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I’ve updated WordPress to the new version 2.5.1 and so far so good. The only issue we’ve got so far, as you might’ve noticed, is that the shoutbox isn’t working. I’m aware of the issue and am working to fix it. If all else fails, I’ll just have to find a different one to use or *gasp* we can communicate solely through posts! 😉

Update: After poking around for a bit, I’m beginning to think I should just leave the Shoutbox off. It hasn’t been updated since last year and has some unaddressed vulnerabilities. Added to that, it seems to have some issues with WordPress 2.5, so I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

All that said, I think I might see about finally updating the theme that the page is using and maybe finding some other nifty plugins and widgets that might be handy.

Oh, also before I go, I’ve changed the permalink structure so it’s in semi-plain-english rather than using the ?p=123 structure. Some of the older inter-page links might bust, but I don’t care too much. 😉

7 thoughts on “WordPress Updated”

  1. The site backend looks great. However I miss the shoutbox already. 🙁

    Goodluck on the redesign. I know its a personal thing, but if you need anything let me know.

  2. Yeah, I know it changed hands and that it was updated not-too-long-ago, but once I upgraded WordPress, I could get it to appear and work, but it disregarded all of my settings for it and I couldn’t position it on the side where I wanted it to. I can try again if everyone’s so desperate for a shoutbox. I would much prefer a better shoutbox than that, but it appears that it’s pretty much the only WordPress one in existence, which to me is pretty telling.

  3. There we go. The version I had installed appears to have been an older one. Although it’s kind of weird, it looked like it had actually regressed to Jalenack’s original 1.16 version, for some reason. I’m sure I was running a 3.something version before the WordPress update. Very odd. Oh well, it’s working now. I’ve set the refresh time to be a bit higher (30 seconds) so that I don’t have to worry so much about leaving the page open at work. (why does Curt hit his site every 10 seconds?). I’ve also increased it’s message display up to 50.

    I was happy to see it appear as a Widget again, though it’s still got some minor issues like having to edit a PHP file to get rid of the border. This is a bother because every time I update I have to make sure to remember to port over that change. Also, it still doesn’t appear in WordPress’ repository of plugins, which means that it likely won’t be able to update itself. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that last one. Still, I would much prefer a more elegant solution, but I guess if a shoutbox is what people want, then this is the best they’re getting.

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