So I got to thinking at work when looking at 4th Edition books online and reading the reviews Curt had posted. It has come to my attention that what is the point? What is the point of playing if nobody is availabe, or when people are they putt around the internet half paying attention while the few who take it seriously only get so much enjoyment. Now we have all done this and I count myself no different. In fact my schedule has always been wonky. But then I got to thinking some more.

If I am taking a day a week to see people in person or spending a few hours every few days to play WoW then why the hell can I not take the time to play D&D. Just playing WoW I have been able to play with Curt, catch up, talk to Chris, do some questing together and having a good time. So why can we not do that with D&D? The idea pool is not dry as their are constant campaign suggestions.

Why go to GenCon even apart from the coolness factor?

When was indeed the last time that 2, 3 or 4+ of us got together and slayed a dragon. Not coming to you? Me neither

Well that is going to change folks. You may have noticed my responses in the 4th ed rule book thread. Cause personally I would play 20 hours of D&D rather then a game of WoW or AoC. So the gears continued to go.

Now personally if I was Curt I would be down that most games got a handful of characters in or none at all and not want to run much of anything. But I say we do the good man who takes his time to prepare all this stuff for us the time it takes to give him what he needs to make an awesome game.

So with that in mind I suggested we do a game where we are explorers investigating a cavern which we think is ruins of some sort. From there game goes on, no worrying about meeting, back to basics. Game would take place in Eberron as Realms is getting a 4th Ed overhaul. Thing in mind for the game

– Every thursday 7 – 11 (4 hours)
– We play with whoever is there though I would like if we could get a 75% attendance record. If you cannot make it and loose out on cool things (tough shit)

A concept I read about and would like to try is buying a $20 audio mic for omni directional recording for voices. This is so we can conferance from a single location to Curt over Skype. This means that we can group up together and play without being seperated so to speak. Because distractions, internet surfing, even playing video games has occurred and then people ask questions like what happened for the past 15 min while. So for others and Curt it can be insulting and annoying.

Also we can keep books in a single location, kinda get that frat house spirit of gaming again.

So far those I have contacted this afternoon and are down with said schedule are:
Neil, John, Curt (obviously), myself and even Clifford

Clifford is available only if we can do the conferance thing though since he is still sans internet.

Everyone is over tonight so characters shall be made!

Edit: Oh noes, the spellingz!!!

2 thoughts on “D&D”

  1. Fair enough. Forgive me if I still have reservations about the whole thing until a few sessions in. I’ve been bitten in the past and am a bit slow to warm up to this stuff now.

    Instead of being explorers in a cave, I need you all to be soldiers during the last war. I have this cool idea for a first quest. You can all be from one nation or you can be mercenaries. I’ll be online for questions regarding character creation, if you guys like.

    As for characters, just a few houserules:
    – Level 1.
    – 28-point-buy.
    – Start with 3x your hit dice (not HP) at first level. So a fighter is 30 + con bonus HP to start.
    – The Toughness feat will add 1hp per level rather than a one-time-bonus of 3hp.
    – Book of Nine Swords and the Tome of Magic are both available for character creation, among other things.

    I’ll post more stuff if I think about it.

  2. Here’s more house rules. I’m thinking we’ll try out some of the stuff from Star Wars Saga Edition to help ease us into 4e, as there’s alot of similarity.

    – Don’t worry about skill points. You get a number of Trained skills equal to the base number of skill points you get per level, plus Int mod. For instance, a Fighter normally gets 2 skill points per level, so this means you have 2 trained skills, plus 1 extra per Int bonus you have. Every skill check is 1d20 + 1/2 character level (round down) + ability mod. If it’s trained, then it gets an additional +5. So a 3rd level fighter with 18 strength and with Climb as a trained skill rolls 1d20 + 1 (level) + 4 (str) + 5 (trained). And to swim, which he is theoretically untrained in, he rolls 1d20 + 1 (level) + 4 (str).

    – No more negative hit points. You hit zero and you’re out. You have to make a check to see if you die until you’re stabilized. If you take more damage in the hit that killed you than your Con score, then you instantly have to make a save or die.

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