How babies function

Well it seem’s thursday I will be unavailable. I will be learning even more information how babies function within  human society beyond taking food and money from their parents.

In other news I got my learners permit! Who need GTA when you got me! Now to find a taxi, baseball bat and some hookers

8 thoughts on “How babies function”

  1. Pets – 2 pts

    Children – 5 pts

    People on manual powered transport devices (ie: bikes, rollerblades) 10 pts

    People that think pedestrians have the right of way – Priceless

    Good luck out there Carl! 😉

  2. Yeah, Neil’s covered all you really need to know about driving. Oh, and turning music up really loud and completely disregarding your mirrors while driving well above the speed limit is about how everyone drives, these days. You’d best drive like everyone else or someone might get hurt.

    Oh, and we’re not playing this Thursday as Joe and I will be at a concert anyway, so the accumulation of baby knowledge is fine as far as D&D is concerned.

  3. Oh, Turn signals, you don’t need them. If you want to turn right, then by god do it. Who cares if your not even in the right lane to turn right. Don’t signal and just do it. The other drivers will figure it out or else they shouldn’t even be driving.

  4. Lol, it’s starting to remind me of just driving. Period.

    I don’t know about drivers in Ontario, but here they are just getting dumber and less courteous every day.

  5. Hehe, no, it’s not just like that in Quebec. There’s a metric fuckton of assholes on the roads these days. They aren’t assholes in Markham though. They’re just dangerous idiots.

  6. Guys, I can’t believe you forgot the most important part of the scoring system!

    Carl, above all else, you need to remember to chain your bystander hits. Contrary to what you might expect, when you hit multiple people your score is MULTIPLIED by the point value of the next bystander you get, not added. And if you can do it in a skid, you might be able to pull off an artistic impression bonus of up x4.

  7. You’re right, I forgot about that. Also, don’t forget that driving against traffic doubles any multiplier you have, so if you’re doing all that against traffic, you can get up to a x8 multiplier.

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