Hang out yo

Wassup my home boys? How are things?

Been pretty busy as of late. For one house is officially purchased and we have a wonderfully huge mortgage to boot. But the house will be great. Unfortunately it requires lots of meetings. Meetings for architectural stuff, meetings with designer, meeting with electrician, etc, etc.

Also renovations at my job are in full swing. So have to manage all that is going on with the contractors. Which is quite a bit of work on top of the day to day activities I manage. But it pays off. I got a tiny little raise which I am not exactly singing about but there is a nice bonus coming soon apparently which will help make up for things. There may even be a promotion my way soon and if that happens means yet another raise coming so things may turn out.

Aside from that been running around for baby stuff since yes, that is coming pretty soon. You should probably be hearing from the godmother of our baby soon. She is organizing the baby shower. Obviously your guys are all invited. While usually just a ladies activity it would sure make a damn good excuse to all get together and have some good laughs for a weekend.

I have been playing LOTRO with my Dwarf, the recently released Book 12 update. Made things sooo much easier for my Guardian cost wise for repairs. I have also noticed some older areas which have some new monsters, npcs, etc. I am quite impressed with their updates. I did an elite quest last night to wrap up the Book 1: Chapter 1 quest. Was a really cool instance where I got to fight a Nasgul (sp?) I am aiming to get a house finally in game so I can store things as I am at a point where you get a lot of drops so fill up quite fast.

So yeah that is about it. But if people want to hang sometime this week that would be cool. Has been wayy too long lol So post availability and we will arrange something.

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  1. Still unemployed. I hate it. I could probably get back in at futureshop pointe-claire…but am now hesitant to do so cause i can’t trust them.

    Besides that i am still trying to figure out the school thing. Registering today for a photography course. Non credit certificate course at Concordia.

    Still playing WoW…playing way too much for my liking. But when you have nothing else to do it passes the time. Everytime life punches you in the crotch it seems to take longer to get back to your feet. Gotta do it soon as Angie and I will be looking for our own apartment this summer. So having extra cash for that would be nice.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you Carl, i am available to hang out just about anytime. So let me know when is good for you. Maybe we can get a couple of us together and play Arkham or something and watch movies.

  2. I know Cliff is usually good to go any night, will work something out with John. Worse off just be Yourself, Cliff, Angie (if she dare join us men).

    Definitely a possibility. I am pretty good for job hunting tips if you need any. Like shopping for toys I am good at finding nifty places to work 😉

    Though that is indeed quite awesome you two are planning for your own place. Just when I am moving near you no less :p

    Glad to hear about the school thing too. I wish I could do school again but that seems like a idea lost in the grindhouse of life.

    I would join you guys in WoW but I cannot afford two sub’s with that whole mortgage thing there lol But if you did not activate your trial for LOTRO come hope on for a bit. Might make a change. I know when Curt came on we had a romp as it is different in a lot of respects.

  3. Hey guys, I’m doing ok, been a little shaken today, didn’t go into work as Deb Bry and I went to Ottowa yesterday to visit the civilization museum and on our way back rolled the car over in Gatineau. Lost control in the freezing rain and hit the snow bank, it rolled us onto our roof. We’re all fine, no serious injuries, only a couple bums here and there, nothing that left a mark. So that’s the important thing.

    Car’s still in Gatineau but I’ve been in touch with insuarance and the body shop today, I’m only going to have to pay the $250 deductible and everything else will be covered by insurance and I get a loaner car from the Chevy Dealership in Ile Perrot. That’ll be either today or tomorrow, car won’t be ready for a few weeks, but at least the total loss clause in my insurance guarantees that all parts used in repairing my car will be brand new, or that the car will be replaced if the damage is too severe.

    Beyond that, not too much new with me, at Deb’s now, if I can get the loaner today I’ll be heading back to my place tonight.

  4. Ouch, that really sucks John. I’m glad to hear everyone’s okay, though. As for the car, my Dad says they typically just write it off on a rollover. That’s great that your insurance covered so much of it too.

  5. John 1 – Echo 0

    That must have been very freaky, even worse when it happens away from home. Atleast Ottawa is not that far.

    Bonus is aslong as everyone is alright, who cares about the car. It can be replaced. Everyone being safe is all that matters.

  6. Yeah, for sure. You know what’s really weird? Even as the accident was in progress I somehow wasn’t worried about us, I can’t explain it, I just knew we’d be alright and that it would be getting home that would be the hardest part of the night. It was a weird feeling.

    As for the actual roll-over it’s not my first and was actually the safest one I’ve been in, all things considered. Last one was on an icy mountain road in North Hatley with cliffs on every side of the road except where we rolled.

  7. well getting back on topic about a day to hang out, i am definitely free Friday and Saturday for sure.

    Maybe tonight or tomorrow, but not sure about those yet.

  8. I’m pretty busy myself for days to hang out. I’m at my place now, but was at Deb’s up until an hour ago, will be there tomorrow night. Thursday is Star Wars, assuming all goes smoothly. Friday I’m at Deb’s, Saturday is with Deb and Bry as Bry has bowling. Sunday is either at Deb’s parents or at Alex’s place.

    Deb is really understanding about me taking time off from them and hanging out with friends, I just prefer to make sure I run it by her in advance so it’s not a last second “Sorry, with the guys tonight”, kind of deal. One thing’s for sure, is that unless Star Wars is cancelled thursday night this week I won’t be able to hang out this week.

  9. Well Neil we will aim for friday or saturday. I will give Cliff a buzz and see if he is free. And yeah we will aim for those two days.

    And John that has been your schedule for a few months not something so sudden. We know already we have to schedule way ahead of time for you lol

    By the way Neil will probably arrange a night sometime…soonish to have a good time at Cunninghams. Met Corbz on the train a week ago and he was wondering when we would all hook up. So yeah might try and get a big get together going.

  10. Not trying to sound mean or anything John, i hope this is not taken the wrong way. It is just an observation. But to the casual observer it could very well seem that you let Deb run your life. Your happiness is all that matters, but at the same time it should not be a huge issue to every now and then say “Oh i will be seeing the guys tonight.” or something.

    As is i barely see anyone unless it’s a holiday or Curt and Joe come into town, or we go to Toronto for a weekend. So a once a week or hell at our rate a once a month hangout or once in a blue moon hangout does not seem like too much to ask for 🙂

    That is my two cents on that, i will shut up now.

    Carl, that sounds good to me. Was actually thinking about Cunninghams the other day. Would be cool to drop by there again. Let me know about Friday/Saturday.

  11. In my experience with Marie and our relationship she knows when I need the time to hang with the guys. And usually despite house, baby, etc when I say I want to hang out I give a day and unless a family thing is in the way it passes. No harder then that.

    I think however though just to comment on Neils comment that when you say she is understanding then saying btw I am not free all this week. What about friday? Has something been set in stone for friday? It is not last minute notice or anything. But I know also from trying to arrange previous hangouts with you also that it isn’t as simple as give notice.

    Personal things, children, etc are all good reasons to be busy. I know as I have been busy as all hell or too tired, etc. I just find it ironic though you cannot miss a day with Alex or just say how about every 2 weeks on this day I try to hang out with Neil, Carl, Cliff, etc. Hell we could all do that to be consistent so it is not directly aimed at yourself. Seem fair to everyone? This is barring personal things of course.

    Personally I had fallen back into a depression again with all the stress of work, house and everything else. But I have been taking a step back and looking to see what I can do to make myself happier. And I noticed that I have been not taking care of my friendships and hence missing that part. So I picked up WoW just so I can hang out and play with Curt, Neil and others. It was also to have a good time together I think that with arranging a set schedule would be also a good thing for all involved.

    Though for Cliff and Neil I think we will hang out more then that if possible.

    I think all this is doable though and worth the effort to put in. In any case it is about happiness and whatever makes one happy then go for it. Just let others know by chance if that does not involve them.

    In the end though people just want to see each other more then we have. So let’s do it.

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