Keep on the Shadowfell

H1: Keep on the Shadowfell I spent some time on the weekend reading through the adventure and it’s quickstart rules both for the players and the DM, and I believe that I am now ready to start running this adventure. I’ve not quite finished reading it in it’s entirety, but I’ve read enough to cover a session or two of play. By the time we get around to that, I’ll have read the whole thing.

So, now, the big challenge is getting together to play the game. Whatever solution that enables the most people to be able to attend is optimum. I will make time to run this any night during the week and any day or night on the weekend.

The adventure itself looks really cool and offers a detailed look at the 4th edition rules before they are released, allowing us to hit the ground running when it comes out on June 6th.

I’ve already emailed you all the PC quickstart rules and am ready to begin at any time, just say the word.

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  1. For now I can swing just about any day. I finish work at 1530hrs every day which means its 1830hrs your time. I would still like to eat and get some things done so I would prefer something that starts around 2030hrs your time.

  2. Again, with my schedule weekends are better. I can do weeknights but i would be going to bed at 10pm (2200hrs). So as i stated before by the time we stop are usual goofing off and get playing we would have maybe an hour tops to play.

    Or i should say i would have an hour or so to play, tops. This is all based on starting at 8:30pm (2030hrs).

    I am using basic logic on the way we normally play when we aim to start at 8pm. Normally we don’t start until 8:30pm or even 9pm with that start time in mind.

    Although i can’t stand my current job, so once school is over (in 3-4 weeks) i will be trying to land myself a 9-5 or something along those lines so i can stop working 3am-8am…

    So if we do weeknights regardless, then i am good for any day except Monday and Wednesday.

    Fridays would actually be very good for me. It’s a weekday too! Although i think Carl said Friday nights were bad for him, or he preferred if we did not play that night…

    Anyways, that is all i feel up to typing for now. Will check back later.

  3. Well, 8:30pm is a bit late for a start if we’re going to stop at 10:00pm. If we could maybe start at 7:30pm (1930 Chris time) we could get more bang for our buck.

    Furthermore, if we do end up playing on a weeknight, then I’d like to enforce a strict start time (for myself included). The game starts at the start time, on the minute, no exceptions. What this means is that people need to assemble a half hour before the session start time.

    I know it might sound harsh, but we’re having trouble playing even one night a week, so I hope people can make some concessions to try and make this work for as many people as possible.

  4. I understand where you are coming from but please don’t be suprised if you have to start the game with one or two members. I can only speak for myself, but there are nights that I might be walking through the door @ 7:30. And I don’t mind preparing muted but I don’t want to be kicked out for IRL circumstances.

  5. Fridays and Saturdays are usually iffy as that is usually the do outings for groceries, visit family, etc. Any other day of the week I can arrange including sundays. So really I am pretty open. I can maybe even swing fridays if it really is more convenient for everyone.

    I agree with Curt on enforcing in some way a start time. Considering our current Eberron game was ideally supposed to start around 7:30pm people just show up when they feel like it which means no point to a start time and usually around 8-8:30pm. So I really think it is not harsh at all.

    As I said before if people wanna leave snacks for themselves here, books, character sheets, whatever makes gaming more convenient then by all means do so. It avoids arriving late in the first place and people then deciding they need to do a Couche Tard run which makes things even more delayed.

  6. Just cause the game starts at an absolute time doesn’t mean that if you miss the start time you’ll be out of the game. It just means that if you’re late, even by a few minutes, you’ll miss some of the session. Furthermore, you will miss out on XP for the part of the session you miss.

    You know, “blood death and vengeance” and all that.

  7. I am down with making sure that the game always starts exactly on time. Especially if we end up playing on a weeknight.

    I may also play a bit more from home given the circumstances as they are. Until i switch to day work again, last thing i wanna be doing is driving here there and everywhere when all i want to do is go to bed.

    So days i really need the sleep and to get to bed asap after the game i will play from home. If i can swing it otherwise i will go to Carl’s.

    Like i said though, this should hopefully be temporary. I will hopefully switch jobs to something more agreeable for myself and the game in June after school is done. I really don’t want to stay at my current job any longer then i have too.

  8. Completely understood. The only wrinkle (for this week anyway) is that John’s not around, so Cliff might need you as transportation this week. Not a major concern, but I thought I’d mention it.

    I’d also like to solidify a day/time ASAP. I’m excited! 😉

    It’s starting to look like Thursdays are still the best bet, all things considered.

  9. Don’t mind picking up Cliff, but at the cost of gas these days he will need to start chipping in for gas the days i pick him up.

    Nothing crazy, just $5 or so.

  10. Alright, so when are we playing? Thursday at 7:30pm EST (4:30pm/1630 PST)(sharp)? Are people looking to see Indiana Jones on opening night or is that a Friday event?

    I need answers people!

  11. I won’t have time for Indy this weekend.
    And yes, if we are playing tomorrow i need to know today, so i can try and cram in as much sleep as possible tomorrow before we play.

    I should be sleeping now, but can’t…and i got school tonight. Sigh…

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