The Okami Cover Art Saga

As you might’ve heard by now if you frequent gaming sites, the cover art for Okami for the Wii has a bit of a mistake. And by mistake, I mean it has IGN‘s watermark on it, meaning that whoever arranged the cover art for the game’s Wii release (haha, get it!?) used artwork from IGN’s site rather than from Capcom themselves. I know, it doesn’t make much sense to me, or the rest of the internet, either.

In any case, the best bit is that Capcom wants to say their sorry by letting you choose from a few different covers to replace it with, one of which is the original one just without the watermark. I, personally didn’t even notice this mistake until the news sites pointed it out online. In a twisted sort of way, I see it almost as a kind of first edition. They won’t produce them with that mistake afterwards, so it’s kind of a rare item to have, in theory. That said, I chose the “green” cover. I think it looks pretty neat.

In short, big mistake, but good PR to make up for it.

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