Monday Report

So. Normally it is Carl or even Curt that does this, figured i would give it a go this time round. How’s life boys? I posted a few things in the shout box, figured i would round it off with a quick post.

Life was looking pretty bleak for awhile. No job, few prospects, broken camera, imminent class failure looming ahead…Now things have started to turn around. Had my interview with FedEx ground today. it went well like they always do. Got my orientation starting on Wednesday and i officially start next Monday. 3am-8am (if even that long), it’s a part timer of a job. Will land me anywhere from 15 – 25 hours a week.

Now those hours may not seem like much to be excited about, but at the pay they are offering it makes it pretty decent. On top of that i finally heard back from babel Media (aka the Game testing place) and they are still interested in me working there 9am-5pm for a 3 month contracted term. This pay is a little closer to minimum wage, but stick it with the FedEx pay and i am looking pretty good this summer if it all comes together well.

The broken camera situation has been resolved, picked up my Canon EOS 40D. It is snazzy! If not a little hefty, especially with the battery grip on there. This bad boy did put me further into debt though…so thank god the whole double job thing will most likely happen. That will get me out of debt quickly enough. Huzzah!

So it’s nice to be in high demand for a change and actually have a chance to get out of debt within a decently short amount of time. Fingers crossed that it all goes according to plan!

How are things going with all of you guys?

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  1. Well that is awesome news! Glad things are swinging around for you. I knew they would cause I totally blogged it months ago.

    Myself things are going good. I am now in super anxious mode with the baby due after tomorrow (if on time). I can compare the feeling to the anxiousness I felt before heading to the church. Your wired, sick, nervous all at the same time. Marie has an appointment today so we should have a better idea exactly when the little one is on the way out from vagina land.

    Aside from being wired, I have managed to get some packing done. A few more boxes here and there. Makes for a good release of energy and less things in the end to do. Score!

    Been also playing some Lost Odysee. That is the most emo game on the face of the earth. Ok maybe not but close. Pretty much your immortal who has lost his memory (Hello Chris character!). As you go along bits of your memory return. Not very good ones. Like oh here is a boy who seems to have come from this generation of people I was friends with who are all dead! Oh and yes Curt there are a fuck ton of loading points. Luckily I am patient cause the story is kick ass but it is annoying.

    And that is about it really. Had a totally kick ass time with everyone at Iron Man. Reminds me we should be doing that more often. Next stop, Indy!

  2. Hang in there Carl! You can’t burn yourself out with anxiety now, your gonna need something to fall back on with all the sleepless nights you have coming up due to crying baby!

    I am so down for Indy! Getting Angie all caught up on Indy movies. We watched Raider’s on Sunday.

  3. No, Carl, the most emo game ever made is Persona 3. High school kids that shoot themselves in the heads with gun-like things that summon the inner creatures that make them different from others, so that they can fight demons at night while also going to school during the day. They even have emo haircuts!

    I’m doing good. I had a really busy weekend. Joe, Christie and I went and saw the Constantines on Thursday, which was a lot of fun. Then on Friday, Joe and I went and saw Iron Man, which we had to wait around for the later show for, but it was well worth it (as I’m sure you all know). And then on Saturday Joe and I went and saw the Trews, which was awesome. They’re really good live.

    All of the rest of my free time has pretty much been consumed by playing Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s really awesome and I can’t wait to try the multiplayer in it.

    I can’t wait to see Indy either! It’s going to be great. It comes out just after I should be receiving my 4e adventure H1: Keep on the Shadowfell. It’s going to be a busy month!

  4. No, what will be a busy month is June Curt. Cause i expect to be ready to play 4E when we all come down for Gameday June 21st!

    That will give you about 2 weeks to read everything and prep us an adventure! yahoo!!! 😉

  5. No idea who’s coming. I think it might be best if we simply bought our own tickets at this point. They’re $25 and can be purchased from the GW Online Store here: Link

    And don’t be silly, we’ll be playing 4e this month, as soon as I read through the adventure, we’ll play it using premades, and then when 4e comes out good and proper, we’ll switch Eberron over to it and hit the ground running. Late June, pah! 😉

  6. Ok, sounds good for Gamesday. Will buy my ticket soon.

    And your right, what was i thinking?! Late June…craziness!!! I am ashamed that i had so little faith in us starting 4E before the books even came out 😉

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