Well I am officially moved. It was long and exhaustive but survived. The place is nice and bigger then I imagined when placing things. I think one of my favorite things aside from the huge tub is the silence at night and the fact that we are not very illuminated so you can see the stars very easily. I have internet however no phone (Yay DSL) so not sure when I will achieve connectivity. Looking at the garage which is packed I say a good week if not a bit more.

So if anyone needs to reach me you go my cell number so best to go with that for now.

Can’t wait!

This trailer is not 100% awesome or nothing, but i think the show will be. It’s by the guy that did Firefly, and it has the guy that played Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), it also has Doogie Howser! BOOYAH!

Not sure when the first episode is being released, but as far as i know it is all gonna be free over the internets. The name is Doctor Horrible’s Video Blog!.

Likes to be made of cheese filled win! Oh yeah!

RIP Erick Wujcik

Erick Wujcik, author of our beloved TMNT roleplaying game, along with alot of other books for the abysmal Palladium line of RPGs passed away earlier this month after a long bout with cancer. While I didn’t follow his work closely, I know that we all had great fun with the TMNT RPG, and it pretty much is the sole reason we discovered RPGs outside of D&D, so I think he deserves at least a little bit of our respect.

Besides, without him we wouldn’t have had anything as creative as a nitroglycerin-laden, artifically intelligent, murderous van run amok!

The West Marches and Campaigns Like It

I recently read a series of really fascinating articles from Ars Ludi called Grand Experiments: West Marches (part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4). With all the excitement surrounding the release of 4th edition, I’ve been reading alot of DMing articles and such to find inspiraition and to hone my skill set as a DM. The article I mentioned talks about a different sort of campaign we’re used to. Instead of a set plot line with a defined villain and goals, it’s very much a sandbox-style of campaign.

I find this to be really fascinating as it’s almost like exploring a more living, breathing world. Sometimes, from where I’m sitting at least, things can seem to be a bit linear. I sometimes feel that you guys are almost fearful of straying from the main plot just in case you might derail it indefinitely. I agree with that sentiment to some degree. With campaigns like the Shackled City (Cauldron), it had a very defined path and pacing to it that were fragile when faced with the possibility of players straying from the path. Furthermore, and honestly, unless I’ve made everything up on the fly, my ability to improvise is not always on call.

I want to fix that. I want to have a campaign like the West Marches. Start small with a town that has some ruins nearby and let the group decide their own fate. The idea, of course, being that stories and characterization are emergent. The characters would grow and change with the setting and NPCs would become alot more familiar.

At this point, it’s all just an idea. There’s not alot of play going on right now so I’m not certain it’s wise to start another campaign, and I’d really like to focus on the ones I’ve already got at this point, but I just thought I’d mention the idea and the articles as I’ve been thinking about it all a fair bit just lately.

Moving and Stuff

Hello everyone, I have not dissapeared! I just wanted to say though that things are going ok. Marie is hanging in there and has not been too bad. I had to go for an asthma treatment yesterday so yes another trip to the emergency. When you start to know the staff rotations there is a problem lol But all is ok and were taking things in stride. The townhouse is almost all packed. Were wrapping up the packing today.

So Chris or Cliff (I saw him post something on Alex site) if you can help out. Not sure how long you down Chris. We need some hands on the 25 (evening) 26 all day or 27th all day long.

Neil andย  Angie are already signed up for helping out so gimme a shout on my BB at 514-515-9389 since I am still living at the parents.

Off Topic: Will see about getting my PBEM character done tonight. Marie brought my books so will do the character tonight.

Peace Out!


Don’t forget I would like to see Ravenloft and Call of Cthulhu characters come in. So far I have for CoC only Neil and Curt. For Ravenloft I have none. Not sure if this is just the interest for these two particular games. If you think you may not be available just make a guy anyways as you never know when we will decide to play or when you may become available.

Status Unknown

Well we have returned from the hospital. Seem’s Marie has stones in her liver which were created by all the fluids given to provoke the pregnancy. She will need to get surgery to fix this but unfortunately cannot be alone. So we are moving to my parents in the meantime. I will need help maybe during the evenings to pack the rest of the shit here. I have family helping but still quite a ways to go. So will call on however can muster the time.

Since I am moving to my parents I am not sure about status of my availability. Will keep posted

Eschalon: Book 1


I’ve had a real hankering to play some old-fashioned computer RPGs lately, like Ultima VI: The False Prophet or something. Well, with a little digging around I found something that could sate that interest. It’s an indie RPG called Eschalon: Book 1. It’s has a very old-school feel and I very much enjoyed my taste of the demo. Check it out here.

The Black Keys – Oceans and Streams

With guilt that no man should carry
Heavy enough for me to get buried
I feel death on the road tonight
It’s got me to where I wanna run and hide

Oh I used to dream of oceans and streams
Flowing and growing strong
Where have all
Those days gone

These days I’m so slow
All these thoughts and no where to go
My aim used to be so true
And my world had a place in it just for you

Oh I used to dream of oceans and streams
Flowing and growing strong
Where have all
Those days gone

Excuse me I gotta go
Can’t stand to be here anymore, no
I’m sick and I gotta go to bed
If I stay here I’m better off dead

Oh I used to dream of oceans and streams
Flowing and growing strong
Where have all
Those days gone

Play By Email

PBEM is a very new thing to all of us, I’m sure. I imagine that at first, regardless of what we do, it will be shaky ground. But I also have faith that before long we’ll be well into the swing of things and having a great time. To help ease us into this whole new play style, I’ve been reading whatever I could and found a nifty little site called that has all kinds of advice for both players and DMs. It’s very generic, and sometimes that means that it can be a bit ethereal in it’s explanations, but I still found it to be a handy guide.

If you’re looking for some more concrete examples, feel free to check out ENWorld’s Play by Post forum.

Lastly, we’ll also be using Invisible Castle for die rolls. Well, for your rolls anyway. I’ll be using my fancy new dice for mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope to see all your characters (Carl, Joe, and John remain) soon so we can start ASAP!


Well with the house being signed for the 25th of June it is not leaving much time for anything. Were hoping to get some boxes moved before the movers come on the 27th (mostly really fragile stuff).ย  So in general if anyone is able to help the 25th, 26th, 27th let me know. Also since I have a long weekend at that time I was wondering if people wanna do some sort of get together. inaugurate the house with some D&D or good food.ย  Not sure if anyone else has some long weekends or time off they can take but just an idea.

Ravenloft: Welcome to the Carnival

Well seem’s with 4th edition we are just bursting with ideas around this place and here is yet another.

Welcome to the Carnival will be my Ravenloft campaign which will be an alternate to Call of Cthulhu if other players cannot make it. The idea behind Welcome to the Carnival is that everyone is part of the troupe. Zoe being perhaps in acrobatics under the big top, Youri divining peoples pasts and futures…cursing them, etc. While traveling you will see various lands which will keep things dynamic and the story itself can continue despite who is not present.

As far as timeline it is definitely pre-requiem. How early in RL history I am not sure yet but will provide more details soon on that. I would like the characters in around the same time as CoC characters that are to be handed in for those who are interested.

I was originally thinking about doing an RL game as a PBEM however while cooking tonight the idea is almost too good to pass up doing in person. Not to mention it makes a good alternate to Call of Cthulhu so there is always something to play.

Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express

I did a post about this awhile back wanting characters but will post again for all interested.

I am looking to run the Horror on the Orient Express campaign. This is a 1920’s game (specifically 1923) which will take everyone across Europe. You do not have to know each other from the bat but if you can plausibly link yourself to someone even as an acquaintance that would be cool though that is totally up to you.

Curt and Neil have both sent in their characters though I recommend people make a minimum of 2 replacements because the campaign is pretty hardcore no punches held.

As for a time to play I am thinking a weeknight Mon, Wed, Fri or Sunday day/night. So pop off availabilities though I am pretty sure I can reference the D&D thread for that. I know some people may be excluded due to schedules but I am aiming for max people who can attend consistently. This is a game I ideally want nobody missing from.

I am aiming to have things going in two weeks however I want peoples primary characters done by Fri 9pm of next week. Please use Byakhee to create characters, it takes all on 10 minutes or less.

Planescape by Email

Alright, even though the books haven’t quite arrived yet, I figured I’d make a post about this so we can get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing.

The arrival of 4th edition gives us an impetus to start a whole host of new campaigns to make good use of the new rules. However, time is limited and schedules are difficult to arrange. As such, in addition to the more conventional campaigns we’re playing, I think it’s time to dip our toes into the literary wonder of Play by Email.

Being that this is our first foray into the medium, it might be a bit rocky at first but I hope that we can settle into the swing of things and enjoy ourselves. The pace of the game will be MUCH slower. As such, whenever something like combat occurs, I’ll likely not make it too difficult or complex of a fight, but I’ll still award good experience to level at a decent rate. This isn’t to say that the game won’t be challenging, but I want to draw the focus off exciting battles and onto exciting roleplay. On the upside, the slower pace is counteracted by the fact that the game is not in discreet sessions: we are technically always playing in a PBEM.

Even though the wiki says the advantage is keeping everything private, I would like to do the opposite for the most part. I want the game to be collaborative as much as possible, and so most of the actions in the game will be sent to everyone (reply to all).

Now, for the setting. It’s Planescape, but with the new 4e cosmology. Outland is gone, and as are the gate towns. The planes are much more morphic now, sitting primarily all within the Astral Sea or the Elemental Chaos. Sigil now spins in an unknown space between planes. Planes are not necessarily aligned and there are infinitely more planes that can be explored.

In addition to this, the setting will emphasize the whimsy of the planes. It’s the planescape as it is in planescape’s art. Only it will be advanced somewhat to an Edwardian era (think around WW1/Jules Verne sort of stuff). People wear tophats and tuxedos with coat tails. Guns exist, but are rare and typically only for the wealthy. Industry is paramount and unless you want to be working in some smog-belching factory your entire life, you might want to see what money can be gleaned from the planes themselves. What riches could be found beyond any portal, if only you knew the key.

If you’re interested in playing this, please comment on this post. This will allow me to determine just who I need to add to the mailing list for it.

When you get the chance, please make 1st level characters. There are no house rules, and you may (with approval) use racial details from the Monster Manual (this includes Planescape favorites the Gith) as well. Furthermore, because the game has such a strong emphasis on roleplaying and characterization, you will likely need a good solid background as well. If you’d all like to collaborate (and I encourage it), please do so in the comments here, or we can get an email conversation going around once people have signed on.