Unfortunately Marie is in need of a quiet home tonight as she had a project dropped on her and only has tonight and tomorrow night to accomplish this. Unfortunately my brother in law is still at home so I cannot move the net connection or Marie to another room till he moves out. All that to say I am forcefully unavailable tonight.

However I am free this weekend as Marie is in Montreal to classes. So there is that option. Though everyone can feel free to play online tonight through skype and hopefully Apr 1st we will have this sort of thing fixed up 😀

4 thoughts on “Tonight”

  1. Actually that’s not a problem for me, I was just going to come on to say that if the session is still on for tonight I would be playing from home for a few reasons. I’m still up for playing if everyone else is, though, of course.

  2. I imagine the game is still on, as if there are two players present then we play.

    Call me cynical, but I figured it wouldn’t be long before the cancellations started. That said, we’ll play tonight, and if people want and can make it, we’ll play on the weekend as well.

  3. Well I would not get that cynical. It is just because she got an assignment presented to her from school at the last minute and not exactly set up the best for privacy right now. Guys can attest to that.

    I will see however if I can borrow her wireless laptop if she doesn’t require it and use it for Skype. Will keep you all posted.

  4. Well this weekend i am temporarily moving into Angie’s place for a month. Probably leaving my computer at home…but not for sure yet.

    Monday i start school. So Monday’s and Wednesday’s i will be in class from 6pm – 10pm for the next 10 weeks.

    So if i don’t take my comp with me to Angie’s i will be mostly out of touch for the month of April, unless hark we use phones again. So starting next week if we don’t all get together at Carl’s to play i will probably be missing a bunch of Thursday night games.

    As for maybe playing this weekend, i am unavailable Friday night and Saturday during the day, may be free during the evening, not sure yet. Free Sunday Afternoon but not evening.

    That is my near future availability in a nut shell. As soon as i know if i am taking my comp with me i’ll let you know.

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