Age of Conan

Well it seems I managed to get things working a bit better. Overall the issue (Horrible FPS in cities) stems from just engine design / device compatibility. So I managed after much searching and people complaining on the forums to find a trick to get decent FPS (15- 30) within cities which was the main problem. The solution was turning settings to max, turn off shadows and reduce view distances. This bumped up my FPS. Obviously there are still issues needing to be addressed as this is a temporary solution but at least the game is bearable to play.

But I wanted to let people know I have 4 friend codes for I believe 10 day access (?) I am on the Set server as an Assassin named Dalamar. So if anyone is interested then let me know and I will reserve the key for you.

Gameplay:Now that I have had good time with it and up to level 15 the game is fantastic despite it’s growing pains. I am now at a point where I get feats and they are very cool. You have three tree’s (General class and 2 specialized class tree’s). Conan’s feat tree is such a good mix that you can go any route and come out a winner. So you do not get put into a niche role. All your skills go up via points you get. So you have more customization over them. Instances you can actually select Normal or Epic. Myself I do normal and while they have quests there suggested for groups I can actually do solo as long as the quest is green.

So yeah gmail me for guest pass reserve

Update: It seems the function to create a guest key on peoples accounts is not activated yet which is causing a stir. So when they turn it on I will distribute the keys. You would think they would have pre generated the keys.

Update 2: Well I reached Lvl 20 and now able to form a guild. I made on for evil type classes. I called the guild Servants of Set (Dun Dun Dunnnnn!!)

5 thoughts on “Age of Conan”

  1. I’ll take one of those, i’ve wanted to try the game for awhile.

    And Carl, you home tonight? Angie was wondering if we could stop in for a few minutes, she wants to see Lucas 🙂 We are leaving my place around 6:30pm or 7:00pm to hit fairview, so we were hoping to pop in for like 10-15 minutes around then. Let me know.

  2. I’m in the beta (still, I think), and am considering buying the game anyway, so I’m not sure I really need a guest pass at this point. If there are any left over, however, I’d be happy to join in.

    I’m kinda holding out until I can upgrade my computer. It runs decently enough, but still not great.

    Of course, it runs much better than Vanguard. 😉

  3. Yeah, i definitely need a new system. I keep applying to places but never hear back…getting annoying.

    Second i land a new job i can see about getting that tablet laptop…i could grab it now on the futureshop card, but want to make sure i will have the cash to pay the taxes on it and get it payed off in a year no interest.

    Also want my quad core by the fall, before i start up school again…but if none of these damn places respond to me it makes it harder…sigh.

  4. Wow, i gotta bitch more often. The second i hit “post” for that last one i got a call for an interview on Monday.

    Job is only good for the summer though, mleh. But will give me my cushion for the summer and give me something until i get something else.

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