Eberron in a Nutshell

The continent of Khorvaire, within which most of Eberron’s adventures take place, has just seen the end of nearly a century of warfare. The nations which once formed a kingdom that spanned the continent were embroiled in a bitter struggle for succession in which there was, in the end, no victor. Now these nations are independent sovereign territories who have held an uneasy peace with each other since the Last War ended two years ago. New nations have sprung up in the course of the Last War, and others have lost territory or been obliterated entirely, so tensions still run high, and nobody truly knows if peace will last.

Here’s some info that might be handy to read before we start our Eberron campaign. It’s not too long, and it does a good job of explaining the basics. I’d really appreciate it if people could take a few minutes and read this. It’ll make it that much easier for everyone to get into the game when we start.

Read it here.

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