So how goes it folks? I have not had a whole heap of time as of late. As you all know I have been in charge of renovations here at the office. To say the least it has gone superbly well. Timing has gone off just right and I am still 30k under budget. But there are a lot of the finer details which need to get done not to mention the next section of the building. But it is on a much smaller scale. The biggest part is over. But I am tired though. Last week I did 34.5 hours of OT and this week I am halfway there already.

I got my kitchen table last week but still have not had time to totally install it. I managed to put one chair together before heading to bed.  But it works with keys to put it together.  So if by chance people are free tonight and no reno stuff pops up that we can maybe do D&D in person but I would need help getting this table together. I could use all the help I can right now so it would be appreciated.

As you also all know baby shower on the way. I am very happy I do not have to organize this but I kinda had to give a nudge though for things to get moving. But still Stephanie is going out of her way to make a special evening. While it is for both me and Marie, considering her bridesmaid screwed up a lot of the wedding stuff and bridal shower Marie deserves a good night.

So if people plan to stay over at my place for the weekend, let me know. And if people can come over tonight, help put up a table and get a game of D&D going let me know. Thank for being understanding with all the stuff going on.

3 thoughts on “Greetings!”

  1. Groovy stuff all around. I’m very likely to be going to the baby shower. Unless there’s something I’ve missed, there’s nothing going on that’s more important, so I’ll be heading down to visit that weekend. Thanks for the room offer, it’s much appreciated.

    I’m looking forward to us starting D&D tonight. I’ve just gotta jot down some notes and I should be good to go.

    As I mentioned in the shoutbox, I’ve been doing alot of Warhammer stuff, getting my army ready. Last night, however, my plans were usurped. Christie was let go from XM, and so she no longer had a computer. Thus, we went laptop shopping… and… well…

    I now have a tablet.

    I’ve wanted one for ages, and this struck me as too good of a deal to pass up. I’ve been fiddling with it whenever I get the chance and so far I’m really happy with it. I had a meeting this morning and used it to take notes. It’s awesome. Once I get Corel Painter and Photoshop on here, I’ll be sketching up a storm. Maybe I’ll even save some of my creations. 😉

  2. I can help you with the table Carl, Just let me know when to come by. Will have to swing by my mom’s place though, need my character and dice!

    That tablet is pretty nifty Curt, i want to get one eventually. Or maybe i will convince Angie to get one as her new laptop, lol…i am so bad…Saw a guy with one on the train, seemed pretty sweet. Will be handy for photoshop too.

    Sorry to hear Christie was let go. That blows.

  3. Christie will be fine, but I’ll pass along the well-wishes. Though she liked her job, she didn’t get along well with her bosses, so this is a bit of a blessing in disguise. The timing is unfortunate, however, as she’d just moved into a new apartment closer to her now ex-work. 😉

    The tablet is very cool so far. It’s actually starting to learn my God-awful handwriting. In fact, it can understand my writing better than I can!

    I mainly got it for drawing (I haven’t actually stopped, believe it or not). It’ll help immensely. I was used to the tablet I have on my desktop, but this is worlds better. I just have to get my art software onto it and get started.

    It’ll also be good for reading all those PDFs I have without having to sit in front of the computer (so to speak).

    The hit to the pocketbook means that I’ll just hold off on upgrading my desktop until May or June. For now, I can get all the critical data onto this one and my external drive and I should be golden in case something happens.

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