Editorials: The Geek Hierarchy

The Role-Playing Geek

There’s a certain type of role-playing geek that embarrasses most other role-playing geeks, and those types can be found actually playing inside stores that primarily sell role-playing games. When you walk into such a place and your glasses fog up from the miasma of hot B.O., when you hear the hooting, staccato laughter that sounds like a baboon being anally violated with a boulder, and when you notice a cloak draped over the chair behind someone excitedly standing to make a big production out of rolling dice, you will know you have encountered the type of geek I am talking about. They give all of us a bad name. I firmly believe (hope) that most tabletop RPG experiences mirror my own: a group of friends gets together to bullshit about various things and eat snacks, and oh, maybe roll a few dice along the way and not take things too seriously.

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