When things start going well that is when you should start worrying…or atleast that is my experience, and once again it is proven correct. On Saturday i was shooting a wedding, my very first! I do not think i did a superb job or anything, but i don’t think i entirely sucked either. No matter how i look at it though it was a good experience. I did it for free as a favor, i mainly wanted the experience so i could get an idea of what it was like.

That being said, of course this means that during the reception my camera breaks. Not sure exactly what happened to it, but i have theories. One being it over heated and maybe it was a defective sensor/chip or something, but the sensor/chip fried…go me go!

Now i need to scrap something together while i wait the 4 weeks for the repair team to receive it, examine it, and then give me their verdict on what happens next. I am hoping i can somehow manage to swing picking up my Canon 40D…either way if i don’t get a camera soon i will end up failing my course! I have the worst luck. The shit is hitting the fan and i forgot to duck…

5 thoughts on “Figures…”

  1. Time to buy a raincoat!

    I don’t know much about digital SLRs, but I’ll see about asking Cal for advice in this regard, though I don’t think she’s been following the market much either since she bought her’s.

    Chin up so you don’t drown.

  2. Well i am now well versed in the camera world. Canon currently is the way to go, in regards to most “bang for your buck” and camera quality.

    Nikon’s are great, but they are just now switching to CMOS chips over CCD chips. CMOS has more processing power and writes to the chip faster then CMOS, they are also cheaper and don’t over heat like CCD’s tend to.

    All Canon’s are based on CMOS chips. All new Canon camera’s are also 14bit. Nikon’s are currently hybrids, being 12 and 14 bit. problem with the nikons is though in 14bit mode they get less frames per second then pure 14bit Canon’s.

    In regards to cost, the Canon 40D is your best buy over the new Nikon D300. This is due to all the factors above. The D300 is the first CMOS Nikon, but it is more expensive then the 40D (the body alone being about $1800 i think, the 40D is about $1200 for the body).

    So for now Canon is the way to go i think. Nikon’s are still great camera’s but i am looking for the best purchase for my cash.

    This way if i go 40D, i can still afford the raincoat 😉

    Never hurts to have an extra opinion though.

  3. Oh, and another reason why CMOS is superior is the fact that when shooting in RAW format with a CCD chip (Most Nikon’s) it will take a few seconds to write the image to the chip.

    CMOS, you can rapid fire in RAW format without any slow down.

    RAW format is the superior way to shoot, gives you great ability to manage the photo before even entering photoshop. Downside is the photo’s are about 16mb each in RAW. Jpeg is teh suck.

    So having your camera struggle to write RAW files is a pain, you can miss precious moments. It makes me sad, i found that out the hard way at the wedding on Saturday. Thank god they had simple plans in mind!

  4. Wow i have so much to say!!!

    Going over all this stuff i am not so broken up about my camera breaking. It sucks to be cameraless for my class and not being able to do my current class assignment, but if i can swing the upgrade then all the better.

    The Fujipix s6000 is a decent camera, but for what i want to do it will not live up to my needs. So if this is the end for him, then he can atleast rest well with the knowledge he will be remembered fondly. Even if he is replaced right away.

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