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AD&D 1e PHBSo here I am, sitting at my desk this morning, still grinning ear to ear. I had SO much fun last night. It’s been awhile since I’ve run anything (since last September or so, actually), so it’s really great to have had the opportunity to run the game last night. I get the impression everyone else had alot of fun too, and that makes me happy to hear.

Thanks everyone for making it happen and really getting into it. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a D&D game in years. I really truly mean that.

I figure that if people want to and are available, we can play any time between now and the next regularly scheduled session time (ie, between today and next Thursday). Just make sure you’re on Skype if you’re available so we can all get an idea of who’s around at any time.

Furthermore, I’m going to flesh out the last floor of the dungeon and see if any monsters have moved into the rooms you guys have cleared thus far. Who knows what’ll be lurking in the shadows when you guys head back down into the dungeons of Castle Zagyg!

Also, if this AD&D thing becomes relatively regular, I might consider getting the Castles and Crusades rules. It’s like 1e AD&D, but with some of the logical improvements from d20 (ie: AC goes up, no more Thac0, etc). Then of course there’s OSRIC as well. But for now I’m pretty happy with the AD&D 1e rules as they are. Besides, I don’t imagine this campaign being our mainstay, or anything, just a fun little jaunt into the past.

I look forward to the next foray into the dungeon, TPK or not!

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  1. Indeed it was a lot of fun and yes if I am free I will post in Skype so we can get something going.

    I also recommend people making characters using heroes of horror that will be used in say a…gothic game of some sort…because you never know

  2. Point buy? Dice for stats? House rules!? Need more info for this gothic-game-of-some-sort-that-everyone-pretends-they-don’t-know-what -it-is-but-they-all-really-know-it’s-Ravenloft-anyway!

  3. Yeah I am thinking some spooky fun RL would be some fun. I figure it would be cool to use Heroes of Horror as the core book for character creation though.

    Once 4e is out though would like to run a game and do some classic adventures which are updated. But take things in stride.

    I was thinking though on a idea Mr Curtis. You should take the RPG Hub website and instead of using PB Wiki, use the RPG Hub design as place for all our ongoing games. Slap in a calendar for organizing available times, etc. Just a thought if things pick up. Just that recently I wanted to look over Shadow Puppets sessions and would be cool to have one ressource as to avoid 4-5 different Wiki sites.

  4. Actually I was thinking of adding that sort of stuff as sections on here. I can add extra pages to the site and we can just add subpages and such in there.

    I’m looking to get around to implementing the events calendar when I upgrade WordPress. The general events calendar could be used to schedule games as well as other stuff.

  5. Sweet, maybe my Dragonball game will get a chance to live afterall. I put a lot of time and effort into setting up the backstory and building the saga, would like to play it one day…

    Also still have my ideas for a couple of one or two session Dragonlance games. Just been sitting on them for awhile. Got a little discouraged when people said they would love to try the dragonball game and then nobody took the time to make characters.

  6. It’s pretty easy for everyone to get discouraged, really. We need to remember how much fun we had last night and realize that it was that much fun cause nobody was lazy about it. Everyone gets what they put in, so we need to all keep at it and crack the whips at each other and before you know it, we’ll be having some of the best games ever.

    If we want and can, we should try and fill more time with D&D that we would simply otherwise fill with WoW or movies or something. The time that we’re all available should be spent doing something together that we all really love.

    Being that people want to run games of their own (great!), let’s see about rotating or starting up another game night. Once we pick a night, we pick a start date, and we start. Simple as that.


  7. Sounds good to me.

    My nights won’t be all lost as i thought they would be last week. I refuse to give up my nights. Aside from Mondays and Wednesdays which will be for school starting in April.

    So i will be available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and in a pinch can probably do a day over the weekend (most likely Sundays but we will see) Again that is only starting in April, before that i am available Monday – Thursday for sure. Try to keep my weekends free for hanging out with Angie.

  8. Fair enough. I’m sure we can work something out. My schedule is open, as always. I might start playing Warhammer 40k at Heroes World on Sundays. We’ll see how that goes. I might prefer just playing D&D overall.

    Also, for alternate games, we don’t necessarily need to have everyone be available. So if Thursday ends up being the only night everyone can make it, we could always play other games with different combos of people on different nights and such.

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