Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 2

Curt’s 40k Adventure 005So, last night I spent some time assembling the Tyranids. The geneastealers were actually pretty easy to assemble. The Termagants, which you would think would be easy because there’s only two halves to each one, were not. This is because there were very slight variations between each one, particularly where their arm was, so that they would not easy fit with the wrong pieces. I only figured this out half way through forcing them together, but I eventually got it all sorted out. Even the ones that clearly wereCurt’s 40k Adventure 006 meant to fit together, didn’t really fit that great. I had to file the little peg down so it would fit in the matching hole. The other issue with gluing the Termagants is even when they were fitted up and glued together, their arms still didn’t quite reach their weapons. I didn’t want to spend the entire night holding their arms together, so I put glue between the joints and hoped for the best. I figured also that the basecoat might help unify it a bit better anyway. We’ll see how that works out later.

Curt’s 40k Adventure 007One thing that really stuck out was how they give you JUST enough bases, with one extra to spare. I thought that was quite odd. You’d think for how much you pay that they’d have the resources to give you at least a few more bases just in case you lose any. I didn’t lose any, thankfully.

After assembling everything and stretching my back (which had started to hurt something fierce from allCurt’s 40k Adventure 008 the leaning over everything and focusing on tiny little creatures), I took everything downstairs to be sprayed. I’d never really done any spray painting before, so my parents were nice enough to show me how it’s done. I felt kinda dorky painting my Warhammer 40k stuff with my parents but whatever. 😉

Curt’s 40k Adventure 010To basecoat them we set up a cardboard wall and some newspaper for them to sit on. We put them on used drink trays so they could be rotated. At first I was a bit worried that I was going to end up with too much paint on them, but pretty much regardless of how I sprayed them, they all turned out with a nice even coat. I had to lay the termagants on their sides to spray them so I’d get all the detail on their sides/underbelly. I left them there for a good 15-20min before flipping them over and spraying them again. Then I left the whole lot of them to dry overnight.

There’s really not much more to say about part 2 than that, so here’s some more pictures. 😉

Curt’s 40k Adventure 011Curt’s 40k Adventure 012Curt’s 40k Adventure 013Curt’s 40k Adventure 014Run Away!Curt’s 40k Adventure 015Curt’s 40k Adventure 016

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