Age of Conan

So while baby is sleeping I have been trying out Age of Conan. Only have about 2-3 hours clocked. I made an assassin from Aquilonia. The character building is very cool. Lots of options that mean something. Tattoos with various symbols which fit different character archetypes / beliefs.

The game itself is different. It has a polished look but is very resource intensive. I am not sure if it is my system as the game has rather high requirements or that the game is just having it’s initial bumps like any game. Considering my access is kinda open beta I have a feeling it is a bit of column A and B. I am trying to get some RAM upgrades (extra 2gb) for fathers day since it is rather dirt cheap. Chances of that are very good From there maybe I can swing a video card or processor upgrade at some point.

The game is running decently though. Some areas are smooth while other not so. As I mentioned it could be just kinks that need working out. The setting itself is great though. Different enough from the typical fantasy setting to set itself apart. And the voice acting is great. Oh and I decapitated a villager. Nothing better then that 😀

The combat system is new but takes getting used to. All in all though the game as of now is quite worth it for those wanting something new. For those who want a rather flawless intro maybe wait a month after release.

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  1. I should patch up and hop on to the closed beta again. They might’ve fixed alot of the issues I was having. I really enjoyed the game, but due to it’s insane performance requirements I couldn’t run it smoothly enough to really stick with it.

    If there’s one thing that’s going to make it hard to compete with WoW it’s that. WoW will run on basically any hardware and it’ll still look decent and run smoothly. Not so with AoC so far, but I really liked what I saw. It’s alot more fun than most of the other MMO competitors, though I hear it’s very PvP-focused as you get into the high end.

  2. Reinstalled it last night and played a few minutes this morning. They’ve fixed alot in the past little while and it’s really starting to shape up (everyone doesn’t have white hair anymore!). That said, it’s still immensely resource intensive. I’m running it on medium-low or thereabouts (it guessed the settings) and it’s a dog. I’ll try fiddling with the settings when I get home to see if I can get it running smoothly.

  3. Can anyone recommend a $150 – $200 video card. I have an ATI X1650 which is 256mb. I am looking for 512 and PCIE. I know there is PCIE 2.0 but not sure if it can still run on PCIE 1 mobo. Might see about upgrading the mobo later on in the year but for now video and ram is doable.

  4. I don’t know about the interchangeability of PCIE2.0 and 1.0, but I do know that this is the card you should get: XFX GeForce 8800GT 512mb

    They’ve also got a newer 9600GT for like $10 less, with slightly better specs (clock speeds), but in benchmarks the 8800GT still beats it, so overall it’s a better deal at this point.

  5. Cool, that looks like it will do the trick. Unfortunately I have no money right away so it will probably have to wait till my b-day or if I do lots of OT at work.

    Though I think as soon as I get back we are migrating out network in Montreal so I will be working long shifts so yay potential spending money

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