Good Warhammer Deals!

Well, for anyone interested in collecting armies for Warhammer 40k, here is a nice little site i stumbled across. The bonus tot his one is it is a Canadian based site, which means it is nice discounts on Canadian prices! Their prices seem to be on par with Le Valet although i am not sure what the shipping fee’s will be like.

Example: Battle for Maccrage originally $85, on this site it is $63.75

The site itself is very well done. It has some nice flare and design to it in the form of a fun themed medieval bazaar. Well worth the look. Just head over to the shopping section and click on the “Miniature games -> Warhammer 40k” sections.


Hobby Kingdom.

They have a store in Burlington Ontario! 😯

8 thoughts on “Good Warhammer Deals!”

  1. Spiffy little site. The only thing is that they don’t have the Ork boxed sets, which is kinda what I’m looking for.

    That said, they have decent prices. Almost as good as Chaos Orc, even. If the exchange rate goes sour or if shipping costs change, then they’d be a good alternative for me. Then again, being in Ontario the shipping might at least be a little quicker (though 2 weeks wasn’t bad).

  2. You could even drive to it on a weekend Curt. I did google maps driving directions from your street. It’s just a little over an hour drive. So who needs shipping fee’s 😉

  3. Looks like one day in the future we can put our respective Ork armies against each other.

    I wanna build a small Ork army after i get my Imperial Guard off the ground.

    May also build a small Tyrannid army for giggles. But that is me getting way to far ahead of myself for my own good, lol.

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