D&D: The Scheduling

So, before our next session of D&D creeps up on us, it would likely be a good idea to sort out everyone’s schedule so that we’re on top of things before it’s too late. This has come up because Neil’s new job, precludes him from being able to attend our Thursday-night games (I believe). I know that I’m very flexible and am pretty much available anytime. I’m thinking Sunday afternoons would be great if we could do that again, but ultimately it’s up to you guys and what we can work out.

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  1. I am down for anytime on sunday. I generally like to keep my fri – sat open for hangouts, family visits, errands, etc.

    Weeknights aside from friday is all open.

    As for this thursday, Marie is being provoked. So no D&D for me. She will be provoked at 7am and while the birthing process may be over before evening obviously I will be at the hospital. I will confirm visiting hours for friends. I believe they are 7pm – 8pm

  2. Sunday Evening I am heading back to my apt. and I like to spend Sunday with my folks. Saturday afternoon is usually my prime time. Weekdays I could be home as late as 7:30-8:00 and am usually drained. But pick a weekday and I will try to attend.

  3. For me weekends are best. If we do a weekday then no matter what i am out no later then 10pm.

    The last 4 days i have had a total of about 12 hours of real sleep. The rest has been more of a dazed state of being where you never really fall asleep…i am having one hell of a time adjusting to working at such an early hour. Stack that with school at nights…

    Yeah getting home at 11pm to “sleep” until 2am and then go to work sucks. Especially when you are so tired you can’t fall asleep. Sounds dumb i know, but thats the way it is working.

    So that being said we can do Tuesday or Thursday nights, but i do not vouch for my coherency. And again i will be bailing no later then 10pm hose nights…and since we only really get started around 8:30pm (if we are lucky) that would make for an amazing 1.5 hours of play…which will be filled with shenanigans and farting around anyways…so really maybe an hour of play in reality.

    This is why i say Sunday or even Saturday afternoons, or even Saturday evenings would be best for me.

  4. Sorry I’ve been quiet so far, I was thinking about what options I would have for gaming times.

    Weekends aren’t usually good for me since my weekends tend to be busier than my weekdays lately.

    However, that aside I won’t be free at all between this coming Sunday and the following one as I will be in Cuba for the week.

  5. So the verdict seems… divided. I suppose if people don’t want to play on weekends, we could probably see about starting earlier on Thursdays so as to finish by 10pm (which is more in keeping with my weekday sleep schedule anyway). It’s difficult for me as I usually only eat dinner around 6:30-7:00pm, but I managed to attend raids in WoW at 7:30 every night, so making some extra time for D&D is no issue.

    I’m disappointed that we couldn’t easily move the game to Sunday afternoons. I don’t really want to splinter things up, but perhaps a second game on Sundays (or whatever) for those who can make the time would be cool. It doesn’t even necessarily need to be me DMing.

    Ultimately, I’ll leave this up to you guys. I hope everyone who really wants to play will make the effort to be able to play. Especially considering 4th edition is just around the corner.

    Also, someone might want to talk to Cliff and maybe get his availability/input.

  6. Oh, and this brings up something I’d been thinking about before in regards to clashing schedules: play-by-email or play-by-post. I wonder if maybe we should try a game of it and see how it goes. It’s not our usual style of play, but it still might be an interesting thing to try. Nothing wrong with more RPGs, right? 😉

    Just a thought. I think it’d be good for slower-paced roleplay intensive campaigns like Shadow Puppets. Of course, I won’t run that campaign without Cliff and he doesn’t have a net connection, so it’s just an example. 😉

  7. Oh, and in regards to John’s trip, that makes me think that maybe we should pause Eberron until after 4e comes out. Next week I should hopefully be getting the introductory 4e adventure, which I’d like to run before we convert stuff over to 4e so we can try it out. It’s got premades and doesn’t jive with my plans for Eberron anyway, so if we’re only really going to be (hopefully) fully assembled again in 2 weeks, we might as well wait until after the release of 4e before continuing Eberron.

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