8th Annual Indies

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

8th Annual 2The weather was horrible but it didn’t stop the droves of people from attending the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. The Canadian ballroom in the Royal York was packed as hundreds of performers and fans huddled together like cows to the slaughter. Everyone bright eyed and blissful with the promise of music to come.

8th Annual 3Even I stood there in Awe as the first band took that stage, not ever hearing them or at least the song they opted to play; They where Amazing, with my Camera in hand I tried to edge closer and closer to get that perfect picture. Being denied access about halfway by a rude enforcer at the VIP area. That is, however, until Christy worked her magic and using her XM connections and social prowess snagged not 1 but 4 VIP passes and as many drink tickets her little hands could carry.

8th Annual 8The night was very formulaic, award, award, DJ, band, rinse and repeat. And every bit of the night was just as entertaining as the bit that came before it. Awards were presented by the Bands, Miss Canada, Kyle Gass a veritable cornucopia of who’s who. We stood inches away from the Giant that was Majormakers lead vocalist. They won best website.

8th Annual 4But the highlight of my night was Tokyo Police Club, they took the stage after the awards and they blew the lid off the Royal York . They played some music from their new album that will be released April 22nd as well as a full set from their current release. They had the crowd clapping as the steadied my belief in the genre. I hope the next time they are playing we have the opportunity to go see them.

8th Annual 6

After Tokyo Police Club the New Pornographers came on stage, I snapped a couple of pics but we didn’t stay for the entire set. We wanted to beat the masses to the coat check. Coats in hand it was just a matter of a quick subway ride home. Still pumped from the night I could barely sleep.

An Amazing end to an Amazing day.
Click the link below to see all the pics I shot from the show.
Joseph’s Flickr Page

*EDIT: I originally said Attack in Black blew the lid off. While they played they where not the highlight. It was Tokyo Police Club. They have a new album on the 22nd called Elephant Shell.

2 thoughts on “8th Annual Indies”

  1. Damnable snowstorm! Why did there have to be so much snow!

    Yeah, we’ll have to catch Attack in Black next time they’re around. All I know is that they’re playing Edgefest. Beyond that I don’t know. I’ll have to check Ticketmaster.

  2. They’re playing with the Constantines (!) in Waterloo at the end of April and that’s it. I guess that depends on how we feel about driving 2 hours to get to a show (which is to say, probably not).

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