So yeah some of you may have heard Ravenloft in passing last night as Curtis was making a character for it. If people can do the same that would be great as I would like some time to go over them and see what I can come up with. There is something I would like though before people start writing up their Ravenloft backgrounds. That is your not from Ravenloft. You are a group of random strangers who were travelling on a boat many miles off the Sword Coast. I will fill in the blanks with a nice writeup but I want being on the demiplane of dread to be a NEW experience. We will be using Hereos of Horror and all rules found within. I am still going over it myself but all seems to check out. Option to house rule, etc can be taken if need be. So just to keep thing in point form for the text impaired

– Characters are from the Realms
– Heroes of Horror being used as the rules book
– Have backup characters in mind or done as well (No punches, you WILL all die at some point by myself or each other)

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  1. As per my shoutbox post i have my character idea. Going to make a paladin. I will probably make him using realms settings books and leave out the heroes of horror stuff until he starts leveling in the lands of dread 😉

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