. It’s basically the same as the regular starter set, only it comes with a set of paints. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in the store, but they had the regular version of the starter set.

I decided to look around for a bit at the various sets until Andre (the guy who runs the store) came over and asked if I wanted to try a demo. With some humming and hawing (I only have so much time at lunch, right?), I agreed to a quick run through. They have this cool battle board with the ruined buildings that you can buy, all painted up and everything. The miniatures they had in play were actually the ones from the set I was looking to get. Andre gave me the quick run down on the rules. I knew a bit, but I learned quite a bit more. For starters, even though it’s kind of obvious from Dawn of War, I didn’t realize that you’re actually supposed to move your marines (or what have you) as whole units. Basically they can all move 6 inches, but must end up no more than 2 inches apart from each other. If they are separated, then they need to spend a round regrouping and can’t attack anything. To be honest, I felt a little silly standing there, in my nice work clothes and coat, playing Warhammer on my lunch hour. But more importantly, it was fun.

I asked a few more questions about painting and army creation and everything before finally buying a starter set and a foundation paint hobby set. All in all, it was about $150 ($75 for the starter set, $65 for the hobby set), which is honestly quite a bit of money, but I don’t intend to pay that very often. I’m not amassing a huge combat force. Besides, it comes with 10 marines, which on their own would have cost $30. To be honest, I was most surprised about the paint set costing so much.

Andre eased the pain by tossing in a few free White Dwarf magazines for painting tips and such. Of course, I realized later that they were from last year, but whatever. This stuff doesn’t change much anyway, so I’m not too bothered by it. One of the magazines has this huge section on the revamp of the Dark Angels, which is cool. I’ve never been big on the idea of all-green armour, but I’m tempted to get some of their cloaked marines and incorporate them into my custom-army-with-no-name-yet.

So, as I mentioned before, I decided to get cracking. I’d already opened the box and fondled everything when I got it, but I really wanted to start putting things together. All of the pieces in the starter set are resin and attached to big sprue sheets. There are no pewter models here, which is a bit odd for me. The last time I tried painting a marine he was all metal and much heavier, so it’s a bit jarring to have the marines be so lightweight.

Using the handy-dandy clippers from the paint set I got, I began carefully cutting the marines and their accessories fromCurt’s 40k Adventure 001 the sprues. The starter set has simplified things by having the marines already pretty much built. All they need to have done is their arms and weapons glued on (and the arms and weapons are attached to each other, for the most part), and their backpacks glued on. I imagine the whole process is a bit more involved with a regular set of minis.

After separating just what I wanted to start with from the sprues: all 10 marines and the imperial guy, I began filing off the flash from the sprues where I couldn’t quite get close enough with the clippers. I used a snazzy purple nail file that was on hand. I felt so manly. I then set about gluing them to their bases. While some people paint all the parts individually before assembling the minis, I figured I might as well try it the way most people do it and assemble them before painting. After Curt’s 40k Adventure 002gluing them to their bases, I glued their backpacks on and then their arms/weapons. All in all, it was a pretty straightforward process. I was actually pretty impressed that I didn’t make a huge mess with glue everywhere. I only had a couple of cases where there was a bit of glue that needed to be wiped away. Of course, only after I’d glued most of them together did I start to worry that I was maybe not using enough glue, but a slight tug on the earliest glued bits and they were fused firmly to the body of the marine. The glue’s so effective, in fact, that it appears to have cracked a bit of the nozzle on the glue container itself. That’s tough stuff.Curt’s 40k Adventure 003

I did all of this on a few sheets of parchment paper (you know, for cooking) that did a good job of keeping the mess down. Of course, I’m not painting (yet!) so the mess was pretty minimal to begin with, but there were a couple of drops of glue on the sheets by the time I was all finished.

I often forget as to how small the little guys are. You see all kinds of macro pictures online and you start to think they’re action-figure sized or bigger. But they’re not. They’re minuscule little guys.

I actually took a handful of pictures last night, but I haven’t gotten them off the camera yet, and I’m at work. I’ll put them up when I get home. They’re not alot to look at, as I realized only after I’d assembled my first marine that it would’ve been good to start taking some pictures at the very beginning. Worse yet, the camera ran out of power after only a few shots, so I didn’t get to take a picture of all the marines standing at the ready. I’ll have to take some tonight when I get home.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 004Next up, I’ll be gluing together my Tyranids and priming my marines. I was originally thinking of forgoing the whole priming process, but I think I’ll do it anyway. It’ll help with shading and hiding my mistakes. I’m sure to make mistakes.

UPDATE: I added the pictures from the camera. I’ve also uploaded the rest of the images but will make the post regarding stage 2 later.

Examples of Play

Y’know, every time I read the corebook for an RPG, they always have an example of play. Usually goes like this.”Here is an example of play that doesn’t get into the rules (we’ll leave that for a later chapter) but rather demonstrates roleplaying.

The DM is Chris, John is playing Urthden, a Human Fighter, Giles is a Dwarven barbarian, Gwen is an Elven Ranger, and Billy is playing a Human Wizard!They’ve just come to the entrance of Malik Hur, a terrible tomb of a lich that buried eons ago!Chris: The crypt awaits before, a large stone slab of a door taunting you with its immobility.

Billy: Blast! How shalt we get through this door? King Darod and his Kingdom are depending upon us to retrieve the cure!
Gwen: Don’t worry, I have an idea! Remember earlier when we were interrogating that skeleton? He mentioned that the water moves when the stone strikes it…
John: And that stones move when water touches them! Brilliant! Alright, I’ll go and grab some water from that creek that Chris mentioned earlier-”

And on and on in perfect harmony. Who has ever REALLY played a game like that? ITT we write more realistic game session transcripts.

Click to see how it really happens

Warhammer Space Marine Painter

This is just plain cool. Check out this Space Marine Painter on Bolter and Chainsword. There’s also a bit of a how-to here.

What do you guys think of the paint scheme I’ve concocted? It’s a far cry from the days of the Panzies of Death, and only a slight improvement over my Gryphons. đŸ˜‰

Curt’s Space Marine paint scheme

I’m REALLY thinking of picking up the starter set now.

Bush’s Presidential Library Plan

I found this floating about the intertubes and thought it was worth a laugh.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is now in the planning stages. You’ll want to be one of the first to make a contribution to this great man’s legacy.

The Library will include:

* The Hurricane Katrina Room, which is still under construction.

* The Alberto Gonzales Room, where you can’t remember anything.

* The Texas Air National Guard Room, where you don’t have to even show up.

* The Walter Reed Hospital Room, where they don’t let you in.

* The Guantanamo Bay Room, where they don’t let you out.

* The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room (Which no one has been able to find).

* The Iraq War Room. After you complete your first tour, they make you to go back for second, third, fourth, and sometimes fifth tours.

* The Dick Cheney Room, in the famous undisclosed location, complete with shooting gallery.

* Plans also include: The K-Street Project Gift Shop – Where you can buy (or just steal) an election.

* The Airport Men’s Room,where you can meet some of your favorite Republican Senators.

* Last, but not least,there will be an entire floor devoted to a 7/8 scale model of the President’s ego.

* To highlight the President’s accomplishments, the museum will provide guests with electron microscopes.

* W’s Living-Will wall: a large floor-to-ceiling TV screen will feature W’s magnanimous gesture — with one caveat: the offer of his brain to the national organ-transplant association, but for use solely in the event that a flea has a cerebral hemorrhage.

Questions I have never been able to answer.

Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are flat?

Why do banks charge a fee on “insufficient funds” when they know there is not enough?

Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Whose idea was it to put an “S” in the word “lisp”?

What is the speed of darkness?

Read on

Hang out yo

Wassup my home boys? How are things?

Been pretty busy as of late. For one house is officially purchased and we have a wonderfully huge mortgage to boot. But the house will be great. Unfortunately it requires lots of meetings. Meetings for architectural stuff, meetings with designer, meeting with electrician, etc, etc.

Also renovations at my job are in full swing. So have to manage all that is going on with the contractors. Which is quite a bit of work on top of the day to day activities I manage. But it pays off. I got a tiny little raise which I am not exactly singing about but there is a nice bonus coming soon apparently which will help make up for things. There may even be a promotion my way soon and if that happens means yet another raise coming so things may turn out.

Aside from that been running around for baby stuff since yes, that is coming pretty soon. You should probably be hearing from the godmother of our baby soon. She is organizing the baby shower. Obviously your guys are all invited. While usually just a ladies activity it would sure make a damn good excuse to all get together and have some good laughs for a weekend.

I have been playing LOTRO with my Dwarf, the recently released Book 12 update. Made things sooo much easier for my Guardian cost wise for repairs. I have also noticed some older areas which have some new monsters, npcs, etc. I am quite impressed with their updates. I did an elite quest last night to wrap up the Book 1: Chapter 1 quest. Was a really cool instance where I got to fight a Nasgul (sp?) I am aiming to get a house finally in game so I can store things as I am at a point where you get a lot of drops so fill up quite fast.

So yeah that is about it. But if people want to hang sometime this week that would be cool. Has been wayy too long lol So post availability and we will arrange something.

Its a wonderful Internet

It was holiday time,
and George sat in his den,
Playing his online games
will all his online friends.
Suddently he got shot
by some chump called RaNgE-R0V3R,
And his character died –
that was it, man – Game Over.

He roared out in dismay,
“That’s not right – it’s not fair!
I’m the best at this game –
no one else can compare!”
Then he cried with a frown,
and a voice full of scorn,
“I wish the internet
had never been born!”

Click here to find out what happens next.