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Gary GygaxIt’s with great sadness that I report today that Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons has passed away at the age of 69. Gary was the creator of the game, it’s premier personality and figurehead, as well as it’s ardent defender and one of it’s most colourful characters. I never got the chance to meet him, and have rarely played first edition AD&D, but I still have immense respect for the man that started it all.

I was never a great fan of his Lejendary Adventure stuff, which his company had sent to our meagre little gaming site (The Montreal RPG Hub), way back in the day. Despite that, however, I would read his posts on ENWorld‘s forums (there as Col_Pladoh) with great fascination. I rollicked at his brief-but-awesome guest appearance on Futurama. Quite simply, I respected and revered this man. It’s a terrible shame that he’s passed on.

The news was broken by this post on the Troll Lord Games’ forum. You can find more discussion on ENWorld. UPDATE: You can also read this (quite nice) article at CNN. UPDATE AGAIN: Wizards of the Coast has a dedication to Gary on their D&D page. ANOTHER UPDATE: There’s this documentary about D&D that was done awhile ago that’s pretty interesting to watch. At the end of it, however, they have a few interviews with Gary about inspiration and such. They’re very interesting. Check them out here and here.

This also gives GM’s day a whole new meaning.

RIP Gary.

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  1. Wow that is a shame. I have never seen someone so active and passionate in the industry then him.

    He would constantly answer questions about anything RPG related and never missed any questions.

    His Lejendary Adventures was indeed not the best but the thought of sending it to our little humble abode was a kind gesture. I believe somewhere I may have a letter from him. Will have to see.

    I also find it ironic in a sense that all the events have happened. Us trying to come together to play D&D, GM day and now this. Things tend to happen for a reason.

    So with that said, lets do the man the honor and do what we do amazingly well. And that is to tell our story.

    RIP Gary

  2. I agree, he will be greatly missed. I always warmly and fondly thought of him as the kooky father of roleplaying, which he was and he had a charm that was undeniable.

    You will be missed Gary, RIP.

  3. Hehe. It would be most appropriate to play an adventure in Greyhawk. Perhaps even the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk.

    In fact, I think this might very be what we should do. A dungeon romp before we start Eberron. I love Eberron and am excited about that. And I’m very happy everyone made their characters.

    But I think we should play a short game of 1e or the White Box, trudging through one of Gary’s infamous dungeons, using his rules.


    Damn, this news actually hit me harder then i thought. It is like an Uncle i never see has passed away. I am not sure exactly how i feel.

    I feel like i should go out and buy some black “mourning dice” and use those for a while.

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