Thanks for all the Rum

So I`m home, safe and sound, returned at last from a land flowing with rum and tobacco phalli of varying sizes and qualities. These two things I could not return without bringing, of course. Cuba, I must say, is a wonderful country, so thoroughly founded in tourism is it, that it`s residents will treat you better if you don`t look like one of them, perhaps only to get a peso or two, or CUC as they are referred to at every Cadeca (Casas De Cambio) in the country. While Casas De Cambio may sound like the abode of a denizen of the lower planes, I assure you it is simply a location to exchange various currencies for the elsewhere-unusable paper and metal that is used in this tropical paradise.

The trip was wonderful, the scenery both on and off the resort was oft-times breath-taking. The temperature, contrary to what every person I spoke to on the subject had assured me, was both hot and humid. I must say I adapted admirably, though, and really enjoyed myself. I got a decent tan, though my hair saw fit to migrate to paler shades due to some alchemical combination of sun and seawater. Deb and I have many pictures which will be shared in due time. We had an interesting trip, we swam with dolphins and other fish in the caribbean and drank from literally limitless supplies of alcohol. I puchase many souvenirs for myself and others, not the least of which where the fabled rum and cigars of Cuban fame.

We returned this morning around 2am, very tired from the trip, but also very rested from the week off. And I retrieved my cell phone, turned it on and found that I had received a voicemail message, it was my boss. She had called inform me that the contract I was on would be ending as of midnight tonight. This was unexpected but not too strange as we had been warned of this, with the date in question being a month from now. But here we were, closing a month early. So I went in today, a day I had already been given off and signed my papers, and cleaned out my desk bidding farewell to my fellow co-wokers who were all doing the same at various point throughout the day. I will be receiving pay for the five weeks up to the previously-agreed date, and will retain all benefits and insurance up said date (June 27th), so this basically works out to meaning I now have a month`s paid vacation, which is fine by me.

So that`s what`s new with me, just thought I`d let you guys all know how I`ve been during and since my technological blackout/vacation.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for all the Rum”

  1. Very cool, John. Glad to hear you had a fun trip and that things with work actually turned out fine (in that you get free time but still the same pay!).

    We’re aiming to play D&D tomorrow night and you’re more than welcome to join us. The only premade left for Keep on the Shadowfell is a halfling rogue so that’s what you’ll be playing. 😉

  2. Not sure if I’ll make it tonight for the session, still milling it over. But if I do, I won’t be able to pick up Cliff as I’ll be coming from Montreal West and going back the same way again afterwards.

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