Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express

I did a post about this awhile back wanting characters but will post again for all interested.

I am looking to run the Horror on the Orient Express campaign. This is a 1920’s game (specifically 1923) which will take everyone across Europe. You do not have to know each other from the bat but if you can plausibly link yourself to someone even as an acquaintance that would be cool though that is totally up to you.

Curt and Neil have both sent in their characters though I recommend people make a minimum of 2 replacements because the campaign is pretty hardcore no punches held.

As for a time to play I am thinking a weeknight Mon, Wed, Fri or Sunday day/night. So pop off availabilities though I am pretty sure I can reference the D&D thread for that. I know some people may be excluded due to schedules but I am aiming for max people who can attend consistently. This is a game I ideally want nobody missing from.

I am aiming to have things going in two weeks however I want peoples primary characters done by Fri 9pm of next week. Please use Byakhee to create characters, it takes all on 10 minutes or less.

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