First Days with Lucas

Well we are on our second day home with Lucas. It has actually been going really good. He has fallen into a pretty steady routine of sleeping and waking up about every 3 hours for feeding. Which is pretty good actually. When he feeds enough he zonks out. So all around a very quiet Asian Caucasian which allows us to catch up with sleep.

It’s strange though as your perception on things change. Priorities shift, tolerances change. I hate loud noise unless a tune I like and was originally totally annoyed with crying from babies but now it is a good sound. I am still a bit cranky when waking up unexpectedly but that is slowly changing.

Oh and we watched Star Trek 1 this morning. Baby was quite entertained

3 thoughts on “First Days with Lucas”

  1. I find through past experience that when the baby is yours, you tend not to get so agitated when it starts crying. Glad to hear that hes easy going now get him started on Next Generation. Thats the real Star Trek.

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