8 thoughts on “Massawyrm’s D&D 4e Review”

  1. I am really looking forward to it. Looking forward to my next paycheck….guess why 😀

    Just the way monsters are handled is the way I always wanted to handle them. It is like it caters to my needs. I hated in RL when I could only send 1 ghoul because it could almost kick the shit out of 3 players, none of them back fielders no less. It restricted what you could do horribly to the point of sheer annoyance. And fuck it annoyed me cause you get this great idea while doing something, go home to figure the logistics and then poof, creature in question is too high and you have to “dumb” it down to make it work to your party.

    Now I can actually have an undead mob so to speak.

  2. Totally. CRs were a great idea, but very difficult to use in practice. I like that there are less corner case rules. I can make more off-the-cuff adjudications to keep the game rolling at a nice clip. I like that movement is simplified. No more counting out each other square as 2 when moving diagonally. I love that everything’s just got a flat XP value again. I love that you don’t NEED to use magic items to have a balanced game. All good stuff.

    I’m not enthused that it looks like you’ll need to use miniatures even more (I was hoping, in vain, that they’d move away from that) but compared to all the other good stuff it’s not a big deal.

    Oh, and Eladrins (super high elves) teleporting 25ft a battle is kinda odd.

  3. Well with their online miniatures and mapping system which looks like it will be pretty sweet it might not be so bad at all. I like using mini’s but they always made it a bitch to use at times.

    Also I find with their mini sets for in person use they have out, while they are pretty decently priced are too obscure with what you want.

    I mean the basic set I get a centaurs, orc, fighter, kobold, dog. Makes no sense if your trying to build certain amounts of common creatures. So in basically it makes the process counter intuitive and unless you got lots o’money it is essentially a hindrance to use mini’s.

    While the online service with have a subscription which is fairly priced I think it will be for the better if it allows you to do whatever you want sans limitations to design.

  4. Well, I’m not yet convinced that it’ll be worth $15/month per player. Especially not with how rarely we play. But on all other points I agree. And there’ll be nothing stopping us from using FantasyGrounds or MapTool.

  5. Well I think things will pick up in the playing department. In fact it will be easier for anyone now to start a game and just hop in.

    Personally I am looking forward to playing a Realms game, character developement yet high intrigue and adventure, back to basics type game. And just plane fucking cool with undead, demons, wars and fun down time.

    And I say if possible we do this next week. Next thursday in fact. We can go so far as to say that we discovered a cave which we believe leads to a ruin.

    I can have my guy done with Neil tonight. In fact if John comes over I say we all sit and make our guys.

  6. Not interested in running the Realms, especially not with the forthcoming changes. Eberron is my world of choice now and it can easily accommodate all the stuff you’re talking about.

    If you guys want to play a game starting next week or whatever, I’m down with that. But after the way things have been going in RPGs for the past year, I don’t hold much faith in it starting at all or lasting more than a few sessions.

  7. Well lets kick it off though with some positivity. Eberron is good enough for me, I believe I have the PDF for it.

    Game will be only for those serious about playing on a regular consistent basis. Thursday is the day since it was the norm. I will make it happen on my end.

    I think if possible us on Montreal end should get a mic which can pic up all our voices for internet use. This is so we can convene in one location say my place on thursday nights. This is so people do not lolly gag and jerk off on the other end surfing the intertubes.

    Also we should play with what we got even if two people. Those two people can then tell all the others how fucking cool the session was.

    We can all chip in for said mic. Just need to find what other gamers use for this type of thing.

    I will get char tonight made with the guy(s)

    Are we going dice rolling or point buy?

  8. Found 2 mic for audio conferencing for about $20. Will check reviews. We (in Montreal) can chip in and try it out.

    This means we can
    A) All play in one location, not fuss so much about dice rollers as you will be watched.

    B) We can refer to nearby PC screen by convenient table surface for maps, etc that Curt brings up.

    C) We can keep any reference books in one place.

    I want to do this because I think as a group of friends we NEED to do this more often. I have learned recently that we get caught up in the gears of life and forget about the fun things till your most recent convo news is your latest work schedule not the cool video game you played or cool idea for a character you have.

    I think also that gaming in person will make things not what they were but kind of keep the spirit of why we got together to mind. When was the last time we dimmed the lights in the house to keep the effect of creepiness?

    So yeah speech over, lets do it and have a good time.

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