Some video’s from the upcoming Vans Warped Tour

Against Me: “Don’t Loose Touch”

Relient K: “Must Have Done Something Right”

THE ACADEMY IS…: “The Phrase That Pays”

 Cobra Starship: “Snakes on a Plane”

Gym Class Hero’s: The Queen and I

Say Anything: Alive with the Glory of Love

The Color Fred: If I Surrender

The Saint Alvia Cartel: Time to Go


Just to keep you guys updated that this week is the culmination of all my work on renovations here in Montréal. It’s pretty much the largest portion. This is going to occupy a lot of my week starting wednesday and wrapping on sunday. It means I “may” not be available for D&D this thursday. It depends however on schedule.

Thursday = Delivery of Furniture
Friday = Installation
Saturday = More Installation
Sunday = Wiring and PC setup

So just a little heads up on the big week. God knows my bosses are watching this renovations as so far it’s been used as an example of what to do.


I got it, I got it!!! I got’s me a copy of Warhammer Collectors Edition!!

Had to order it through the EA Store as EB Games here were saying they were not sure if they would get pre-orders. But I decided to pony up and ensure my legendary status.

Call of Cthulthu: 1920’s

Ok so there seems to be a lot of interest for Call of Cthulhu. That being said and the fact we will be mostly in person. I will be doing some scans and we will be playing Horror on the Orient Express. This puppy has been waiting for some use. So I will sort through it all and pull it together and keep people posted. So if EVERYONE who is possibly interested in this can please make a character by end of next week please send them in to me. Use Byakhee character generator. Feel free to send then to me. I think you can send me the Byakhee characters in which case I can print out.

– For those in attendance bring a binder for lots of handouts
– Everyone being focused on being in character, feel free to e-mail me your ideas if your not sure.


Unfortunately Marie is in need of a quiet home tonight as she had a project dropped on her and only has tonight and tomorrow night to accomplish this. Unfortunately my brother in law is still at home so I cannot move the net connection or Marie to another room till he moves out. All that to say I am forcefully unavailable tonight.

However I am free this weekend as Marie is in Montreal to classes. So there is that option. Though everyone can feel free to play online tonight through skype and hopefully Apr 1st we will have this sort of thing fixed up 😀


So yeah some of you may have heard Ravenloft in passing last night as Curtis was making a character for it. If people can do the same that would be great as I would like some time to go over them and see what I can come up with. There is something I would like though before people start writing up their Ravenloft backgrounds. That is your not from Ravenloft. You are a group of random strangers who were travelling on a boat many miles off the Sword Coast. I will fill in the blanks with a nice writeup but I want being on the demiplane of dread to be a NEW experience. We will be using Hereos of Horror and all rules found within. I am still going over it myself but all seems to check out. Option to house rule, etc can be taken if need be. So just to keep thing in point form for the text impaired

– Characters are from the Realms
– Heroes of Horror being used as the rules book
– Have backup characters in mind or done as well (No punches, you WILL all die at some point by myself or each other)

Editorials: The Geek Hierarchy

The Role-Playing Geek

There’s a certain type of role-playing geek that embarrasses most other role-playing geeks, and those types can be found actually playing inside stores that primarily sell role-playing games. When you walk into such a place and your glasses fog up from the miasma of hot B.O., when you hear the hooting, staccato laughter that sounds like a baboon being anally violated with a boulder, and when you notice a cloak draped over the chair behind someone excitedly standing to make a big production out of rolling dice, you will know you have encountered the type of geek I am talking about. They give all of us a bad name. I firmly believe (hope) that most tabletop RPG experiences mirror my own: a group of friends gets together to bullshit about various things and eat snacks, and oh, maybe roll a few dice along the way and not take things too seriously.

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Epic Games come to Steam

And with a FANTASTIC deal.

[Epic Games] announced (with the help of Valve) that its catalog has come to Steam. Everything Unreal and Unreal Tournament is now available via legal digital distribution starting today, with a tremendous bundle of savings at your fingertips in the Unreal Deal Pack. That pack features Unreal Gold, Unreal 2: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition, Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor’s Choice Edition and Unreal Tournament 3 for just $53.95 American for a limited time.

And that whole Limited Time thing is just %10 off what it’s normally going to be: $59.95. I wonder if I can just add my keys to Steam and then gift the bonus stuff away if I buy into this?

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Eberron in a Nutshell

The continent of Khorvaire, within which most of Eberron’s adventures take place, has just seen the end of nearly a century of warfare. The nations which once formed a kingdom that spanned the continent were embroiled in a bitter struggle for succession in which there was, in the end, no victor. Now these nations are independent sovereign territories who have held an uneasy peace with each other since the Last War ended two years ago. New nations have sprung up in the course of the Last War, and others have lost territory or been obliterated entirely, so tensions still run high, and nobody truly knows if peace will last.

Here’s some info that might be handy to read before we start our Eberron campaign. It’s not too long, and it does a good job of explaining the basics. I’d really appreciate it if people could take a few minutes and read this. It’ll make it that much easier for everyone to get into the game when we start.

Read it here.

Car repairs of epic proportions!

Man what a day. Take my car in to have the brakes tuned and my basic service done only to then find myself looking at a $4k repair bill. Figures, i just get the car bought off for $7k two months ago and now my car is good for the scrap yard. I must have done something very wrong in my last life, cause karma is making me her bitch.

On the upside, customer service at Volkswagen Vaudreuil-Dorion is super-fantastic! They are telling me i am better off scraping the car entirely and either working a deal with them on a new car for the still decent trade in value of my car of $2500, or they will just cut me a check for that amount and send me on my merry way.

I just find it really shitty. I loved that car. When it was not sucking every last dime out of me it was a sweet and smooth ride. Jetta’s get my stamp of approval. If i can afford to get another one, i will. Sadly the hard fact of it all is that i will probably have to take the money and run, which leaves me carless…thats gonna hit me hard in a few days when it sinks in. I can’t stand not having the freedom to jump into my car at anytime and go cruisin’. Although with the price of gas these days this could be the jumpstart i need to investigate a hybrid in the future. Who knows.

The only bright side today, as i mentioned in the shoutbox, is that i finally got my copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is snazzy. Already i can tell that once i master the use of the tools and the like, i can turn even steaming piles of crap pics into decent enough shots. Just wait t’ill i have some great shots to work with, woo!

So despite catching loads of crap all day, i have decided to make crapinade…although i don’t think i’ll drink it. I figured i would be all pissed off and aggravated…and although the stomach acid is churning and i am not exactly grinning ear to ear, i am finding myself in a chipper mood and interested to see what tomorrow holds in store for me.

Now i need to go review possible car choices on the Volks dealership site just incase i do want to work out a deal for a new car. As unlikely as it is, figure i won’t say no until i have given it a chance to wow me.