Postboy Activated!

So i am sure i am the only one, but i have been going back and playing Fallout 1&2 lately to prep myself for the release of fallout 3. In my quest to find patches and what not to try and make it a bit more stable (it tends to crash every so often and give me weird errors on XP, expected due to its age) I came across this. It is an expansion for Fallout 2.

It was released back in 2005, maybe some of you heard of it. I could swear someone mentioned it to me…maybe. Anyways I have just downloaded it and am getting ready to install it and give it a try. So much has been added, following the link i provided will give you the full run down on it. So if your bored like me and want to soak up some good old Mutant killing fun and explore Fallout 2 in a new way, you might want to take a gander.

Fallout 2 Expansion.

Edit* Apparently he will be releasing a new version of this at the end of May. Apparently i was wrong about this being originally released in 2005, first release was only like 6 months ago or something. 😯

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