5 thoughts on “Warhammer Space Marine Painter”

  1. You should. Just know it is an investment which may or may not get used as much as you would like. And then there is the painting which can be looong with all the little parts to paint. If all that is acceptable then fuck yeah buy it. They are cool ass figures. And ebay can be your friend for these things.

  2. Actually, the painting bit is what I’m most looking forward to. Creating an army of my own, whether I really use them or not. The problem with justifying the cost (which is significant beyond the first set) is if I would ever really use them and if I really have the time to devote to it.

    Right now (and lunch is in 5min), I’m leaning toward getting the starter set and a few extra paints to make the marines I want, and then seeing what happens when I’m done with that.

  3. Good idea. The other sets are pricey as all hell which I recommend checking ebay for. Generally the starters are very well priced for what you get. They are like drug dealers getting you hooked.

    I figure though if others get just as involved into the enjoyment of it that then it could very well be worth buying additions as they have a lot of cool stuff. Kinda like my gameboards. I stick the the base unless someone shows interest, then I expand.

  4. Well, I picked up the Battle for Macragge and the hobby paint starter set. It doesn’t come with primer, but I guess I can always snap some up.

    The guy at the store (Andre) gave me a demo of play and hooked me up with some free White Dwarf mags just for picking up the stuff. He also suggested coming by the store on Sundays for playing and Monday nights for painting workshops if I find I need the help. All around nice guy who deserved the sale regardless. I look forward to my brown marines!

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