Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

This post’ll kill a few different in-flight things with a single solid object. First things first, Chris and I were chatting last night and he will be unavailable on Thursday. I noted from the discussion in the shoutbox that Carl and Neil were available Tuesday night, so how about we play D&D on Tuesday this week? Let me know in comments.

Secondly, 4th edition is almost upon us! When people get a chance after poring over the books, please remake your Eberron character using the new rules. There are no house rules for this campaign now, and character creation is by the book. Re-buy your ability scores using the point buy (you might actually get the same scores, I haven’t tested it) provided to get something as close to what you had before as possible. You’ll all be level 1, as sort of a reboot and so we get familiar with the system and character creation from the absolute ground up. Lastly, Carl and Joe are both classes that are no longer in 4th edition, so you’ll need some kind of close approximations. For Carl’s Barbarian, I’d recommend either Fighter or melee Ranger. For Joe’s Monk I’m not too certain. Perhaps a very dexterous Fighter, melee Ranger, or maybe a Rogue. Luckily, we don’t have any dragonmarks in the party, so the conversion should be relatively painless.

Once we finish H1: Keep on the Shadowfell, we will continue Eberron.

6 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition”

  1. Tuesday is too much for me this week. I need a day to rest…new job sucks, it’s like FedEx only very, very, very boring…i want to die.

    I am about to be rushing off to school in a few, i got school wednseday. All through this i need to find time to work on my photoshop project due next monday…

    So in reality, this week is not good for me at all. On top of that i have no car…So John will have to pick up Cliff, or Cliff needs to find his own way.

  2. Well, it’s up to you guys, I guess, if you want to play. If the majority is present, then we can play. I’ll just warn you now that the next encounter is one of the toughest in the adventure.

    I wonder if I should make some premades of my own and run a side oneshot or something? I want to play so bad! 😉

  3. Well, my teacher has now just informed us that our projects are due in two weeks instead of next week. So i have until the 16th to hand it in.

    So i do have time to play this week afterall. Although if we play tomorrow i am playing from home. I really could use the day to relax, but if people want to play i can. Thursday would be better for me, but as you said Chris can’t make it. So once again, unless we try for the weekend we are shit out of luck.

    Curt, we gotta get a side game going on the weekend. Like during an afternoon or something. People are generally busy in the evenings on weekends. May be a small game since i know Joe can’t really do weekends and John may not make it either, but we can make something work. Sunday afternoons would be awesome to play again.

  4. Understood and agreed about the side game. When everyone has their books it’ll be much easier. As for this week at least, we’ll try and play tomorrow night.

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