ENWorld under new management

It seems that ENWorld’s previous owner is fed up with all the D&D edition wars that have been spawning in their forums since the advent of 4th edition. As a result, he’s sold the site to Diaglo, one of the more prodigious and well-respected forum goers. As a result, the site is now called Diaglo’s OD&D News. I, for one, welcome the change. After our recent playing of AD&D 1e, I think we should cast off the shackles of these newer editions. I know in the post about Wizards’ I said I welcomed the new changes to 4e and 3.5e, but I’ve had a few minutes to think about it and I prefer AD&D 1e. So we’re playing that.

I think this list of the top 10 reasons that OD&D (in it’s various forms) is the only real edition we need:

10. It smells better.

9. 3 paperback books are a lot easier to carry around than 15 hardback tomes.

8. No krazeee flying-kick halfling monk half-dragon warriors.

7. Once the magic-user has cast his spell, the player can go home.

6. People who pick pockets and locks are called thieves.

5. Nobody has ever heard of grappling rules – and don’t notice the lack.

4. Ancient dragons have fewer hit points than a 1st level 4E character.

3. Arbitrary rules are just part of the mystery.

2. Graph paper.

1. Nobody ever made it into a computer game.

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