Car repairs of epic proportions!

Man what a day. Take my car in to have the brakes tuned and my basic service done only to then find myself looking at a $4k repair bill. Figures, i just get the car bought off for $7k two months ago and now my car is good for the scrap yard. I must have done something very wrong in my last life, cause karma is making me her bitch.

On the upside, customer service at Volkswagen Vaudreuil-Dorion is super-fantastic! They are telling me i am better off scraping the car entirely and either working a deal with them on a new car for the still decent trade in value of my car of $2500, or they will just cut me a check for that amount and send me on my merry way.

I just find it really shitty. I loved that car. When it was not sucking every last dime out of me it was a sweet and smooth ride. Jetta’s get my stamp of approval. If i can afford to get another one, i will. Sadly the hard fact of it all is that i will probably have to take the money and run, which leaves me carless…thats gonna hit me hard in a few days when it sinks in. I can’t stand not having the freedom to jump into my car at anytime and go cruisin’. Although with the price of gas these days this could be the jumpstart i need to investigate a hybrid in the future. Who knows.

The only bright side today, as i mentioned in the shoutbox, is that i finally got my copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is snazzy. Already i can tell that once i master the use of the tools and the like, i can turn even steaming piles of crap pics into decent enough shots. Just wait t’ill i have some great shots to work with, woo!

So despite catching loads of crap all day, i have decided to make crapinade…although i don’t think i’ll drink it. I figured i would be all pissed off and aggravated…and although the stomach acid is churning and i am not exactly grinning ear to ear, i am finding myself in a chipper mood and interested to see what tomorrow holds in store for me.

Now i need to go review possible car choices on the Volks dealership site just incase i do want to work out a deal for a new car. As unlikely as it is, figure i won’t say no until i have given it a chance to wow me.

4 thoughts on “Car repairs of epic proportions!”

  1. Glad to see you concentrating on the positives.

    Just curious, but what year was your Jetta made, and how many KM does it have on it right now? I’m in the business, you see.

    New cars are typically a better deal, if you can afford the lease. Mainly because the car’s value drops like a stone after it passes 3 years and it’s repairs all start to add up. You might be lucky to not have this happen (like Joe), but the average still follows this pattern.

    It’s also cool that your first foray into Elements has turned out so good. It’s pretty amazing what even a simple art program (well… except MS Paint) can do to fix up images. If you need help finding links or pointers, just ask Joe or I.

  2. My car was a 2000 with 183500 km on it. So it had a good run.

    Will definitely let you boys know if i require any assistance or hook ups with software and/or tips.

    I am sure i will be having lots of website building questions soon.

  3. Yeah, the repairs appear to have been working their way up to being worth more than the car if it was in good shape for it’s KM, so it’s a good idea to break away from it. 2500 is a great deal if they’re just going to part it out, considering most scrap doesn’t go anywhere near that.

    In the meantime, regarding D&D at least, I’m sure John can give you a lift to Carl’s. 😉

  4. If i am lucky, i can take that $2500 and probably get myself a little beater for a couple of hundred bucks. Angie’s soon to be brother in law knows people that can probably get me a cheap deal. Atleast that way i will have some mobility.

    The rest of that money i may be able to invest in some new camera equipment i have been trying to figure out how to afford, muahahaha!

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