Monday, bloody monday

Carl typically does this, but I figured “why not?” So here I am, saying hello and good morning. How was everyone’s weekend? I had a good one. I took it easy and played with my tablet all weekend. It’s very comfortable to surf the internet on the couch while listening to your mp3s through your TV using the power of the Xbox combined with Windows Media Center. 😉

As I posted earlier, it’s alot of fun to draw on. So much so that I’m alot more enthusiastic about drawing again. Drawing on paper is fine, but it’s really messy and I’m almost never happy with what I end up with. Conversely, I got pretty comfortable with the Wacom tablets I’ve used on my main desktop, but you never truly shake the disjointed feeling and you can’t turn it sideways to draw a line easier here and there. This tablet is the best of both worlds. It’s like drawing on paper, but not nearly as messy, and I can even turn it any which way I please to get those hard to draw lines down. I’ll hopefully start producing some stuff I’m happy enough with to actually show off, like some character portraits. 😉

I also spent some time on the weekend assembling tanks for my Space Marines. I picked up these printable magnet sheets to make it so that the sponsons and turrets on the tanks could be swappable, but the stuff wasn’t strong enough to hold anything in place, disappointingly. Thus, I’m looking for some REALLY small Rare Earth Magnets that I can glue in places to hold things together. I looked around online on the weekend to see about retailers near where I work/live, but couldn’t find any. I guess I’ll just have to buy them online. :S

So, how was everyone else’s respective weekends?

PS: I’ll have your monday music video up later. Just need to decide on a video. I haven’t forgotten!

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  1. Well friday was not bad at all. Was mostly chill. Checked out the progress of the house. We have walls and a roof!! We then went to Babies R Us and bought some other essentials. We kinda realized it is crunch time baby purchasing wise for things we needed.

    I did manage to beat The Darkness on friday and later at night I started Eternal Sonata which is very different RPG wise but it is a lot of fun.

    Went to visit some family members also which was something we neglected recently due to all the activity.

    And sunday I packed some things in the kitchen. Still a lot to do and if Neil or anyone (mostly Neil) wants to help out sometime to pack shit that would be cool as I could use all the help I can get.

    I reorganized all the dining / living room area to accomodate the new kitchen table which is quite massive. So a lot done, but still lots left.

    I also put my work on alert as between the 36th week to the 40th week of pregnancy the baby is fully formed and ready to come out. Pretty much it is up to him but he already seems to be in the right position (they position themselves when they are getting ready to leave their condo).

    I am really glad at the turnout for the baby shower and glad that for us we can turn it into a hangout weekend type of thing. I think that is awesome as I missed everyone.

  2. It is i!

    Well where to start. I guess i can start with the fact that Angie and i have been semi-secretly looking at condo’s the last couple of weeks, and we are making an offer on one today. It is a 4 1/2 in vaudreuil-Dorion (Not too far from the KFC and train station there) We are both very excited by this prospect. It is a fantastic deal. We should know by tonight or tomorrow whether are initial offer is accepted or countered.

    Aside from that school has been going very well so far. Learning all the fine inner workings of all types of camera’s, and photoshop is starting to feel really natural to work with. Helps that i had some prior knowledge to fall back on. So i am really excited about it all. I am amazed at how well i readjusted to going back to school. But then i guess it is easy when it is something that actually interests you as opposed to things you are forced to take and learn.

    All this has helped me to finally fight my way out of the funk i had fallen into following my futureshop failure and current lack of employment situation. I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I am embarrassed by the fact that it has taken me about three and a half months to start rebuilding my life…but it is not an easy thing to do when your pride is dragged through the mud and your self worth plummets down to near nothingness. But now the real quest for gainful employment will be beginning for realz, something to last me through school until something in my newly chosen field can be found.

    So i guess it is safe to say that things are looking pretty good right now!

    If you need any help with stuff Carl, i am free pretty much anytime except Monday and Wednesday nights (due to school). So let me know when you need help. Also i rsvp’d with Stephanie on Friday and still have not received a response e-mail about Saturday. We know whats going on yet? or has she not sent out a mass e-mail yet or anything? And Curt, when you coming down? Friday?

  3. I will be driving down this Friday morning or afternoon. Carl, I know roughly where you live, but an address would be handy so I can narrow it down completely, as I’ve only been there once.

  4. Looks like I am not going to be able to make it. My workshop goes until 6. Even with a best case scenario I would not be there until 1ish and with curt running back @ 12 it wouldn’t be much of a visit.

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