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Well the night was a success. People got their characters done and should hopefully be making it digital soon and sending it off to Curt. It went slow as we had only one set of core books. So just a note to the guys that you can bring your core books or any other useful books down. Much like the days of Curts basement, just put your name on it and take it or leave it at your pleasure.

So I did research on Mics and found 2 omni directional ones for the cheap. So going to purchase one. They are roughly $10 – $20. So I will buy one and ask people to contribute to the cost since it is for us all. I doubt it will be much of an issue but do not want to dish on everything.

Food I recommend people bring common snacks. Not a grocery list mind you but do not be shy to bring stuff for others to enjoy. I will find a place that will be specific for game night food. Saves Neil bringing a huge bag lol

So yeah I will test this omni mic (if I can find it today locally) with Curt just to make sure it is a go for that.

Aside from that I have plans if people are good for attendance and participation for this particular game for an alternate game (other night or same but w/rotation).

7 thoughts on “More D&D”

  1. All sounds good to me. Including alternate games.

    I was also thinking that if this picks up and becomes a regular thing, we could even use a couple of webcams set up so we can see each other.

    My only major concern at this point is your internet connection stability.

  2. Same here. But I am calling Bell to have them look into it as it really is not normal to disconnect that often.

    I was thinking the webcam thing as well. Just have to find a really good not so pricey one.

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