Call of Cthulthu: 1920’s

Ok so there seems to be a lot of interest for Call of Cthulhu. That being said and the fact we will be mostly in person. I will be doing some scans and we will be playing Horror on the Orient Express. This puppy has been waiting for some use. So I will sort through it all and pull it together and keep people posted. So if EVERYONE who is possibly interested in this can please make a character by end of next week please send them in to me. Use Byakhee character generator. Feel free to send then to me. I think you can send me the Byakhee characters in which case I can print out.

– For those in attendance bring a binder for lots of handouts
– Everyone being focused on being in character, feel free to e-mail me your ideas if your not sure.

5 thoughts on “Call of Cthulthu: 1920’s”

  1. How do you access the occupations list in Byakhee? Can’t find the option for it anywhere and it does not have a drop down menu like birthplace and colleges/degrees does…

  2. Oh…i was using the wrong tab when i picked rule sets. I was in the one that just lets you transfer a guy on paper into the generator.

    Found the actual investigator wizard.

  3. You’re an investigator wizard?! AWESOME! 😉

    Just kidding, of course.

    As for my character, he’s a private investigator from Canada. I made him a long time ago for the Orient Express, so I just resubmitted him.

  4. Cool. I have a character idea all worked up, just need to make him.

    Although i am not sure what occupation he would be. Grabbing the rulebook and the 1920’s investigator companions vol 1 & 2. So will have my guy done this weekend sometime i hope.

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