Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 3

So much Warhammer, so little time! I actually finished all this earlier, but was too tired to post it until now.

I got up today at 8:30am, ate breakfast, and got set up to paint by 9am. I couldn’t wait to get started onCurt’s 40k Adventure 017 my marines. At this point I was still a little worried about mixing my colours and whether or not I would use too much paint, or whatever else I might do wrong from the list of billions of things. I was determined, though, and got to it right away. I figured I’d use the instructions out of the Battle for Macragge book so I’d at least get somewhere to start from, even though I wasn’t going to be making ultramarines. So I started with dry brushing Boltgun Metal on their backpacks and their bolters. It was easy enough, and I wasn’t too worried about getting it in areas it wasn’t supposed to be as I’d be covering those later on.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 018After painting up the guns and backpacks, it was time to move onto the base coat of my custom brown. I knew from the Games Workshop website that I would need a 1:1 ratio of Cathan Brown and Codex Grey to get the shade I was looking for, but mixing it was another matter. I poured a little bit out of each tub onto a paper plate. What a mess! It sort of dribbles down the side of the tub making a huge hard-to-remove mess. I also think I poured out a bit more than I needed. Regardless, I tried mixing with this giant wooden toothpick I had, but that was a no go. It just sort of created these nifty swirls. So I tried mixing in a bit of water to help it mix. No, that just loosened it too much and made water swirls in addition. So I then mixed it around with this big brush I have. Still, the viscosity was kind of low, but I figured it was good enough and started painting away.

I painted up all the armour on the marines in one go. By the time I finished the last guy, the first one was dry, so I couldCurt’s 40k Adventure 019 start on the next step. Next I painted up their shoulder pads with a basecoat of Cathan brown so that when I painted them white later, it would look a little worn in the edges. After doing this, I looked over their armour and it looked a bit thin. I could see alot of the black primer, so I redid my paint mix. This time I mixed it in a tupperware container and didn’t add any water. I think the water bit was the most crucial. Leaving it out allowed the colour to flow a bit and get better coverage when it dried. Once I’d done the armor over, I mixed the paint again, only this time with white instead of grey to get a lighter shade. I used this to dry brush the highlights at the edges of the armour. I’m still kinda sucky at it, so it’s not pro quality or anything, but it started to really make the figures look complete so it was exciting all the same.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 020I then moved on to the shoulder pads. I painted them with a lighter beige sort of colour to get a gradient sort of effect for when I was going to dry brush them white. This didn’t work out so good, though. The problem being that my paints are foundation paints. You’re not supposed to layer them, so when I painted this beige over top, the colour underneath completely disappeared. It didn’t show at all. So I decided to immediately go back over them and just paint them solid white. It was a bit tough though cause the brush strokes were completely visible as I went over the shoulders. I had to add a bit more paint to get them to look clean. They’re not perfect, and they made the resin seam (that I forgot to shave off) really stand out, but they look snappy just the same. Curt’s 40k Adventure 021

I then trimmed the shoulders in gold and poked the brush between their arms to paint their chest eagles. This took some doing though, and I got a bit of paint on parts of the armour where I didn’t want it to be, but it really made the white shoulders look nice.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 022A couple of more passes of my custom brown to touch things up, some red for the eyes, more brown to touch up the mess, and some skin tones, and I was essentially done by 5pm. I still need to base them, and my back is really killing me, but it was great. The time just flew by really fast. Faster than most of my other hobbies. I can’t wait to paint up my Tyranids.

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