Photoshop CS4 to be 64-bit on Windows Only

It seems that the next version of Photoshop will be 32-bit on everything, except Windows, where it can be 32- or 64-bit. This is significant for people planning on working with very large images as they’ll only be able to use somewhere under 4gb of ram. Just by reading the comments on the linked page, it seems that this is because the API that Photoshop is written on for Apple is 32-bit only, even though they initially promised that there’d be a 64-bit version, which has now been canned.

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7 thoughts on “Photoshop CS4 to be 64-bit on Windows Only”

  1. I wouldn’t imagine that Apple would cancel 64-bit Carbon at the 11th hour just to keep Adobe from being competitive. Especially considering that it probably hurts other developers writing on top of Carbon with the intention of using the 64-bit API. Of course, on the flip side, they needed to cut Carbon loose sooner or later as it was just a backwards compatability thing. Saying they’ll have it one year and then canning it the next is not good for third parties, though.

    More likely, I’ll bet it’s just that it’s going to be very difficult for Adobe to move to Cocoa (which is 32- and 64-bit) and still be cross-platform. That sounds the most reasonable.

    Either that, or Microsoft was just doing their little payola thing to get them to develop/release their 64-bit version only for Windows.

    I’m mainly curious to see what effect this has on design studios that operate with files over 3gb. They might really want to use something 64-bit capable.

  2. Well apparently Adobe has jerked Apple around in the past. I can’t remember the specifics right now, but Adobe was holding out on Apple, so Apple decided to high a bunch of programmers and made Aperture.

    Now what they are doing is making Aperture OSL and allowing all the people that make the awesome add-ons for photoshop to make and include them in Aperture when it is purchased. These add-ons up until recently were only available with Adobe Photoshop.

    This has obviously pissed off Adobe, since now they will have a rival that offers everything they do.

  3. Thanks for pointing out my blunder! Glad to know people are always at the ready to jump on a mistake and correct it! It warms my heart, really! 😉

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