Age of Conan

Well it seems I managed to get things working a bit better. Overall the issue (Horrible FPS in cities) stems from just engine design / device compatibility. So I managed after much searching and people complaining on the forums to find a trick to get decent FPS (15- 30) within cities which was the main problem. The solution was turning settings to max, turn off shadows and reduce view distances. This bumped up my FPS. Obviously there are still issues needing to be addressed as this is a temporary solution but at least the game is bearable to play.

But I wanted to let people know I have 4 friend codes for I believe 10 day access (?) I am on the Set server as an Assassin named Dalamar. So if anyone is interested then let me know and I will reserve the key for you.

Gameplay:Now that I have had good time with it and up to level 15 the game is fantastic despite it’s growing pains. I am now at a point where I get feats and they are very cool. You have three tree’s (General class and 2 specialized class tree’s). Conan’s feat tree is such a good mix that you can go any route and come out a winner. So you do not get put into a niche role. All your skills go up via points you get. So you have more customization over them. Instances you can actually select Normal or Epic. Myself I do normal and while they have quests there suggested for groups I can actually do solo as long as the quest is green.

So yeah gmail me for guest pass reserve

Update: It seems the function to create a guest key on peoples accounts is not activated yet which is causing a stir. So when they turn it on I will distribute the keys. You would think they would have pre generated the keys.

Update 2: Well I reached Lvl 20 and now able to form a guild. I made on for evil type classes. I called the guild Servants of Set (Dun Dun Dunnnnn!!)

Thanks for all the Rum

So I`m home, safe and sound, returned at last from a land flowing with rum and tobacco phalli of varying sizes and qualities. These two things I could not return without bringing, of course. Cuba, I must say, is a wonderful country, so thoroughly founded in tourism is it, that it`s residents will treat you better if you don`t look like one of them, perhaps only to get a peso or two, or CUC as they are referred to at every Cadeca (Casas De Cambio) in the country. While Casas De Cambio may sound like the abode of a denizen of the lower planes, I assure you it is simply a location to exchange various currencies for the elsewhere-unusable paper and metal that is used in this tropical paradise.

The trip was wonderful, the scenery both on and off the resort was oft-times breath-taking. The temperature, contrary to what every person I spoke to on the subject had assured me, was both hot and humid. I must say I adapted admirably, though, and really enjoyed myself. I got a decent tan, though my hair saw fit to migrate to paler shades due to some alchemical combination of sun and seawater. Deb and I have many pictures which will be shared in due time. We had an interesting trip, we swam with dolphins and other fish in the caribbean and drank from literally limitless supplies of alcohol. I puchase many souvenirs for myself and others, not the least of which where the fabled rum and cigars of Cuban fame.

We returned this morning around 2am, very tired from the trip, but also very rested from the week off. And I retrieved my cell phone, turned it on and found that I had received a voicemail message, it was my boss. She had called inform me that the contract I was on would be ending as of midnight tonight. This was unexpected but not too strange as we had been warned of this, with the date in question being a month from now. But here we were, closing a month early. So I went in today, a day I had already been given off and signed my papers, and cleaned out my desk bidding farewell to my fellow co-wokers who were all doing the same at various point throughout the day. I will be receiving pay for the five weeks up to the previously-agreed date, and will retain all benefits and insurance up said date (June 27th), so this basically works out to meaning I now have a month`s paid vacation, which is fine by me.

So that`s what`s new with me, just thought I`d let you guys all know how I`ve been during and since my technological blackout/vacation.

Postboy Activated!

So i am sure i am the only one, but i have been going back and playing Fallout 1&2 lately to prep myself for the release of fallout 3. In my quest to find patches and what not to try and make it a bit more stable (it tends to crash every so often and give me weird errors on XP, expected due to its age) I came across this. It is an expansion for Fallout 2.

It was released back in 2005, maybe some of you heard of it. I could swear someone mentioned it to me…maybe. Anyways I have just downloaded it and am getting ready to install it and give it a try. So much has been added, following the link i provided will give you the full run down on it. So if your bored like me and want to soak up some good old Mutant killing fun and explore Fallout 2 in a new way, you might want to take a gander.

Fallout 2 Expansion.

Edit* Apparently he will be releasing a new version of this at the end of May. Apparently i was wrong about this being originally released in 2005, first release was only like 6 months ago or something. 😯

Keep on the Shadowfell

H1: Keep on the Shadowfell I spent some time on the weekend reading through the adventure and it’s quickstart rules both for the players and the DM, and I believe that I am now ready to start running this adventure. I’ve not quite finished reading it in it’s entirety, but I’ve read enough to cover a session or two of play. By the time we get around to that, I’ll have read the whole thing.

So, now, the big challenge is getting together to play the game. Whatever solution that enables the most people to be able to attend is optimum. I will make time to run this any night during the week and any day or night on the weekend.

The adventure itself looks really cool and offers a detailed look at the 4th edition rules before they are released, allowing us to hit the ground running when it comes out on June 6th.

I’ve already emailed you all the PC quickstart rules and am ready to begin at any time, just say the word.

Age of Conan

So while baby is sleeping I have been trying out Age of Conan. Only have about 2-3 hours clocked. I made an assassin from Aquilonia. The character building is very cool. Lots of options that mean something. Tattoos with various symbols which fit different character archetypes / beliefs.

The game itself is different. It has a polished look but is very resource intensive. I am not sure if it is my system as the game has rather high requirements or that the game is just having it’s initial bumps like any game. Considering my access is kinda open beta I have a feeling it is a bit of column A and B. I am trying to get some RAM upgrades (extra 2gb) for fathers day since it is rather dirt cheap. Chances of that are very good From there maybe I can swing a video card or processor upgrade at some point.

The game is running decently though. Some areas are smooth while other not so. As I mentioned it could be just kinks that need working out. The setting itself is great though. Different enough from the typical fantasy setting to set itself apart. And the voice acting is great. Oh and I decapitated a villager. Nothing better then that 😀

The combat system is new but takes getting used to. All in all though the game as of now is quite worth it for those wanting something new. For those who want a rather flawless intro maybe wait a month after release.

First Days with Lucas

Well we are on our second day home with Lucas. It has actually been going really good. He has fallen into a pretty steady routine of sleeping and waking up about every 3 hours for feeding. Which is pretty good actually. When he feeds enough he zonks out. So all around a very quiet Asian Caucasian which allows us to catch up with sleep.

It’s strange though as your perception on things change. Priorities shift, tolerances change. I hate loud noise unless a tune I like and was originally totally annoyed with crying from babies but now it is a good sound. I am still a bit cranky when waking up unexpectedly but that is slowly changing.

Oh and we watched Star Trek 1 this morning. Baby was quite entertained


Well he isn’t here yet…mwahaha if you fell for the title as a sign. But he will be here tomorrow. So just and FYI that visiting hours for friends are from 7PM-8PM. Not sure even if baby will be born by then but I will let you all know via e-mail from my blackberry if you wanna swing by. But were there at the hospital for 2 days at least and then back home.

D&D: The Scheduling

So, before our next session of D&D creeps up on us, it would likely be a good idea to sort out everyone’s schedule so that we’re on top of things before it’s too late. This has come up because Neil’s new job, precludes him from being able to attend our Thursday-night games (I believe). I know that I’m very flexible and am pretty much available anytime. I’m thinking Sunday afternoons would be great if we could do that again, but ultimately it’s up to you guys and what we can work out.

Queens of the Stone Age – 3’s and 7’s

Here’s your belated Monday Music Video, folks. I wanted to post Airbourne, but the video I wanted isn’t online yet. So here’s some Queens instead.


There are ones on YouTube that are much better quality, but embedding is disabled, unfortunately. I may not be able to continue doing this Monday Music Video thing if they keep doing this. :S

Monday Report

So. Normally it is Carl or even Curt that does this, figured i would give it a go this time round. How’s life boys? I posted a few things in the shout box, figured i would round it off with a quick post.

Life was looking pretty bleak for awhile. No job, few prospects, broken camera, imminent class failure looming ahead…Now things have started to turn around. Had my interview with FedEx ground today. it went well like they always do. Got my orientation starting on Wednesday and i officially start next Monday. 3am-8am (if even that long), it’s a part timer of a job. Will land me anywhere from 15 – 25 hours a week.

Now those hours may not seem like much to be excited about, but at the pay they are offering it makes it pretty decent. On top of that i finally heard back from babel Media (aka the Game testing place) and they are still interested in me working there 9am-5pm for a 3 month contracted term. This pay is a little closer to minimum wage, but stick it with the FedEx pay and i am looking pretty good this summer if it all comes together well.

The broken camera situation has been resolved, picked up my Canon EOS 40D. It is snazzy! If not a little hefty, especially with the battery grip on there. This bad boy did put me further into debt though…so thank god the whole double job thing will most likely happen. That will get me out of debt quickly enough. Huzzah!

So it’s nice to be in high demand for a change and actually have a chance to get out of debt within a decently short amount of time. Fingers crossed that it all goes according to plan!

How are things going with all of you guys?