Good Warhammer Deals!

Well, for anyone interested in collecting armies for Warhammer 40k, here is a nice little site i stumbled across. The bonus tot his one is it is a Canadian based site, which means it is nice discounts on Canadian prices! Their prices seem to be on par with Le Valet although i am not sure what the shipping fee’s will be like.

Example: Battle for Maccrage originally $85, on this site it is $63.75

The site itself is very well done. It has some nice flare and design to it in the form of a fun themed medieval bazaar. Well worth the look. Just head over to the shopping section and click on the “Miniature games -> Warhammer 40k” sections.


Hobby Kingdom.

They have a store in Burlington Ontario! 😯

MusicBrainz Picard

If you’re like me and have an inordinate amount of MP3s sitting about, and alot of them have wrong or missing ID3 tags; then you’re in luck. There’s this nifty little application called Picard made by a site called MusicBrainz. You tell it where your music is, then let it loose on your collection. It’ll go through and find all the stuff that isn’t tagged correctly then it’ll query their servers and find out what artist, album, track number, etc; everything is. All you need to do after that is approve it’s suggestions and tada! A cleaned up music collection.

Check it out here: MusicBrainz Picard


Oie! It ‘as fine’ally ‘appened, the might of da Orkish Waaagh ‘as crushed dem otha puny boyz on Kronus. Humies, Tau, dem Dark Humies, an’ we’ze also gotz dem skinzless ones…o’ and dem ghostie cowardz da Eldar too!!!

‘ad to whomp some of da boyz ev’y now an’ den too…

We’ze be needin’ more ta kill…me choppa is tirsty!


I need the next expansion for Dawn of War…sigh.


When things start going well that is when you should start worrying…or atleast that is my experience, and once again it is proven correct. On Saturday i was shooting a wedding, my very first! I do not think i did a superb job or anything, but i don’t think i entirely sucked either. No matter how i look at it though it was a good experience. I did it for free as a favor, i mainly wanted the experience so i could get an idea of what it was like.

That being said, of course this means that during the reception my camera breaks. Not sure exactly what happened to it, but i have theories. One being it over heated and maybe it was a defective sensor/chip or something, but the sensor/chip fried…go me go!

Now i need to scrap something together while i wait the 4 weeks for the repair team to receive it, examine it, and then give me their verdict on what happens next. I am hoping i can somehow manage to swing picking up my Canon 40D…either way if i don’t get a camera soon i will end up failing my course! I have the worst luck. The shit is hitting the fan and i forgot to duck…


So this is just incase you did not see my post in the shoutbox, Carl. I forgot that on Sunday i have a fundraiser bowl-a-thon to attend with Angie. I agreed to this last month, this is how i forgot about it, so i will have to postpone our outing to Le Valet tomorrow.

Maybe we can reschedule it for next weekend. Seems everytime i want to go something gets int he way! πŸ™

WordPress Updated

I’ve updated WordPress to the new version 2.5.1 and so far so good. The only issue we’ve got so far, as you might’ve noticed, is that the shoutbox isn’t working. I’m aware of the issue and am working to fix it. If all else fails, I’ll just have to find a different one to use or *gasp* we can communicate solely through posts! πŸ˜‰

Update: After poking around for a bit, I’m beginning to think I should just leave the Shoutbox off. It hasn’t been updated since last year and has some unaddressed vulnerabilities. Added to that, it seems to have some issues with WordPress 2.5, so I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

All that said, I think I might see about finally updating the theme that the page is using and maybe finding some other nifty plugins and widgets that might be handy.

Oh, also before I go, I’ve changed the permalink structure so it’s in semi-plain-english rather than using the ?p=123 structure. Some of the older inter-page links might bust, but I don’t care too much. πŸ˜‰

The Okami Cover Art Saga

As you might’ve heard by now if you frequent gaming sites, the cover art for Okami for the Wii has a bit of a mistake. And by mistake, I mean it has IGN‘s watermark on it, meaning that whoever arranged the cover art for the game’s Wii release (haha, get it!?) used artwork from IGN’s site rather than from Capcom themselves. I know, it doesn’t make much sense to me, or the rest of the internet, either.

In any case, the best bit is that Capcom wants to say their sorry by letting you choose from a few different covers to replace it with, one of which is the original one just without the watermark. I, personally didn’t even notice this mistake until the news sites pointed it out online. In a twisted sort of way, I see it almost as a kind of first edition. They won’t produce them with that mistake afterwards, so it’s kind of a rare item to have, in theory. That said, I chose the “green” cover. I think it looks pretty neat.

In short, big mistake, but good PR to make up for it.

Joe’s Chat App v2

After my Actionscript workshop I was pumped and ready to do something in flash… but what to do?

I decided to use my new knowledge of flash and PHP to recreate my flash chat app, and so far so good. In one day I have managed to do much of what I did when I first created the app so many years ago.

Before I continue my work I want to hear from you guys. What would you like to see in the program? I want you to “blue sky” it, anything and everything goes. Dice rollers, shared scratch pads/whiteboards… anything at all.

Currently I have managed to make a connection, allow for unlimited connections, show who is in the chat and scroll the chat when it gets to big for the dialog box. it also allows HTML, so href’s, font tags, breaks and even img’s to some degree are allowed (Although I may catch and post img’s to a seperate window you can toggle through.

Let me know and maybe next game we can try it out.

Monday, bloody monday

Carl typically does this, but I figured “why not?” So here I am, saying hello and good morning. How was everyone’s weekend? I had a good one. I took it easy and played with my tablet all weekend. It’s very comfortable to surf the internet on the couch while listening to your mp3s through your TV using the power of the Xbox combined with Windows Media Center. πŸ˜‰

As I posted earlier, it’s alot of fun to draw on. So much so that I’m alot more enthusiastic about drawing again. Drawing on paper is fine, but it’s really messy and I’m almost never happy with what I end up with. Conversely, I got pretty comfortable with the Wacom tablets I’ve used on my main desktop, but you never truly shake the disjointed feeling and you can’t turn it sideways to draw a line easier here and there. This tablet is the best of both worlds. It’s like drawing on paper, but not nearly as messy, and I can even turn it any which way I please to get those hard to draw lines down. I’ll hopefully start producing some stuff I’m happy enough with to actually show off, like some character portraits. πŸ˜‰

I also spent some time on the weekend assembling tanks for my Space Marines. I picked up these printable magnet sheets to make it so that the sponsons and turrets on the tanks could be swappable, but the stuff wasn’t strong enough to hold anything in place, disappointingly. Thus, I’m looking for some REALLY small Rare Earth Magnets that I can glue in places to hold things together. I looked around online on the weekend to see about retailers near where I work/live, but couldn’t find any. I guess I’ll just have to buy them online. :S

So, how was everyone else’s respective weekends?

PS: I’ll have your monday music video up later. Just need to decide on a video. I haven’t forgotten!

The Truth comes out!!!

We all had our doubts about him, we all wondered maybe he was not from this world, We all knew the things he could do were to much for any man…now we know the truth! Kaynen (most likely originally known as Kainan) crashed on Faerun, an alien from the stars!

It has to be true, because they are making aΒ  movie about it! Only to guide in those whowould not understand, or accept, the intricacies of the world of Faerun they have made the scene of his landings during the time of the vikings!

Read the movie synopsis and be amazed!!!


So how goes it folks? I have not had a whole heap of time as of late. As you all know I have been in charge of renovations here at the office. To say the least it has gone superbly well. Timing has gone off just right and I am still 30k under budget. But there are a lot of the finer details which need to get done not to mention the next section of the building. But it is on a much smaller scale. The biggest part is over. But I am tired though. Last week I did 34.5 hours of OT and this week I am halfway there already.

I got my kitchen table last week but still have not had time to totally install it. I managed to put one chair together before heading to bed.Β  But it works with keys to put it together.Β  So if by chance people are free tonight and no reno stuff pops up that we can maybe do D&D in person but I would need help getting this table together. I could use all the help I can right now so it would be appreciated.

As you also all know baby shower on the way. I am very happy I do not have to organize this but I kinda had to give a nudge though for things to get moving. But still Stephanie is going out of her way to make a special evening. While it is for both me and Marie, considering her bridesmaid screwed up a lot of the wedding stuff and bridal shower Marie deserves a good night.

So if people plan to stay over at my place for the weekend, let me know. And if people can come over tonight, help put up a table and get a game of D&D going let me know. Thank for being understanding with all the stuff going on.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Berlin

Sorry for the delay on the Monday Music Video. It completely slipped my mind.

Here’s a band I’ve been listening to a fair bit lately: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The video’s not the best quality, but it looks like it was posted by the record company themselves. In any case, enjoy!


Baby Shower

Ok guys so the baby shower is coming up soon. I wish I could have given bigger notices to people but it was not me organizing this. The baby shower will take place Saturday April 19th at 5pm at a place call Onyx.

So obviously you are all invited plus if you would like to bring someone (Angie, Deb) then they are invited as well. If you can fire off an e-mail to RSVP for the shower that would be great. She will be able to provide directions to get there.