Examples of Play

Y’know, every time I read the corebook for an RPG, they always have an example of play. Usually goes like this.”Here is an example of play that doesn’t get into the rules (we’ll leave that for a later chapter) but rather demonstrates roleplaying.

The DM is Chris, John is playing Urthden, a Human Fighter, Giles is a Dwarven barbarian, Gwen is an Elven Ranger, and Billy is playing a Human Wizard!They’ve just come to the entrance of Malik Hur, a terrible tomb of a lich that buried eons ago!Chris: The crypt awaits before, a large stone slab of a door taunting you with its immobility.

Billy: Blast! How shalt we get through this door? King Darod and his Kingdom are depending upon us to retrieve the cure!
Gwen: Don’t worry, I have an idea! Remember earlier when we were interrogating that skeleton? He mentioned that the water moves when the stone strikes it…
John: And that stones move when water touches them! Brilliant! Alright, I’ll go and grab some water from that creek that Chris mentioned earlier-”

And on and on in perfect harmony. Who has ever REALLY played a game like that? ITT we write more realistic game session transcripts.

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