So this is just incase you did not see my post in the shoutbox, Carl. I forgot that on Sunday i have a fundraiser bowl-a-thon to attend with Angie. I agreed to this last month, this is how i forgot about it, so i will have to postpone our outing to Le Valet tomorrow.

Maybe we can reschedule it for next weekend. Seems everytime i want to go something gets int he way! 🙁

8 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. Awesome, and yes Angie will be coming with.

    She is also wondering if it would be okay if her roommate came also. She is going to ask her tonight if she would want to come, so i can let you know tomorrow if another ticket would be needed.

    Will refund you asap for the tickets.

  2. Angie’s roommate (Jen) has said she will join us for the movie. So we are officially a go “Thunderbirds are go!!!”…anyways.

    What showing did you want to see? A 9ish or 10ish show?

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