Joe’s Chat App v2

After my Actionscript workshop I was pumped and ready to do something in flash… but what to do?

I decided to use my new knowledge of flash and PHP to recreate my flash chat app, and so far so good. In one day I have managed to do much of what I did when I first created the app so many years ago.

Before I continue my work I want to hear from you guys. What would you like to see in the program? I want you to “blue sky” it, anything and everything goes. Dice rollers, shared scratch pads/whiteboards… anything at all.

Currently I have managed to make a connection, allow for unlimited connections, show who is in the chat and scroll the chat when it gets to big for the dialog box. it also allows HTML, so href’s, font tags, breaks and even img’s to some degree are allowed (Although I may catch and post img’s to a seperate window you can toggle through.

Let me know and maybe next game we can try it out.

7 thoughts on “Joe’s Chat App v2”

  1. Die roller, scratch pad. Maybe even a music broadcast thing, if possible.

    It’d be really cool if the die roller could support multiple rolling styles. For example, Fudge dice:

    Each die is essentially a d6 with two + faces, two – faces, and two 0 faces, the total of which is a modifier. So if you roll 4dF and get – – + 0 then the total is -1 (-1 + -1 + +1 +0 = -1).

    Or Silhouette dice:

    Roll a number of dice equal to the skill then take the highest die and add the ability modifier to the total. Also add any additional dice that come up as 6 as extra 1s to the roll. For instance, if you roll 3d6 +2 and get 6, 6, 2; your total is 9 (6 (highest) + 1 (from the other 6) +2).

    And White Wolf or Shadowrun use dice pool systems:

    Roll a number of dice equal to the attribute plus the skill. Count all of the dice that come up above or equal to a number. For instance, if you roll 8d10 and each needs to be 6 or higher for a “success” and you roll 6, 8, 8, 2, 5, 2, 2, 1 then you’ve scored 3 successes.

    Just a thought really. Very few apps we’ve used actually support the other rolling systems. MapTool is one of the very few I’ve ever seen that supports Fudge dice. And having the support for Fudge dice would be cool cause then we could try Spirit of the Century.

  2. Would it be better to have each system on its own “page” that you can toggle to or would it make more sense just to have a toggle (like three radio buttons) and use the same “dice” page for all.

  3. Couldn’t it be setup like a toolbar or something? with a tab you click and it sets the dice configuration for the system you want to use?

    The music broadcast thing sounds cool too.

    Could you also make it support audio/video? That way we could have it all in one? or would all that really require having dedicated servers and the like? Not too good with that aspect of things.

    The ability to add in simple character creators for different systems would be nice. That way they are saved in the app like with fantasy grounds.

  4. Last night no progress was made because I went out with my current and old boss to a documentary.

    That said thank you for the feedback guys and keep’em coming. I am thinking of making a menu up at the top that will drop down only when you mouse near it. It could house the different dice options, font options, DM check box. Then have a panel for basic dice rolling that just calculates the “/roll” option for you and spits it right to the function rather then the input line.

    Supporting Audio and Video in flash is the type of blue sky that I can not deliver but shared audio is something that I might be able to do something about. If its hosted audio (resides on a webserver) I can have the function to link the audio in the background and start playing. So you would get play, pause, and a position slider with an href that would be communal. So the DM loads up the link and that link gets sent to all the users, it starts streaming to everyone… of course I would also give the ability to not accept the stream in case anyone has a poor connection.

  5. Thanks Neil, Font’s in the app work like html, if the person doesn’t have the font it doesn’t work. So your stuck with the standard serif and san serif fonts. However, menu’s and the like should work just fine, so if you want to see a funky font for the menu let me know. Right now its basic and simple.

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